Best Countries to Visit in February

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With Christmas around the corner and the new year on arrival, many people plan their long-awaited vacation during this time. But since the start of the year is considered a holiday time, travellers come across heavy crowds and higher price challenges.

To bypass these hurdles, it is best to plan a vacation in February, which is the month of romance and love. It is the best month for couples to get away from their mundane life activities. Not just this, weather at this time is enigmatic; while winter is at its peak in some parts of the world and in others summer is in full swing.

However, with little knowledge in our hands, deciding which countries to visit in February can be overwhelming. Here in this blog, we have listed the best places to visit in February in the world.

Best Place to Visit in February: Cost, Crowds and Visa Requirements

Below is a tabular representation of places to visit in February in the world.

Countries Average Cost for 1 Week Per Person Expected Crowd Visa on Arrival Facility
France 109132 Peak Season No
Norway 112200 Peak Season No
Sri Lanka 45200 Peak Season Visa -Free
Maldives  124000 Peak Season Yes
Iceland 89999 Off Season No
Singapore 57000 Off Season No
Dubai 62000 Off season Yes
Spain 59000 Off season No

Note: This information is taken from Holidify and myholidays on 1st December 2023, at 10:49 AM and is subject to change depending on demand and market fluctuations.

List of Countries to Go to in February

No matter if you are visiting the country with your loved ones or family, planning an itinerary is essential to reap all the benefits of the vacation. Here are some of the countries to visit in February with their unique highlights and weather conditions.


The very best European country in February to visit is France. Visitors from all across the globe come to France to witness its extreme beauty and culture. It is known to be the most romantic place on earth.

Couples from all over the world come to celebrate Valentine's week. Other than this, it is time to celebrate various exhibitions and concerts. Tourists also come to witness the Chinese New Year parades in the country.

Weather Conditions

At this time of the year, the average temperature in France is between 3 degrees to 9 degrees.

Must See Tourist Attractions in France

France is packed with plenty of beautiful destinations, such as:

Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame Cathedral

Luxembourg Gardens

Arch of Triumph

Louvre Palace

Best Thing to Do In France

The trip to France would be incomplete if travellers haven't tried the listed things such as:**

SkyDiving at Cannes: Those who love adventure activities must try skydiving activities at Cannes.

Explore French Cooking In Burgundy: French cuisine is famous all across the globe. The Burgundian lifestyle and culture are another reason why people visit the france.

Try Cruise On The Seine River: The seine river cruise vacation is another finest thing to do in France.

Enjoy Sunset At Eiffel Tower: Many tourists from around the world come here to witness the glimpse of sunset at Eiffel Tower.

Witness Rock Formations At Etretat: Etretat in France is known for its arched rock formations and chalk cliffs.


Another best European country in February to visit is Norway. The Scandinavian country is home to glaciers, museums, green spaces and more. Russia, Sweden and Finland border the country. However, tourists from all across the globe come to Norway to enjoy the white snow carpet, northern lights and charismatic sky.

Rorosmartnan and Sami's week is another reason why travellers love to visit the country in February. This is known to be the biggest winter event in Norway.

Weather Conditions

Norway is the country which is closest to the pole, that's why it has a cold climate. The temperature here is between:**1 degree to:**5 degree.

Must-See Tourist Attractions in Norway

For the tourist, Norway has many hidden gems. Some of the most loved tourist destinations are:**




Lofoten Islands


**Best Thing to Do In Norway **

Visitors will have plenty of activities to explore, such as:

Enjoy Dog or Reindeer Sledding: Norway is known to be the coldest place, and it is packed with snow. Most tourists love to enjoy the reindeer or dog sledding during this time.

Day Out in Ice Dome: Norway's Ice Dome is famous all across the world. It is the best place on earth to spend time in nature.

Explore Tromso University Museum: Travellers who are history buffs and love to know about the country's history should add visiting Tromso University Museum to their to-do list.

Witness the Northern Lights: If you are in Norway and you haven't seen the northern lights, then the trip is definitely incomplete.

