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June marks the gateway to a global travel spree, offering a kaleidoscope of destinations for every traveller's taste. From the sun-soaked beaches of Greece to the vibrant festivals in Brazil, the options are as diverse as they are exciting.

Beat the summer heat in Iceland's cool embrace or explore the historic streets of Italy. Whether you crave adventure in New Zealand or seek tranquillity in Japan's lush landscapes, June caters to all wanderlust whims.

Dive into the best places to visit in June outside India and unlock a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences, ensuring your summer kicks off with a passport-stamped bang.

So, let’s help you create an itinerary of your dreams for June!

Best Holiday Places in June: Cost, Crowds and Visa Requirements

Country  Average Cost for 1-Week (Per Person) Crowds in January  Visa-On-Arrival for Indians?
Greece ₹1,73,317 Shoulder Season No
Brazil ₹2,31,760 Low Season No
Italy ₹1,98,202 Shoulder Season No
New Zealand ₹2,73,879 Low Season No
Iceland ₹2,00,896 High Season No
Japan ₹2,75,848 Shoulder Season No
Mauritius ₹1,59,463 Low Season Yes
Switzerland ₹2,11,552 Shoulder Season No
Indonesia ₹47,733 Shoulder Season Yes
Denmark ₹1,67,286  Shoulder Season No

Disclaimer: The prices were taken from Makemytrip on 04/12/2023 at 11:30 am. Please note that tour prices are subject to change depending on peak and low seasons and current inflation rates. Always check official sources for current rates before booking your trip.

10 Best Places to Visit in June: International Destinations


Greece is one of the best countries to visit in June. This month in Greece beckons Indian travellers to the sun-kissed shores of Greece, where a perfect blend of ancient wonders and contemporary charm awaits. Athens, steeped in history, showcases iconic landmarks like the Acropolis against a backdrop of pleasant weather.

The idyllic islands, including Santorini, boast crystalline waters and postcard-worthy sunsets. June strikes the right balance, offering warm temperatures without the scorching heat, creating an ideal environment for exploring archaeological marvels, and indulging in delectable Mediterranean cuisine.

The vibrant Greek culture, friendly locals, and the allure of bustling city life and serene island escapes make Greece an enticing destination for Indian globetrotters seeking a diverse and captivating experience.

Average Tour Price: ₹1,73,317 for 6N/7D (Shoulder Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do:

Explore the ancient ruins of the Acropolis, wander through the Plaka neighbourhood, and catch a performance at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus

In Santorini, hike the caldera rim, relax on a black sand beach, or take a boat trip to the nearby volcanic island of Nea Kameni

Dance the night away at trendy clubs, go shopping in the luxurious boutiques, or simply soak up the sun on a beach in Mykonos

Popular Tourist Spots in Greece:






Must-See Events in Greece:

Watch an ancient Greek drama unfold under the starlit sky in the 2,500-year-old amphitheatre of Epidaurus at the Athens Epidaurus Festival

Bathe in the golden glow of a Santorini sunset while swaying to the rhythms of world-class jazz musicians at the Santorini International Jazz Festival

At Mykonos Biennale, experience how the contemporary art extravaganza transforms the island into an open-air gallery


June in Brazil unfolds as a vibrant tapestry of cultural festivities, inviting Indian travellers to immerse themselves in the pulsating energy of Festa Junina. From the iconic carnival city of Rio de Janeiro to the depths of the Amazon rainforest, Brazil offers a kaleidoscope of experiences.

The mild June weather allows for exploration without the discomfort of extreme temperatures. Hence, Brazil is one of the best places to travel in June from India. The lively street parties, traditional dances, and culinary delights create a sensory extravaganza. Brazil's diverse landscapes, ranging from pristine beaches to lush jungles, provide a playground for adventure seekers and those looking to bask in nature's wonders.

With a blend of warmth, festivity, and natural beauty, June in Brazil promises an unforgettable escape for Indian wanderers.

