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Best Countries to Visit in August

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
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  • 04/03/2024

If you are among those who love travelling, exploring different places or countries, and are looking to plan your next voyage, choosing a particular month for travelling may not always be on your mind. However, if you seek to get the most out of your vacation in terms of experience and budget, August can be the best time to plan your holiday.

Since August is considered an off-season, travelling can be less expensive and more thrilling. In this blog, we shall look at some of the countries to visit in August from India. Read on to pick your favourite destination.

Best Place to Visit in August Outside India: Cost, Crowds and Visa Requirements

Country  Average Cost for 1-Week (Per Person) Crowds in August Visa-On-Arrival for Indians?
Indonesia ₹84,096 Peak Season Yes
Switzerland ₹2,67,611 Peak Season No 
Portugal ₹1,32,585 Peak Season No 
Maldives ₹96,498 Low Season Yes
Japan ₹1,15,139 Peak Season No 
Malaysia ₹58,781 Peak Season Visa-free entry from 1st Dec 2023
Greece ₹2,34,721 Peak Season No
Netherlands ₹2,68,983 Peak Season No
Austria ₹1,87,995 Peak Season No
Fiji ₹1,44,256 Peak Season Yes

Disclaimer: The prices were taken from Makemytrip on 30/11/2023 at 7:00 pm. Please note that tour prices are subject to change depending on peak and low seasons and current inflation rates. Always check official sources for current rates before booking your trip.

10 Best Places in the World to Visit in August


Did you know that Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of around 17,000 islands? And, amazingly these islands have different cultures and geographical features. Visiting such a culturally and geographically diverse country can surely be an experience of a lifetime. The country is enchanting with several natural utopias like waterfalls, volcanos, rice terraces, beaches, marine and wildlife and forests.

If you are planning a trip, Indonesia is surely one of the best countries to go to in August. The country offers one of the best weather during this month, which is warm but not scorching.

Average Tour Price: ₹84,096 for 7 Days/6 Nights[1] (Peak Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do in Indonesia:**

Climb the active volcano at Mount Rinjani National Park

Meet the world's largest lizard - Komodo Dragon at Komodo National Park

Go for Orangutan watching in Tanjung Puting National Park

Visit the largest Buddhist temple in the world, the Borobudur Temple

Popular Tourist Spots in Indonesia:

Raja Ampat Islands to explore corals and marine life

Komodo National Park

Mount Bromo witnessed a volcano in an active state

Maluk Beach to experience changing colour of sun rays

Must-See Events in Indonesia:

Indonesia Boat Show 2024

Sanur Village Festival

Ubud Festival


Switzerland is a stunningly and breathtakingly beautiful European country, making its place among one of the most beautiful places on earth. Right from astonishing landscapes, majestic Swiss Alps and rich history to bustling cities, stunning castles, quaint villages and high quality of life, Switzerland is no wonder referred to as heaven on earth.

Although the country mesmerises you with its beauty in every season, visiting in August has a few more perks. August is the end of peak season, and the crowds almost start to thin out. Moreover, you can experience the best weather, longer day time and snow-free alpine trail. All these reasons give Switzerland the tag of the best place to visit in August outside India.

Average Tour Price: ₹2,67,611 for 8 Days/7 Nights[2] (Peak Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do in Switzerland:

Take a ride on the iconic Swiss Railways (Short journeys may include Zermatt to Gornergrat, Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch or Lausanne to Montreux)

Visit the fairytale castles of Château de Chillon, Neuchâtel Castle, Château de Gruyères, etc.

Engage in some outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, watersports or snowsports.

Experience the Swiss-style wine and dine. Also, indulge in some exotic Swiss chocolates and cheese fondue.

Popular Tourist Spots in Switzerland:

St Moritz for snowsports and skiing

Bern to explore the UNESCO-listed old town

The charming village of The Matterhorn

The Rhine Falls

Must-See Events in Switzerland:

Lucerne Festival in Summer

Jazz Festival Willisau

Great Alpine Festival Riederalp


One of the oldest in Europe, Portugal is a rare gem that offers more than something for every traveller. From deep historical roots, vibrant art and cultural experience and delectable cuisine to awe-inspiring natural beauty, stunning architecture and extraordinary hospitality, Portugal packs a punch for offering one of the best value-for-money tourist destinations in Europe.