**Hiking in Vesteralen:**This is a place known for its quiet and calm scenery. For adrenaline-rush travellers, it is the best site to witness jaw-dropping views during the hike.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the other best place to visit in February in the world because of its rich wildlife, old buddhist temples and archaeological sites. For travellers who love the blend of old traditions and urbanisation, Sri Lanka is the ideal spot.

The country houses various UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, and more because of its ancient history.

Further, the Asian country is a biodiversity hotspot because of its wildlife reserves and national parks. The country is also well known for its wellness retreats and ayurvedic practices.

Weather Conditions

The coastal regions have charming weather during this time. The average temperature of the nation is between 25 to 30 degrees.

Must See Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka

Some of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka are:



Yala National Park


Arugam Bay

Best Thing to Do In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is packed with a whooping range of activities. Some of the activities travellers love while in the country are:**

Shopping at Pettah Floating Market: The very usual and ordinary activity by tourists in Sri Lanka is to shop at Pettah floating market. From clothes to electronics to fruits and vegetables, everything is available here.

Explore Nightlife in Colombo: One of the things that is popular all across the world is the nightlife of Colombo, which is packed with live music, bustling casinos, delectable food and more.

Enjoy Watersports in Madu River: The country offers a myriad of watersports options to guests, from paramotoring to yachting to jet skiing and more. The rate of water sports is very affordable.

Rejuvenate By visiting Spa Centre: Sri Lanka is known for its spa centres that offer an array of messages from Swedish to traditional shiatsu therapy. It is the best country to balance all your chakras.

**Take a Dip at Water Falls:**The country is swamped with waterfalls such as Ramboda Falls, Glen Falls and more. Taking a refreshing dip at these waterfalls is the most loved activity by travellers.


Maldives, which is a tropical haven for couples, is another place to visit in February. The country in South Asia is known for its archipelagic state with 1,192 coral islands. The nation is packed with white sand beaches and considered a leisurely destination.

The nation lies in the south of Sri Lanka. The water villas of Maldives are popular all across the globe. Tourists here will get the chance to witness the diverse marine life and distinct coral reefs.

Weather Conditions

The country is an excellent tourist spot all year round because of its weather. In the month of February, the ideal temperature is 28 degrees during the daytime.

Must See Tourist Attractions in Maldives

There are a plethora of options to explore in Maldives, which are:**

Male City

Addu Atoll

Fulhadhoo Island

Banana Reef

Maldives Glowing Beach

Best Thing to Do In Maldives

To enjoy the holiday to the fullest, below are some of the things to do in Maldives.

Enjoy Whale Shark Tour at Island: Dhigurah is the least populated island in the Maldives that offers whale and shark tours to tourists. Other than this, there are various dive spots and centres available here.

Go for a Romantic Dinner At Undersea Restaurant: Another most visited tourist spot is Ithaa restaurant, which is situated 5 metres below sea level. The glass rooftop view offers panoramic views to the diners. It is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world.

Experience Surfing at Beaches: Because of the country's location, it is a hub for water sports like surfing and other things. The country has the best waves that is safe for both intermediate and advanced surfers.

Experience Dive with Manta Rays: Manta Point in Maldives is located on the southeast coast. During the southwestern monsoon season, mantas gather here, which makes it a hub for tourists.

Take a Walk at the Artificial Beach: The country houses the man-made beach, which has a pleasant climate and mesmerising views. The beach doesn't appear artificial at all, which is the reason why tourists love to visit this spot.


Iceland is an offbeat traveller's spot and the best European country in February to visit. The European country is situated near the Arctic Circle. From amazing landscapes to natural phenomena, it offers surreal experiences to tourists.

The snow-covered country is the home of Vikings. The country has a dramatic climate during this time. It is the best time to see the northern lights. Most of the popular attraction sites are quieter this time.

Also, in February, Iceland organises various winter light festivals and photography excursions.