Average Tour Price: ₹2,31,760 for 8N/9D (Low Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do:

Hike amidst dramatic rock formations, cascading waterfalls, and lush forests in the Serra dos Órgãos National Park range near Rio de Janeiro

Embark on an otherworldly adventure in the vast Lençóis Maranhenses National Park’s desert of pristine white sand dunes

Dive into the heart of Afro-Brazilian culture in this vibrant city of Salvador de Bahia

Immerse yourself in the artistic energy of the dynamic metropolis of São Paulo

Popular Tourist Spots in Brazil:

Iguazu Falls

The Pantanal

Fernando de Noronha



Must-See Events in Brazil:

Immerse yourself in Brazil's biggest cultural fiesta at the Festa Junina

Bookworms, rejoice! Paraty International Literary Festival is a renowned literary event in the charming historical town of Paraty, and it is to die for

Feel the rhythm at the Fortaleza Jazz Beachfront Festival in the lively city of Fortaleza


Italy in June is a dreamy tableau of warmth, history, and gastronomic delights, luring Indian travellers with its timeless charm. From the eternal city of Rome to the romantic waterways of Venice, Italy offers a diverse palette of experiences.

The warm weather is perfect for wandering through historic streets, savouring delectable Italian cuisine, and relishing iconic gelato. June strikes an ideal balance, with fewer crowds than the peak tourist season, allowing visitors to explore renowned landmarks like the Colosseum and the Vatican City leisurely.

The rich Italian culture, from art to architecture, welcomes tourists worldwide, making June an enticing time for Indian globetrotters to revel in the allure of la dolce vita.

Average Tour Price: ₹1,98,202 for 7N/8D (Shoulder Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do::

Hike or bike amidst the breathtaking mountain scenery of the Dolomites

Explore the iconic Colosseum, bask in the Trevi Fountain's grandeur, and get lost in the Vatican Museums' artistic treasures

Drive along the cliffside roads, marvel at the colourful villages clinging to the rocks, and swim in turquoise coves at the Amalfi Coast

Explore ancient olive groves, baroque towns like Lecce, and hidden coves with crystal-clear waters at Puglia

Popular Tourist Spots in Italy:

Colosseum, Rome

Grand Canal & Doge's Palace, Venice

Uffizi Gallery & Accademia Gallery, Florence

Pompeii & Herculaneum

Lake Como



Must-See Events in Italy:

Witness a fierce, historical tug-of-war across the Arno River between two rival neighbourhoods at Gioco del Ponte

Be mesmerised by thousands of flickering candles illuminating the Leaning Tower and other landmarks at the Luminara di San Ranieri

Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of this bareback horse race in Siena's Piazza del Campo

Be transported to a magical setting under the stars as you witness operatic masterpieces unfold in the Roman amphitheater at the Arena Opera Festival

New Zealand

June, for Indian travellers, could be a reason to escape the scorching summer by venturing into the pristine landscapes of New Zealand. From the majestic Fiordland National Park to the enchanting glowworm caves of Waitomo, the country is a captivating playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

The crisp weather, devoid of extreme temperatures, sets the stage for thrilling adventures, whether hiking through verdant trails or witnessing the unique Matariki (Maori New Year) celebrations.

With fewer tourists, June allows for a more intimate exploration of New Zealand's natural wonders, including its snow-capped peaks, azure lakes, and diverse ecosystems. For Indian wanderers seeking a perfect blend of tranquillity and adventure, New Zealand in June offers an idyllic escape.

Average Tour Price: ₹2,73,879 for 6N/7D (Shoulder Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do:

June is prime time for skiing and snowboarding on New Zealand's epic mountains

Take the plunge and experience the adrenaline rush of bungee jumping off a bridge or skydiving above stunning landscapes

Brave the icy waters of the Waitomo River and navigate through glowworm-lit caves in the darkness

Embark on a scenic cruise through the majestic fiord of Milford Sound, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Hike amidst volcanic landscapes like the otherworldly Emerald Lakes and the imposing Mount Ngauruhoe, used as "Mordor" in the Lord of the Rings films

**Popular Tourist Spots in New Zealand:

Tongariro National Park

Waitomo Caves

Queenstown Gardens


Franz Josef Glacier

Abel Tasman National Park

Must-See Events in New Zealand:

Immerse yourself in Maori culture during the nationwide Matariki Maori New Year festival

The nomadic festival brings a kaleidoscope of music, dance, and visual arts to New Zealand's shores

Witness ice carving competitions, soak in hot pools, party at masquerade balls, and experience the magic of a snow-dusted Queenstown at the Queenstown Winter Festival

From ice carving displays and hot air balloon rides to street performers and live music, Wanaka Winter Festival’s winter wonderland promises merriment for all ages


One of the most stunning countries to visit in June from India is Iceland. June in Iceland invites Indian travellers seeking a cool respite from the summer heat. The land of fire and ice come alive with almost 24 hours of daylight, allowing for an immersive exploration of its surreal landscapes.

Iceland's natural wonders unfold in all their glory, from cascading waterfalls to geysers and the otherworldly Blue Lagoon. The mild weather in June ensures a comfortable experience, whether marvelling at glaciers or traversing volcanic terrains.

With fewer tourists compared to the peak season, travellers can revel in the unique beauty of Iceland at their own pace. June offers Indian globetrotters a rare opportunity to experience a summer adventure in a destination known for its ethereal landscapes and captivating geology.

Average Tour Price: ₹2,00,896 for 8N/9D (Peak Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do:

Hike amidst a kaleidoscope of colourful rhyolite mountains at Landmannalaugar

Explore the iconic trio of Gullfoss waterfall, the geysers of Geysir geothermal area, and the unique rock formations of Thingvellir National Park

Dive between the tectonic plates in Thingvellir National Park, where crystal-clear waters offer a unique underwater adventure

Explore the vibrant capital of Reykjavik, visit the quirky Hallgrimskirkja church, delve into the Saga Museum's Viking history, and soak in the geothermal pools at Laugardalslaug

Popular Tourist Spots in Iceland:

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Geysir Geothermal Area

Gullfoss Waterfall


Must-See Events in Iceland:

Witness the Midnight Sun barely dipping below the horizon, casting a long, golden glow over the landscape

Hike through a wonderland of colourful Landmannalaugar's Rhyolite Mountains, from fiery reds to burnt oranges, all bathed in the soft light of the midnight sun

Witness the awe-inspiring sight of icebergs calving from the mighty Vatnajokull glacier

Immerse yourself in music, art, and revelry under the never-setting sun during the unique Secret Solstice Festival in Reykjavik

Head to the Vestmannaeyjar Islands, a haven for Atlantic puffins, for the quirky Westman Islands Puffin Festival


Japan is another option amongst the best countries to go in June from India. Despite the onset of the rainy season, June presents a captivating tableau for Indian travellers in Japan. The lush greenery, fewer crowds, and the cultural richness of this Asian gem make it an alluring destination.

From the modern metropolis of Tokyo to the ancient temples of Kyoto, Japan's diverse landscapes and traditions come alive in June. Though damp, the weather allows for exploring without the intense summer heat. Indian visitors can immerse themselves in the tranquillity of Japanese gardens, witness the artistry of traditional tea ceremonies, and even partake in Gion Matsuri, one of Japan's most famous festivals.

June in Japan offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences, providing Indian globetrotters with a memorable and authentic journey.

Average Tour Price: ₹2,75,848 for 7N/8D (Shoulder Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do:

Witness the epic Shinto festival in Asakusa, with elaborate mikoshi (portable shrines) paraded through the streets

Experience the magic of Gion Matsuri, one of Kyoto's most prestigious festivals

From Kamakura's Hasedera Temple to Hakone's Hydrangea Museum, witness the stunning display of blue, purple, and pink hydrangeas in full bloom

Popular Tourist Spots in Japan:



Mount Fuji

Himeji Castle

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden


Must-See Events in Japan:

Witness this epic Sanja Matsuri festival in Asakusa, with elaborate mikoshi (portable shrines) paraded through the streets, accompanied by traditional music and energetic crowds

Experience the magic of Yoiyama and Gion Matsuri, one of Kyoto's most prestigious festivals

Immerse yourself in a sea of pink blossoms at Kasama Castle Park, one of Japan's most famous cherry blossom spots


June unfolds as an ideal time for Indian travellers to discover the tropical paradise of Mauritius. With pleasant weather and fewer crowds, the island nation invites visitors to indulge in its pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse cultural experiences.

