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Surrounded by sea and beautiful greenery, Bali is a magical place for people looking for unique yet affordable holiday destinations. That is why several people from India dream of visiting this magical island, and if you are one of them, then you must know there are some Bali visa requirements and other things to consider.

So, before you plan your trip to Bali, let us understand how you can apply for the Bali visa documents required, like passport, tickets, travel insurance, etc. But before that, let us know: do Indians need a Bali visa?

Do Indian Travellers Need a Bali Visa?

Yes, Indian citizens need a Bali visa. If they are planning to stay on the island for more than 30 days, you need to get the visa beforehand.

However, if you are staying for less than 30 days for tourist activities, then you can avail of the visa-on-arrival service provided by the Bali government. The visa issued on arrival permits the individuals to stay up to 30 days as tourists.

There are other types of visas too that are issued to Indian citizens by Bali, depending on their purpose and duration of stay. You will get to know about them in the next section.

Bali Visa Types and Fees

Bali is a province of Indonesia and was established by the government. Under the Indonesian government, there are various visa types issued to Indian citizens visiting Bali. All these visa types are differentiated based on the purpose and duration of stay.

Here are the various Bali visa types you can apply for.

Bali Visa on Arrival

Bali offers the service of visa on arrival to Indian tourists, saving them the hassle of applying in advance. You can get your visa after arriving in Bali from the immigration counter at the Bali airport.

Carry necessary documents like a valid Indian passport and get your visa after fulfilling all the requirements. Here are the Bali visa-on-arrival fees and validity details:

Visa Type  Validity  Visa Fees Approx. (in Indonesian Rupiah) Visa Fees Approx. (in ₹)
Visa on Arrival  90 days  IDR 500,000 ₹2,765

Bali Tourist Visa

A Bali tourist visa is issued to travellers who want to visit and stay in Bali for up to 60 days for tourism purposes like sightseeing, trekking, adventurous day tours, etc.

It should be noted that this type of tourist is unextendable once you have reached Bali. Here are the Bali tourist visa fees for Indians and their validity:

Visa Type  Validity  Visa Fees Approx. (in Indonesian Rupiah) Visa Fees Approx. (in ₹)
Tourist Visa (B211A) 90 days  IDR 1,500,000 ₹8,295

Bali Social Culture Visa

A Bali social culture visa is issued to individuals travelling to Bali to indulge in the social and cultural activities of the island.

This visa can only be approved if you have an Indonesian citizen as your travel sponsor. Here is the Bali visa price and validity for this:

Visa Type  Validity  Visa Fees Approx. (in Indonesian Rupiah) Visa Fees Approx. (in ₹)
Social Culture Visa (B- 211) 90 days  IDR 7,90105 ₹4,216

Bali Work Visa

If you are someone who wants to live and work in Bali for a short or long duration of time, then you need to apply for a Bali work visa. Unlike earlier mentioned visa types, this visa permits you to engage in economic activity, i.e., a job.

But you need to be mindful while applying for a work visa, as it has its category depending on the duration of your stay. Here are the visa charges for Bali work visas as per their duration of stay permit.

Visa Type  Validity  Visa Fees Approx. (in Indonesian Rupiah) Visa Fees Approx. (in ₹)
Work Visa C312 for 180 days 180 days  IDR 1,000,000 ₹5,530
Work Visa C312 for 1 year 12 months IDR 1,500,000 ₹8,295
Work Visa C312 for 2 years 24 months IDR 2,000,000 ₹11,060

Bali Multiple Entry Visa

Bali multiple entry visa is issued, allowing several entries with each stay of up to 60 days. However, this visa is only issued to individuals who have stayed in the country for 90 days previously.

Moreover, this visa does not allow you to engage in any business activities; you can only stay for tourism purposes. Here are the visa fee details for multiple entry visas.

Visa Type  Validity  Visa Fees Approx. (in Indonesian Rupiah) Visa Fees Approx. (in ₹)
Multiple Entry Visa D 212 12 months IDR 3,200,000 ₹17,696

How to Apply for a Bali Visa for Indians

The rising number of visa applications from all around the world led the Bali government authorities to introduce both online and offline visa application methods. Depending on your suitability, you can apply for a Bali visa however you want.

Online Bali Visa Application Procedure

Here are the steps you need to follow to apply for a Bali visa through online mode.

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Indonesian visa application.

Step 2: Once the homepage loads, search the section for visa application. Then, select the visa type you want to apply for.

Step 3: Read the instructions carefully and fill in your details accurately.

Step 4: Once you have filled out your application successfully, submit it along with the other documents.

Step 5: The next step is to make payment for your Bali visa application fees. Select the payment mode (credit/debit/master card) and make the payment.

Step 6: After your visa is processed, you will receive a visa document download link on your registered email address.

Offline Bali Visa Application Procedure

Follow these steps to apply for a Bali visa application through the offline method.

Step 1: Download the Bali visa application form.

Step 2: Read the form carefully and then fill in your details carefully.

Step 3: After filling out the application form, keep all the other documents ready.

