Best Countries to Visit in March

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Seems like you are planning a fun-filled and memorable trip abroad. Isn’t it? In case you are struggling to find the best place to visit in March in the world, you have come to the right place!

With the warm climate, soft sunny days, and pleasant breeze, March brings the perfect spring weather that sounds extremely inviting when it comes to planning a vacation abroad.

Not only does March have milder weather, but you can also expect fewer crowds by planning your trip during this month. In most countries, March is considered a low season for tourism. It means you can plan a peaceful and relaxing vacation in a cost-effective way.

In this blog, you will learn about some of the top countries to visit in March. We will walk you through all the important details, including average budget, top things to do, places to visit, etc., to help you plan your trip in the most efficient way.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Best Countries to Visit in March: Cost, Expected Crowd, Weather, and Visa Requirements for Indians

Country Average Budget for 3N -7N (Per Person, Including Flights) Tourism Season Is visa-on-arrival available for Indians?
France ₹1,19,000 - ₹3,58,000 Off Season No
Italy ₹1,23,000 - ₹2,12,000 Off Season No
Bhutan ₹40,000 - ₹2,49,000 Off Season Visa can only be applied through a licensed Bhutan tour operator
South Africa ₹1,04,000 - ₹2,33,000 Off Season No
Thailand ₹35,000 - ₹2,08,000 Peak Season Yes
UAE ₹51,000 - ₹4,22,000 Off Season No
Iceland ₹2,17,000 -₹3,58,000 Off Season No

Note: This information is taken from Makemytrip and Holidify on 29th Nov 2023, at 3 PM and is subject to change depending on demand and market fluctuations.

Best Countries to Go to in March 2024

Whether you are after golden beaches or snow-capped mountains, we have a list of top destinations that contain something for every type of traveller. Following are the top countries to visit in March 2024:**

1. France

Who doesn’t dream of getting clicked with the stunning Eiffel Tower in the background or eating a fresh croissant at a fancy French café? If you are dreaming about the same, then don’t think twice before planning a trip to France in the upcoming month of March.

France stays on the top of the bucket list of travellers from every nook and corner of the world. It is the largest country in the western part of Europe, known for its vibrant art and culture, mesmerising architecture, welcoming locals, world-class cuisine, and so on.

No doubt why it is named among the best European countries to visit in March.

Weather Conditions in March

The weather in France during March is very mild and pleasant. Depending on the region you are planning to stay, you can expect a temperature ranging between 8 to 13 degree celsius. Further, the month of March receives fewer crowds of tourists. Therefore, you can easily get flights and accommodation in France at cost-effective prices.

Must-visit Tourist Attractions

Eiffel Tower

Arc de Triomphe

Louvre Museum

Alsace Villages, and so on.

Best Things to Do in France

Explore the Fashion Streets of Paris: Paris, the fashion capital of the world, should not be missed during your France tour.

Visit the French Riviera: The French Riviera is a super luxurious and dreamy destination you can include in your France tour. You can explore the Cannes beaches or visit Monte Carlo for its glamorous casinos and sparkling nightlife.

Wine Tasting in Provence: If your France itinerary includes a visit to Provence, make sure to do the wine tasting at the local vineyards. If you are lucky enough, you can also enjoy the breathtaking beauty of lavender fields during the season.

Go Hiking in the French Alps: If you are an adventure seeker, then plan an exploration trip to the French Alps. You can go skiing or hiking in the shiny and snowy mountains.

Enjoy Culinary Delights: If you are a foodie, then France is surely heaven for you. You can experience next-level French cuisine, from buttery and flaky croissants and sweet crepes to cassoulet, escargot, bouillabaisse, and whatnot.

2. Italy

Italy is another beautiful country you can explore in March. Located in the Southern region of Europe, Italy is known for its rich history and a plethora of cultural and architectural wonders. In short, Italy has a lot more to offer than Pizza and Wine.