From the bustling markets of Port Louis to the tranquillity of Trou aux Cerfs, Mauritius caters to a range of interests. Water enthusiasts can snorkel in crystal-clear waters, while those seeking relaxation can unwind on white-sand beaches. The local cuisine, a fusion of flavours, adds a delightful touch to the island experience.

With June offering a sweet spot between the peak tourist season and the cooler months, Mauritius provides Indian wanderers with an idyllic tropical escape.

Average Tour Price: ₹1,59,463 for 6N/7D (Low Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do::

Bask on the pristine white sand, swim in the crystal-clear waters, and indulge in water sports like snorkelling, kayaking, or parasailing at the Ile aux Cerfs

Relax on the golden sands, try your hand at windsurfing, or explore the underwater world with a diving trip at the Flic en Flac

Hike amidst lush rainforests, witness cascading waterfalls, and spot exotic birdlife in the breathtaking Black River Gorges National Park

Witness the surreal sight of the Seven-Coloured Earth, where volcanic rocks create a rainbow of hues

Popular Tourist Spots in Mauritius:

Grand Bassin

Port Louis


Flic en Flac

Ile aux Cerfs

Must-See Events in Mauritius:

Celebrate the end of Ramadan with the Muslim community on Eid al-Fitr

Immerse yourself in the patriotic spirit with parades, cultural performances, and official ceremonies held at Champ de Mars for the Queen's Birthday Celebration

Set sail off the coast and witness pods of playful dolphins or majestic humpback whales breaching the waves


June beckons Indian travellers to the breathtaking landscapes of Switzerland, where the Swiss Alps and charming villages create a picture-perfect summer retreat. The mild and inviting weather allows for scenic train rides through lush valleys and hikes amidst blooming alpine flowers.

From the cosmopolitan vibes of Zurich to the serene beauty of Interlaken, Switzerland offers a diverse range of experiences. June strikes the right balance, with longer days and pleasant temperatures, making it an ideal time for outdoor adventures.

Whether exploring medieval castles or cruising on pristine lakes, Indian visitors can immerse themselves in the enchanting Swiss ambience without the chill of winter. Switzerland in June promises an authentic alpine experience for those seeking natural beauty and cultural richness.

Average Tour Price: ₹2,11,552 for 6N/7D (Shoulder Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do:

Hike the Swiss Alps

Go glacier hopping

Paddle across the turquoise waters of Lake Geneva, kayak amidst the fairytale scenery of Lake Lucerne, or take a scenic boat trip on Lake Thun with panoramic views of the Bernese Alps.

Journey through a UNESCO World Heritage site on the iconic train route on the Bernina Express

Wander through the cobblestone alleys of Bern, a UNESCO World Heritage site

Embark on a scenic journey through the terraced vineyards of Lavaux, a UNESCO World Heritage site

Popular Tourist Spots in Switzerland:

Jungfrau Region




Mt. Titlis

Swiss National Park

Must-See Events in Switzerland:

Immerse yourself in a world of music at the open-air Paléo Festival Nyon

Celebrate classical music on the shores of Lake Geneva at the Lake Geneva Festival

Travel back in time to the Estavayer-le-Lac Medieval Festival or the Gruyère Castle Festival


June in Indonesia welcomes Indian travellers with warm temperatures and diverse experiences. From Bali's idyllic beaches to Yogyakarta's cultural richness, Indonesia unfolds as a captivating destination.

With its modern amenities, the bustling metropolis of Jakarta contrasts with the ancient temples and traditional arts in other regions. The Indonesian archipelago offers a myriad of options for Indian wanderers, from vibrant street markets to tranquil rice terraces.

With June's pleasant climate, visitors can delve into the local cuisine, witness traditional dance performances, and explore the unique landscapes that define this Southeast Asian gem.