Step 4: After filling out the application, make an appointment with the designated Bali Embassy/Consulate nearest to you.

Step 5: Visit the Bali Embassy/Consulate as scheduled and submit your application along with the supporting documents.

Step 6: After document submission, make payment for Bali visa application fees.

Documents Required for Bali Visa

Just like any other foreign land, Bali has its own set of rules and regulations regarding the approval of visa applications. This approval is done on the basis of verifications done using the applicant’s documents. Here is the list of documents required for Bali visa application for Indian citizens:

  • Indian Passport with 6 months of validity

  • Duly filled visa application form

  • 2 recent passport-size photos of the applicant (35x44 mm dimensions)

  • Confirmed round-trip tickets

  • Confirmed hotel accommodation documents

  • Bank statement (last six months)

  • Proof of employment/ student ID

  • Valid travelling insurance documents

What is the Processing Time of a Bali Visa from India?

After you submit your Bali visa application form and documents, your documents go through various verification checks to ensure that you are not a person of questionable character or have submitted fraudulent documents. The whole process can take up to 3 to 15 working days.

However, this processing duration is subject to change as per individuals. That is why it is advised that before submitting your application, connect with your Embassy/Consulate official or travel consultant to confirm all Bali visa requirements needed.

Bali Visa Application Status Check

Once you have applied for a Bali visa and are waiting for it to get processed, you can get an update on its status. Through the Bali visa application status check, you can know whether your application is processed, pending, delayed, approved or rejected. There are both online and offline methods; let us know them.

Online Bali Visa Application Status Check

Here are the steps to check Bali visa status through the online method.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Indonesian Immigration.

Step 2: Once the page loads, you will see the space Application Number Column.

Step 3: In the column, enter your application number as given on the application receipt that you received while filling out the application form.

Step 4: After entering the number, hit “Submit”.

Step 5: The page loaded will display your Bali visa application status.

Offline Bali Visa Application Status Check

If you find the online visa status-checking method challenging, then you can follow these steps to check your status offline.

Step 1: Locate and visit your nearest designated Bali Embassy or Consulate.

Step 2: Present the concerned official with your visa application receipt and other necessary documents and enquire about your visa status.

Step 3: The official will check your visa information in their database and inform you about your Bali visa application status.

Bali E-Visa for Indian Citizens

In the past few years, Bali has become an affordable option for tourists looking for green holiday getaways. It has resulted in an upsurge in Bali visa applications from all around the world, and to make this process easier and effortless for both applicants and officials, the Indonesian government has accepted the e-visa method of issuing visas.

E-visa is a digital format of your traditional physical Bali visa for Indians. It allows travellers to enter a country without waiting at the immigration counter for stamping and other formalities.

Bali issues e-visas to Indian citizens visiting the island for tourism purposes, saving their time and effort. You can apply for a visa on arrival 14 days before your trip from the e-visa website for Indonesia.

Visa Charges for Bali: Overstay Penalties and Extension Fees

The Indonesian government is stringent about overstaying in the country without a permit. If you do so, it can result in penalties and punishments, or you can even get deported.

That is why you should try to avoid any such situation. But because of any critical conditions like flight delays/cancellations, you cannot get your visa extension, then you might have to pay an overstay penalty of IDR 1,000,000 ( ₹5,3345).

However, if you plan to stay in Bali and want to get your visa extended then there is a procedure and fees for it too. You can only get your visa on arrival extended, not any other visa type.

But if you have another visa, then you need to apply for a new visa again at the Bali immigration office. The fee for a Bali visa extension is IDR 500,000 ( ₹2,6672).

Importance of Travel Insurance

Bali is one of the places which provides easy travel access to Indian citizens. It has visa-on-arrival service and e-visa services for Indians with just a few simple clicks.

However, to avail of these services, you need to provide authorities with valid documents like an Indian passport with 6 months of validity, passport size photograph, ticket and hotel accommodation proofs and travel insurance papers.

Having travelling insurance is not mandatory for Bali, however, it will be beneficial for you to buy an. International travel insurance.

Tata AIG protects you in a foreign land and gives you peace of mind to enjoy your trip. We have several benefits like providing COVID-19 coverage, lost and damaged luggage coverage, flight cancellation insurance and assistance in medical emergencies. Moreover, our policies have a hassle-free claim settlement process and 24/7 customer assistance at an affordable price starting at ₹40.82 per day!

Summing Up

Visiting Bali once in a lifetime is almost everyone’s dream, and you can fulfil this dream only if you have a Bali visa permit. Although you can also go to Bali on your Indian Passport too, however, it is not recommended for extended stays.

If you are planning to stay in Bali for more than 30 days, you need to apply for a Bali visa before your trip. You can even get an e-visa too. Additionally, all the visa types have their visa fees for Bali that you need to pay as instructed.

Note: All the visa charges for Bali mentioned above are subject to change as per the latest government policies, currency exchange rates and individual circumstances. Make sure to verify them from the authorised website, like the Indonesia Ministry of Immigration, before making any payments.


Information last updated Jan 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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