Although Portugal is one of the best countries to travel to in August, remember to make your bookings in advance as it is one of the busiest months as well. The temperature is perfect, and the weather is nice and pleasant to enjoy a beach holiday. Great music and festivals ensure you have a fun-filled holiday.

Average Tour Price: ₹1,32,585 for 9 Days/8 Nights[3] (Peak Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do in Portugal:

Surf 100-foot-high waves at Nazare Beach, a must-thing-to-do for every adventurer.

Go canoeing at the Furnas Lake, another thrilling activity on the list

Explore the hidden cave beaches in the Algarve

Enjoy the wine-tasting tour

Popular Tourist Spots in Portugal:

St George's Castle in Lisbon is one of the most **Popular Tourist Spots in Portugal.

The Lisbon Oceanarium is one of the largest and finest aquariums in Europe.

Evora Cathedral for its charming exterior and interior

Roman Temple, a famous religious place to visit in Portugal

Must-See Events in Portugal:

Festival da Sardinha, Portimão in Algarve, is held for five nights, where people enjoy grilled sardine (a popular fish delicacy) with lots of dance and music.

Feira Histórica de Serpa is held in the Alentejo town of Serpa every August for three days. The streets are lit up with historical recreations, fire shows, theatre performances, dance, music and delicious traditional food.

Jazz em Agosto in Lisbon is a must-visit event for every jazz enthusiast. The event includes performances by popular contemporary jazz artists from Portugal and abroad.


Maldives, an island country in the Indian Ocean, is a dream holiday destination for many. Home to sun-kissed beaches, stunning islands, turquoise water, swaying palms, exciting water activities and luxury resorts, it is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations. At the Manhattan of the Indian Ocean, experience the epitome of luxury and nature's marvel to the core.

Maldives experiences rainfall during August, yet longer sunshine ensures the island is supremely beautiful and your holiday is not over yet. This exquisite holiday destination surely makes it to our list of August's best countries to visit for more reasons than one.

Average Tour Price: ₹96,498 for 7 Days/6 Nights[4] (Low Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do in Maldives:

Explore the incredible sea life by going snorkelling or scuba diving at one of the many snorkelling destinations, including Maafushi Island.

Experience the serene island life at Mule

Go dolphin watching at Cinnamon Hakuraa

Have a romantic sunset dinner at one of the fancy beachside restaurants

Popular Tourist Spots in Maldives:

Sun Island or Nalaguraidhoo Island is the best place to experience sparkling beaches.

Banana Reef, located in North Male Atoll, is considered the best diving spot in the world.

Whale Submarine for an exciting underwater tour

Bioluminescent Beach for star-gazing experience

Must-See Events in Maldives:

Whale Shark Festival is held to celebrate marine life and spread awareness of these species.

Traditional music and dance performances are conducted in many resorts to entertain guests.

Tourism being the major source of the economy, various cultural events are conducted to showcase local arts and crafts, culture, clothing and rich history.


Japan is not only known as one of the most successful democracies and largest economies of the world, but it is also making waves in the tourism department. The country blends both old-world charm and futuristic appeal with so much ease that it makes it worth exploring at least once in a lifetime. From the snow-capped peak of Mount Fuji to the buzzing Tokyo's Shibuya Crossing and from the sacred cherry blossom and popular anime to the intriguing culture, the picturesque land of Japan offers several experiences that make it the next tourist destination on everyone's bucket list.

August is a peak holiday season in Japan, but it is also one of the hottest and most humid months. But, let this not dampen your enthusiasm as you can still enjoy the beach, explore historical Kyoto, experience futuristic Tokyo and many other places.

Average Tour Price: ₹1,15,139 for 7 Days/6 Nights[5] (Peak Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do in Japan:

Climb Mount Fuji, the highest active volcano in Japan

Take a ride on the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto or Osaka to Fukuoka

Watch the Geisha dance and sumo wrestling

Learn the art and tradition of the tea ceremony and have authentic sushi

Popular Tourist Spots in Japan:

Golden Pavilion in Kyoto is the Zen Buddhist temple and one of Japan's most popular tourist attractions.

Tokyo Imperial Palace is the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan.

Great Buddha of Kamakura

Mount Fuji

Must-See Events in Japan:

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival in the Nagaoka City

Aomori Nebuta Festival is one of the three biggest festivals in the Tohoku region, along with the Akita Kanto Matsuri and Sendai Tanabata Festival.

Awa Odori Japan is one of the most famous cultural events and has a history of over 400 years.