Average Tour Price: ₹47,733 for 6N/7D (Shoulder Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do:

Witness the majestic sunrise over Mt. Batur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and trek through the volcanic landscape amidst stunning views

Embark on a wildlife adventure and spot the Komodo dragons, prehistoric giant lizards, in their natural habitat at the Komodo National Park

Explore the grandeur of Borobudur, the world's largest Buddhist temple, with its intricate carvings and serene atmosphere

Catch epic breaks in Bali's surfer havens like Canggu and Uluwatu, or test your skills on the legendary waves of Lombok's south coast

Hike to the summit of Mount Rinjani, a challenging but rewarding trek offering breathtaking views of Lombok and the Segara Anak crater lake

Popular Tourist Spots in Indonesia:

Tanah Lot Temple, Bali


Nusa Penida

Labuan Bajo

Bunaken National Park

Must-See Events in Indonesia:

Witness the thrilling dragon boat races held across Indonesia, particularly in Palembang, Makassar, and Bali at the Dragon Boat Festival

Immerse yourself in the unique ritual of the Pasola Festival, where horsemen wearing war attire chase spears towards each other, reenacting ancient battles

Be a part of the cultural extravaganza with traditional dance performances, music concerts, art exhibitions, and workshops at the Yogyakarta Arts Festival


June in Denmark offers Indian travellers a perfect blend of long days, mild temperatures, and a relaxed Scandinavian atmosphere. Denmark unfolds as a picturesque destination from the vibrant streets of Copenhagen to the fairy-tale castles scattered across the countryside.

The Danish summer beckons with opportunities for leisurely exploration, be it strolling through the iconic Tivoli Gardens or cycling along the coastal paths. June strikes the right balance, with outdoor activities complemented by cultural experiences, including the rich maritime history and contemporary design scene.

The warmth of Danish hospitality and the beauty of the landscapes make June an inviting time for Indian globetrotters to immerse themselves in the unique charm of Denmark's capital and beyond.

Average Tour Price: ₹1,67,286 for 7N/8D (Shoulder Season)

Best Places to Visit/Things to do:

Explore the colourful Nyhavn harbour, visit the iconic Tivoli Gardens amusement park, and witness the changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen

Experience the "Land of Two Seas", where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet

Unleash your inner child at Legoland, a world of imagination built entirely with Lego bricks

Popular Tourist Spots in Denmark:



Kronborg Castle

Wadden Sea National Park


Must-See Events in Denmark:

Celebrate the longest day of the year with bonfires crackling on beaches, traditional dancing around the maypole, and joyful revelry at the Midsummer Festival

Let the music wash over you at Denmark's largest jazz festival, Aarhus Jazz Festival

Step into a bygone era at the Tønder Medieval Market during the Medieval Market Days

Which of These Destinations Require a Travel Insurance Plan?

While travel insurance may not be mandatory for many destinations, opting for it is a prudent decision that ensures peace of mind and financial security for travellers. Unforeseen events such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost baggage, or unexpected travel disruptions can turn a dream vacation into a nightmare.

International travel insurance serves as a safety net, providing coverage against these unforeseen circumstances and allowing travellers to navigate challenges without incurring substantial financial losses.

Travel insurance becomes crucial for destinations like Greece, Brazil, Iceland, Japan, and Switzerland, where diverse experiences beckon. Whether it's the risk of a medical emergency in a foreign country, unexpected travel interruptions, or the need for emergency medical evacuation, travel insurance offers a financial cushion, ensuring that the unforeseen does not result in a financial burden.

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So, this was our list of the best countries to visit in June from India. June unveils a global canvas for travel enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of destinations for unforgettable experiences. From the ancient wonders of Greece to the vibrant festivals in Brazil, the historic charm of Italy, and the pristine landscapes of New Zealand, each country promises a unique adventure.

While travel health insurance may not be mandatory, its importance cannot be overstated, providing a safety net for unforeseen circumstances. So, pack your bags and seize the opportunity to make June the month of your next unforgettable journey.

Safe travels!

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