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Australia is a beautiful nation with scenic beaches, architectural wonders like the Sydney Opera House, and adventurous activities that tourists love to explore. If you are also thinking about visiting or maybe staying in Australia for the long term, then you must fulfil the document requirements for the Australia visa process.

Remember that you need to get your visa prior to your trip to the country, as Australia does not provide visa-on-arrival services to Indian passport holders. So, let us know what are those documents that you need to get your Australian visa.

Is an Australian Visa from Indians Necessary?

Yes, Indian nationals who want to travel to and enter Australia must have a valid Australian visa with them. Australia has vast categories of visas for foreign nationals, according to their purpose of visit. Indian citizens travelling to Australia can use the official Visa Finder to determine the correct visa type for their purpose of visit.

Remember you must apply and get your Australia visa prior to your trip to avoid any inconvenience.

Australia Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens- The Different Visa Types and Documents Needed

As mentioned earlier, Australia has a broad category of visa types, and each visa type has its document requirements. For example, Australian tourist visa documents for Indian citizens would be different from work visa document requirements.

However, there is a general set of documents that is necessary for every visa application. These documents include.

  • Original Indian passport with a validity of 6 months

  • Recent passport-size photographs

  • Duly filled and signed application form

  • Details of flight tickets, accommodation and duration of stay

  • Financial documents, i.e., bank statements, salary slips, credit card statements

  • Proof of identification and residence (Aadhar card, PAN card, voter ID card, municipality bill, utility bills)

List of Australia Documents for Visa Type

Visa Type Documents Required
Visitor Visa (Tourism) Duly filled and signed application form Details of round-trip flight tickets Confirmed proof of accommodation in Australia Financial statements Recent passport-size photographs Invitation letter (if staying with any friend or family)
Visitor Visa (Business) Duly filled and signed application form Invitation or offer letter from an Australian company Financial statements Proof of professional qualifications and current employment Recent passport-size photographs Flight ticket details Confirmed accommodation details
Work Visa Duly filled and signed application form Offer letter or employment contract from an Australian company Financial statements Recent passport-size photographs Flight ticket details Accommodation details of your long-term stay
Study Visa Duly filled and signed application form Acceptance and enrollment letter from Australian University Proof of sufficient funds Recent passport-size photographs Proof of English proficiency Genuine Student (GS) requirement Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Accommodation details of your long-term stay

Australia Visa: Documents Required for Minors

If you are travelling with a minor who is under the age of 18 years, then you must provide the necessary documents for visa approval; these documents include:

  • Birth certificate issued by a government authority

  • Proof of identity and age documents

  • Copies of parents/guardians passports

  • No objection document signed by a legal guardian or parents if the minor is travelling alone

Visa Required Documents Based on Employment Status

If you are applying for an Australian work visa, you might be asked to present some additional documents.

  • Offer or employment letter from the Australian company you are going to work for.

  • Copies of salary slips for the past 3 months

  • Employee identification card

[Note- The document list mentioned above is not comprehensive. For detailed information on the documents required for every Australian visa type, please visit the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs.]

Australia Visa Application & Interview Documents for Indians

The Australia visit visa requirements do not include an interview procedure for applicants. However, if you are applying for long-term stay visas like work and study visas, you have to go through the interview process at the Australian Embassy. These are the documents required during the interview.

  • Original Indian passport with a validity of at least 6 months

  • Duly filled and signed application form copy

  • Proof of identification and residence (Aadhar card, PAN card, voter ID card)

  • Details of flight tickets, accommodations and financial documents

  • Job offer letter and employment contract details

  • Visa application fee receipt

Documents Required to Complete Online Australia Visa Process

The document required for the Australia visa has been discussed in previous sections, here, you will know the online visa application process.

Step 1: First, use Visa Finder to determine the correct visa category for your purpose of visit.

Step 2: Create your profile on ImmiAccount.

Step 3: After creating your account, apply for a new application in ImmiAccount.

Step 4: Choose the purpose of your visit and select the suitable visa type.

Step 5: Proceed with filing your passport details and other required details for application.

Step 6: Once your details are filled, move forward with the visa fee payment.

Step 7: After successfully paying for your application, you will receive an acknowledgement message on your registered email ID.

Photo Requirements (For Online Application & Interview)

One of the most important documents needed for an Australian tourist visa, work visa, or any visa is passport photographs. These are used to identify the applicant. Thus, there are specifications for passport photos that need to be followed, including:

  • The photos must be 35-40 mm wide and 45-50mm high, and the size of the face from chin to crown can be up to a maximum of 36 mm and a minimum of 32mm.

  • No retouching of photos is allowed (including removal of scars, birthmarks, and wrinkles).

  • The background of the photo should be plain white or grey light and in contrast with your face.

  • The photo should be clear, and there should be no marks or red eyes.

  • Your face must be in the centre, and your eyes should focus on the camera. No tilted photographs will be approved.

  • Hair must not cover your face, and the edges of your face should be visible.

  • Keep neutral expressions; your mouth should be closed and your eyes open.

Proof of the Purpose of Your Trip to Australia

Australia has a wide range of visa categories and subcategories depending on the applicant’s purpose of visit. For any visa application, you need to provide proof of your purpose of visiting Australia. Here are the details of the proof that you need to provide.

Tourism: If you are visiting for tourism, then you need to fulfil these Australia tourist visa documents for Indian citizens, details of your travel itinerary, confirmed flight tickets, hotel or AirBnb bookings, dates and places of visit.

Business: Individuals travelling to Australia on business class visas need to provide an invitation document from the Australian company and proof of conducting business activity along with other necessary documents.

Visit: If you are going to Australia to visit or reunite with a friend or family member, you must provide an invitation document with details of their legal residence.

Study and Training: Any student who wants to study or take a training course in Australia must provide details of enrollment in the course, an invitation from an Australian institution, and a guardian permission letter.

Work: If you have applied for a work visa in Australia, you need to provide proof of your offer letter confirming your employment in an Australian company and your work contract.

Australia Visa Fees

The basic Australian tourist visa application charge is AUD 190 (₹ 10317) for Indian applicants, which needs to be paid after filling out the application and submitting Australian tourist visa documents for Indian citizens.

However, the fee amounts for various Australian visas vary depending on the visa type selected by the applicant. The complete list of visa fee charges is available on the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

[Note: The details of the visa fee are taken from the official Australian Department of Home Affairs website on 1 April 2024 at 5:51 pm. It is advised to verify the current fee amount from the official website before proceeding with the visa application]

Australia Visa Processing Time

Once you have submitted your application for an Australia visa, the standard processing time for visa application is 2-4 weeks. However, the processing time depends on the type of visa and the documents submitted.

If you have applied for Visa subclass 600 Australia (visitor visa), it might get processed earlier than an employment visa. Moreover, incorrect document submission can also lead to delays in visa processing.

Australia Visa Application Status Check

Step 1: Visit the official Visa Entitlement Verification Online system (VEVO) portal.

Step 2: On the homepage select your document type from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: You will be directed to the next page. Here, you need to provide details of your reference number, date of birth and ImmiCard number.

Step 4: After filling in all necessary information, tick on the terms & conditions checkbox and hit “Submit”.

Step 5: You will be displayed details of your visa.

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How much bank balance is required for an Australian visa?

The whole Australian visa application process requires at least AUD 5000 per applicant, so you must make sure that you have a bit more bank balance than this.

Can we go to Australia without ITR?

If you are a student going to Australia on a study visa, you are not required to provide ITR details. However, if you are a working professional visiting Australia, you might be asked to provide ITR details along with other financial documents.

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