Malaysia is truly Asia. From sights to the sounds and from the customs to the colours, Malaysia undoubtedly depicts Asia in every way. Malaysia is a fascinating country that offers a diverse range of experiences and spellbound places to visit and explore. This Southeast Asian country is famed for its beautiful islands, attractive beaches, quaint towns, renowned heritage sites, adventure activities and shopping. If you are planning a trip to Malaysia, here are a few places that you mustn't miss. But, before that, let's see how Malaysia is in the month of August.

Malaysia certainly is one of the favourite countries to visit in August from India because even though it is hot and humid in August, there are several activities that you can enjoy across the country. Also, it is a great month to chill out on a beach.

Average Tour Price: ₹58,781 for 8 Days/7 Nights[6] (Peak Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do in Malaysia:

Visit the iconic Petronas Tower, also popularly known as the Twin Towers.

Take a ride through the green hills on Awana Skyway

Explore the quaint islands of Langkawi

Experience the thrill with various adventure activities like tandem skydiving, parasailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, sea walking, etc.

Popular Tourist Spots in Malaysia:

Petronas Twin Tower and Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur

Langkawi Island for sandy beaches and beautiful azure blue water

Mount Kinabalu for hiking

Batu Cave, the iconic Hindu temple

Must-See Events in Malaysia:

Festival of the Hungry Ghosts is a Buddhist festival which lasts for about a month where Chinese Malaysians honour their deceased by offering food and prayers.

Merdeka Festival, where the country commemorates Malaysia's independence from Great Britain


The land of fables, Greece, remains amongst the top tourist destinations in Europe. This Mediterranean gem is filled with rich ancient history leaving you enchanted, stunning beaches and island giving you a surreal experience, great food and beverages that satisfies your taste buds. Whether you are a history lover or not, the impressive archaeological structures (Greece has more than 18 UNESCO Heritage-listed sites) will surely leave you amazed.

It is summer in August in Greece, hence, hot and humid, so ensure you have sunbathing and swimming on your to-do list. Greece is among the best countries to travel to in August to experience the wonderful mix of history and modern life.

Average Tour Price: ₹2,34,721 for 8 Days/7 Nights[7] (Peak Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do in Greece:

Visit the magical and iconic island of Santorini

Awaken the historian within you by paying a visit to The Acropolis of Athens.

Witness the ancient Delphi Ruins

Explore the surreal Melissani Cave

Popular Tourist Spots in Greece:

Santorini islands

Meteora in central Greece

Acropolis of Athens

Myrtos Beach

Must-See Events in Greece:

Olympus Festival is a cultural event that is held in several sites around Mount Olympus.

Aeschylia Festival of Ancient Drama is a window to the classical dramas that are staged at the archaeological sites of Eleusis.

The Aegina Music Festival is a music festival that takes place across the country in August.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small yet fascinating country that has everything a traveller looks for in their dream destination. This magnificent country has prominent historical landmarks, quaint towns and charming neighbourhoods, fascinating landscapes, white sand beaches, welcoming, tasty food, beautiful coastline and the list is endless. The Netherlands offers you profound experiences, attracting thousands of tourists every year.

August is midsummer in the country, thus making it good weather to explore, enjoy the outdoors or cycle around picturesque windmills. The country is counted among the best places to visit in August outside India.

Average Tour Price: ₹2,68,983 for 7 Days/6 Nights[8] (Peak Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do in the Netherlands:

Take a boat tour in the gorgeous canals of Amsterdam

Visit the Zaanse Schans open-air museum

Explore the incredible wildlife at the Hoge Veluwe National Park

Travel in a Stoomtram and savour the local cuisines

Popular Tourist Spots in the Netherlands:

Rijksmuseum is the Dutch National Museum and one of the top attractions in the Netherlands.

Zaanse Schans Museum will take you back in time

Madurodam is an amusement park which is a mini version of the Netherlands

Van Gogh Museum is among the world's best art museums

Must-See Events in the Netherlands:

ARTIS ZOOmeravonden hosts events and concerts every Saturday from June to August in the zoo.

The annual Amsterdam Gay Pride is an important gay event held in the month of August.

The Rialto World Cinema Amsterdam event is where filmmakers from Asia, Africa and Latin America showcase their movies.