The month of March is the best time to experience Italian culture as the locals start their preparations for Easter during this time. Further, you can also get a chance to learn about the local traditions and cultures as a lot of events take place during the spring months.

Since March is not a peak season in Italy tourism, you can plan an affordable trip if you make your bookings early.

Weather Conditions in March

The temperature in Italy in March depends on the part of the country you are visiting. Here is a breakdown of weather conditions:**

North Italy: 2 to 13 degrees Celsius

Central Italy: 7 to 14 degrees Celsius

South Italy: 11 to 16 degrees Celsius

Must-visit Tourist Attractions

Leaning Tower of Pisa


Vatican City

Florence Cathedral

Amalfi Coast



Lake Como

Best Things to Do in Italy

Explore the History of Rome: Immerse yourself in the rich and interesting history of Rome by visiting the Roman Forum, Colosseum, and the Pantheon.

Book a Gondola Ride in Venice: Venice is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities in Italy. If you are visiting with your partner, don’t miss out on strolling along the narrow and colourful streets of Venice or taking a romantic gondola ride in the canals.

Experience the Beauty of the Amalfi Coast: Don’t forget to visit the Amalfi Coast known for its awestruck beaches. You can also explore Positano, a small picturesque village from where you can enjoy a scenic view of the great Mediterranean Sea.

Don’t Miss Out On Italian Cuisine: Well, it goes without saying that you should not miss out on world-class Italian cuisine. From authentic wood-fired pizzas and never-ending varieties of pasta to a premium selection of drool-worthy desserts, there is a lot more to the culinary delights of Italy.

3. Bhutan

Planning your first trip abroad? Let’s start by giving a visit to our kind neighbours. We are talking about Bhutan. Located in the lap of the great Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the most beautiful and surely the best countries to visit end of March.

Visiting here, you will get a perfect blend of spirituality, natural beauty, and interesting traditions that will capture your heart forever.

From stunning landscapes, peaceful monasteries, and lush green valleys, Bhutan has everything you need for a relaxing and fun-filled vacation.

Weather Conditions in March

The weather in Bhutan in March varies depending on the region you are visiting and its altitude. You can expect the daytime temperatures to range from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, while nights can be slightly cooler, ranging from 0 to 10 degrees Celsius.

Must-visit Tourist Attractions

Punakha Dzong

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Bumthang Valley

Dochula Pass

Rinpung Dzong

Haa Valley

Kyichu Lhakhang

**Best Things to Do in Bhutan

Plan a Trek to Tiger’s Nest Monastery: Trekking to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery is undoubtedly one of the **Best Things to do in Bhutan. This monastery is located on a cliff that offers a picturesque look of the Paro Valley.

Visit Thimpu: Explore Thimpu, the capital city of Bhutan. There are several tourist attractions and activities you can indulge in.

Take Part in the Bhutanese Festival: To learn more about the people and culture of Bhutan, participate in a local festival of Tsechu. Festivals here are very lively and colourful.

Practice Meditation: Make the most of the serene views of Bhutan by practising meditation in its peaceful surroundings. You can even join a meditation retreat.

Be a Part of Bhutanese Wedding: Bhutanese weddings are full of culture and tradition. If you get a chance, try to attend a local wedding, and you will be amazed by the rituals and traditions of the country.

Enjoy Local Cuisine: Bhutanese cuisine is not only healthy but also has unique flavours that can not be found elsewhere in the world. It dominantly uses goat cheese and lots of chilli peppers. When in Bhutan, don’t forget to try out the scrumptious dumplings, ema datshi, butter tea (suja), phaksha paa, Jasha maroo and so on.

4. South Africa

South Africa is a popular tourist destination best known for its cultural and traditional diversity and natural beauty. It is one of the highly sought-after countries to visit in March because of its pleasant climate.

During March, the weather is neither too cold nor too hot, it is perfect to plan an exciting vacation.

Weather Conditions in March

The temperatures in the capital city Cape Town and Johannesburg during March ranges between 20 to 27 degree celsius.