Weather Conditions

The weather is quite notorious this time of the year. The average temperature in February is between:**2 degrees to 3 degrees Celsius.

Must-See Tourist Attractions in Iceland

Those who love the cold weather will definitely find many attractive spots in Iceland.






Best Thing to Do In Iceland

Other than witnessing the northern lights, tourists will have plenty of things to do in Iceland, such as:**

Ice Caving in Iceland: One of the most loved winter exclusive activities in Iceland is to go on Ice cave tours. The tours usually begin in early November and last up to the end of March.

Enjoy Whale Watching Tour: Reykjavik in Iceland conducts whale watching tours for locals and foreigners in February. It is high time to witness over twenty species of cetaceans.

Explore Glacier Hiking: The glacier hiking tourist of Iceland is famous and runs throughout the year. There are two major spots, which are Svinafellsjokull Glacier and Solheimajokull glacier, preferred by travellers.

Take a Shot at Horseback Riding: The Icelandic horses are considered resilient and toughest animals. During this time of year, many tourists prefer horseback riding to watching the landscapes of Iceland.

Witness the Snaefellsnes: Most of the country is covered in snow this time. The rivers and waterfalls are partially frozen and Snaefellsnes is considered the best activity to witness by tourists.


Another one of the best countries to visit in February in the Asian continent is Singapore. The island nation is packed with dynamic surroundings and enthralling attractions. It is a country of diverse cultures and traditions.

Because of its charismatic streets and romantic beaches, it is one of the most visited honeymoon destinations for couples. The Asian country is known for its delectable dishes and expensive desserts.

The country is a hub for tourists in February month due to the Garden Beats festival and River Hongbao festivals.

Weather Conditions

The island nation is famous for its balmy weather during this time. The average temperature here is between 25 to 31 degrees.

Must See Tourist Attractions in Singapore

The beautiful island is packed with tourist spots to enjoy the country's rich history.. Some of the popular places to visit are:**

Botanic Gardens

Sentosa Island

Cloud Forest

Asian Civilizations Museum

Orchard Road

Best Thing to Do In Singapore

When it comes to pleasing tourists, Singapore has a vivid offering. Some of the best activities travellers prefer to do in the country are:**

Enjoy the Singapore Night Safari: If you are someone fascinated by the forest, then give Singapore Night Safari a try, which is packed with different fauna stories, personal activities and more.

Explore Rich Marine Life at Aquarium: The SEA aquarium in Singapore is home to 100000 marine animals. Around 1000 of the marine species here are from the different regions. To entertain visitors, various shows or fun activities are conducted here.

**Go for a Cable Car Ride:**Further, tourists who long for adventure can surely take a cable car ride at Sentosa Island. It was started in 1974, and since then, it has been a fun destination for both tourists and locals.

Take a Tour to Universal Studios: Another most loved activity to do in Singapore is visiting Universal Studios. It is a theme park that has 7 different theme zones and 28 different rides. It is the best place to witness live shows, vivid characters and more.

Tour to Little India in Singapore: The country is home to diverse cultures, and one such community which is popular in Singapore is the community of Indian people. The country has a designated spot called Little India where tourists can explore Indian cuisine, tradition and culture.


Another best place to visit in February is Dubai because of its pleasant and balmy weather. The country is considered a hub of attraction sites and fun-filled activities. From exploring popular sites like Burj Khalifa to enjoying local cuisine, travellers won't get bored here.

Many tourists from around the globe come here in February to enjoy the Dubai Jazz Festival and food festival.

Weather Conditions

The weather at this time of year is enjoyable. The average temperature is between 16 degrees to 25 degrees.

Must-See Tourist Attractions in Dubai

The country has significant highlights for visitors to see. Some of the popular must-see sites in Dubai are:**

Dubai Mall

Burj Khalifa

Al Bastakia

Jumeirah Beach

Burj Al Arab

Best Thing to Do In Dubai

From shopping at high-end malls to admiring the beauty of the world's best buildings, travellers have a lot of choices to make in Dubai.