Austria is a beautiful landlocked country in East Central Europe. This mountainous country gets its beauty and charm mainly from a dreamland mainly because it is situated partially in the Alps. The country is famous for its intriguing castles, appealing palaces and stunning architectural work. Considered one of the most peaceful and prosperous nations in Europe, Austria is renowned for its exquisite natural beauty, rich history and unique culture.

From quaint villages to vibrant cities and from world-renowned operas to delectable cuisine, Austria is the perfect destination and one of the best countries to visit in August from India.

Average Tour Price: ₹1,87,995 for 7 Days/6 Nights[9] (Peak Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do in Austria:

Visit Austrian icon Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's birth house or attend a Mozart-related concert in Salzburg.

Discover the fairytale village of Hallstatt.

Take a tour of Vienna's imperial apartments, palaces and museums to immerse yourself in history.

Visit the iconic Sound of Music city of Salzburg

Popular Tourist Spots in Austria:

Do not miss the charming city of Salzburg

Innsbruck is another idyllic alpine town straight out of the postcard

Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna

Grossglockner Alpine Road for scenic drives

Must-See Events in Austria:

Salzburg Festival, one of the world's most important festivals for opera, theatre and music, is a must-visit event in August.

Trail running, mountain biking, and cycling events like Kitz Alps Trail Run, Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail Running Event, Ischgl Ironbike Festival and Arlberg Giro are held in August.

Schubertiade Music Festival is also a prominent festival held in August.


Fiji is a country and archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. With around 322 islands, Fiji is famous for its dreamy blue sea and white-sand beaches, coral reefs, friendly people, rich traditions and rustic culture. The heavenly tropical beauty is aptly called the Soft Coral Capital of the World. The dazzling diving and snorkelling sites, palm-lined beaches, unique culture and lively Fijian people make this country among the best countries to go to in August.

July and August are among the best months to visit Fiji, and is also considered the peak season as it is the winter holiday period in Australia and New Zealand.

Average Tour Price: ₹1,44,256 for 7 Days/6 Nights[10] (Peak Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do in Fiji:

Explore marine life by going snorkelling at the Castaway and Mantaray islands.

Dive deep into the sea to be in awe of the beautiful and unique corals and unspoilt ocean.

Go hiking at the Colo-I-Suva Forest Park.

Experience the Nadi culture.

Popular Tourist Spots in Fiji:

Sigatoka Sand Dunes at Viti Levu

Musket Cove Marina

Suva Municipal Market

Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple

Must-See Events in Fiji:

Hibiscus Festival in Suva is a major nine-day event, which basically is a beauty pageant. You Can enjoy traditional food, music, dance, float parades, sporting activities, etc. The event is held every August.

Bula Festival in Nadi showcases indigenous Fijian culture and includes music, dance, parades and traditional costumes are major attractions.

Festival of the Friendly North is held in Vanua Levu island and celebrates the culture and history of Labasa, the island's largest town.

Which of these Destinations Require Travel Insurance?

A Travel insurance plan can help you provide financial protection in case of an emergency at the time of travelling or while on a holiday. Overseas travel insurance may be a mandatory requirement, depending on the country you plan to travel.

Let us see whether the countries mentioned earlier in the post require mandatory travel insurance.

Country  Is Travel Insurance Mandatory for Indians?
Indonesia It is not mandatory, but highly recommended
Switzerland Yes, a minimum coverage of €30,000 in medical expenses is mandatory
Portugal Yes, a minimum coverage of €30,000 in medical expenses is mandatory
Maldives It is not mandatory, but highly recommended
Japan It is not mandatory, but highly recommended
Malaysia It is not mandatory, but highly recommended
Greece Yes, a minimum coverage of €30,000 in medical expenses is mandatory
Netherlands Yes, a minimum coverage of €30,000 in medical expenses is mandatory
Austria Yes, a minimum coverage of €30,000 in medical expenses is mandatory
Fiji Not mandatory, but highly recommended

Hence, we recommend buying a travel travel insurance policy from a reputed insurance provider like Tata AIG, which offers comprehensive coverage, hassle-free and seamless procedures, numerous online features and affordable rates.

You can now compare travel insurance plans to choose the one best suited for you in terms of your needs and budget. Moreover, you can buy or raise a claim online with just a few clicks.


Whether you are looking for a historical retreat, tropical getaways, scenic wonder or to explore a unique culture, the locations mentioned above are surely some of the best places in the world to visit in August.

So, choose your favourite destination, plan your journey and purchase the right and comprehensive travel insurance policy for a safe and worry-free trip.

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