Explore the Prehistoric Era: Ajman Museum in Dubai is another popular tourist spot that has preserved the evidence of the prehistoric era. The place has so many elements that tell the story of the emirates of Ajman.

Go For Adventure Desert Safari: The Arabian safari in the desert is another popular activity to do in Dubai. From sandboarding to camel riding to quad biking, visitors will have plenty of options.

Admire the Historical Architecture: Dubai is famous for its historical architecture. The UAQ museum is one of the famous museums that brings back the memory of the 17th century.

Embrace the Panorama at Dubai Frame: It is the most visited tourist spot that offers a 360-degree view. The Dubai Frame gives a glimpse of a vintage city with modern Dubai.

Enjoy the World Class Cruising Experience: The Dhow cruise of dubai is an ideal spot for relaxation and fun. It is the traditional boat of the Arab nation that is spotted in Dubai Creeks.


Spain is another country to go to in February because of its buzzing nightlife and nature bliss. This tourist spot gathers thousands of tourists every year. The city is home to a vibrant culture, food and hospitable people.

Travellers who hold unique places for architecture and art are always fascinated by Spain. It is a year-round vacation spot, but during February, the country hosts the Ilum festival.

Weather Conditions

The average temperature in Spain during February is between 8 degrees to 15 degrees.

Must See Tourist Attractions in Spain

From buzzing towns to sunny coasts, Spain has some of the incredible locations for tourists to hang out.






Best Thing to Do In Spain

Adventure seekers will find many activities to do in Spain. Some of the most popular things to do in Spain are:**

Take A Chance at International Zip Line: The country has one of the most loved activity centres, which is a zip lining that is 720 metre long cable that begins in Spain and ends in Portugal.

Go For A Hot Air Balloon Ride: There is no other way to enjoy the beauty of the city of Barcelona than hot balloon rides. The price of the hot balloon activity is very modest.

Catch a glimpse of Bullfighting: Spain is the country popular for its bullfighting events. To witness this event, spectators come from all around the world. Due to its popularity, the event is held once a week at multiple locations in the country.

Enjoy the Flamenco Show: The flamenco show hosts in Madrid are a treat to the eyes. Various artists take part in the show. Tourists can enjoy a variety of dances, beautiful vocals and more in a single show.

Try out Scuba Diving: The country is famous for gathering adrenaline rush travellers for Scuba Diving activity in Costa Brava. The place has many professional diving centres for travellers.

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory In These Countries?

From the countries listed here, European countries have a policy to have a travel insurance plan while visiting their nation. The reason for the same is that medical care facilities in this region can be pretty expensive. Other countries do not have any strict policy to have a travel insurance plan.

While visiting a foreign land can be a fun-packed activity, it does come with the fear of unforeseen incidents happening in nations. Considering all such circumstances, buying a travel insurance plan is the safest option for travellers.

However, it is best to compare travel insurance policies based on the coverage offered and the premium charged.

Tata AIG offers travel insurance plans that are well-curated with different traveller's needs in mind. From medical evacuation to trip cancellation to loss of luggage in foreign land, we have got you covered for every situation.

Further, our international policy premium starts at ₹40.82 per day.


With the new year being so crowded and price hikes, many travellers pushed their plans to February. Further, it is also the month when loved ones look to spend quality time with each other.

That being said, here we have listed the best countries to visit in February. However, whatever the destination you are travelling to, it is advised to pack stuff according to the weather conditions


Which are the warmest countries in February to visit?

Some of the warmest countries to travel to in February are Sri Lanka, Singapore, Dubai, Maldives and more. The weather in this country is pleasant at this time.

What are the best cold places to visit in February?

If you are travelling in European continent countries such as Iceland, Norway, France, etc, then it will be cold. During this time, the temperature here can even go to minus degrees.

What are the affordable travel options for Indians to visit in February Month?

Sri Lanka offers visa-free travel to Indian citizens, and it is an affordable travel option. Other than this, Singapore and Thailand are also budget-friendly options for Indian travellers.

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