Must-visit Tourist Attractions

Knysna Heads

Chapman’s Peak Drive

Apartheid Museum

Waterford Estate

Robben Island

**Best Things to Do in South Africa

Book Jungle Safari: A trip to South Africa will not be complete without going on a jungle safari at the Kruger National Park. You will definitely be stunned by looking at the unique wildlife.

Go on Surfing: Jeffreys Bay is the place you should visit if you love surfing. You can also go surfing at Noordhoek in Cape Town and the North Beach of Durban.

Hiking and Trekking: There are plenty of hiking and trekking trails in South Africa. If you are an adventure seeker, then you can surely plan a hike depending on your fitness and preferred difficulty level.

Nightlife at Cape Town: There are plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants where you can experience the sparkling nightlife of South Africa.

5. Thailand

If you are searching for a budget-friendly country to visit in March this year, then there is no better destination than Thailand. Previously known as Siam, Thailand is popular for its beaches, temples, and nightlife.

This beautiful Asian country attracts people from all over the world for the amazing experience it has to offer. Whether you are planning a vacation as a couple or looking for a perfect destination to chill out with friends, Thailand can be your ideal location.

However, be aware of the crowds in March as it is the peak season to visit this island country.

Weather Conditions in March

The weather in Thailand during March is sunny and dry. You can expect the temperature to be somewhere between 26 to 32 degrees Celsius.

Must-visit Tourist Attractions

Elephant Nature Park

Golden Triangle

Tiger Temple

Wat Arun

Emerald Buddha

**Best Things to Do in Thailand

Indulge in Thai Cuisine: Thai cuisine is loved by people from all across the world for a perfectly valid reason. It is spicy, full of unique flavours, and delicious. So, when you visit there, don’t forget to try Pad Thai, Thai Curries, Tom Yum Goong, Panang Curry, and a whole amazing variety of seafood.

Experience Thai Spa and Massage: After getting exhausted from all the adventures and sightseeing, pamper yourself with a relaxing Thai massage and spa. There are plenty of massage places in the cities of Thailand.

Visit Full Moon Party: If you are visiting around the full moon, you can take part in the most beautiful full moon parties that take place at Koh Phangan island. These are very lively night beach parties that only happen twice a month during the full moon.

Try Water Sports: Snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, jet-skiing, and whatnot. There are a plethora of water sports you can try on the beaches of Thailand.

6. United Arab Emirates

Located in the Southeastern part of the Arabian region, UAE is a dynamic Arab country that offers a perfect blend of tradition, modernity, and innovation. It is named among the top destinations in the country and is loved by both the common public and celebrities alike.

If you have a flexible budget and are thinking of a luxurious trip, then there is no better country to visit than UAE. From tall skyscrapers and golden sand dunes to vibrant markets and a worth-remembering nightlife, there are so many things you can do in the UAE.

Weather Conditions in March

The temperature in UAE during March ranges between 20 to 29 degrees Celsius. The nights are slightly cooler here.

Must-visit Tourist Attractions

Burj Khalifa

Jebel Jais

Dubai Fountain

Ajman Beach

Palm Jumeirah

Hatta Heritage Village

Yas Island

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

**Best Things to Do in UAE

Visit Burj Khalifa: Visit the iconic Burj Khalifa and experience what it feels like to be on top of the world. From the top, you can have panoramic views of the city of Dubai.

Experience Desert Safari: If you want to have a true Arab experience, then book a desert safari. There are multiple activities you can take part in, such as camel riding and stargazing during the nights in the desert.

Explore Vibrant Markets: Dubai markets are very unique. The locals call them “bazaars” and there you can find possibly everything you want. From a variety of spices, traditional scents or “attars”, to an amazing collection of art and craft items to bring back home as souvenirs, make sure to take a stroll on the streets of UAE.

Shop Your Heart Out: UAE is known as a shopper’s paradise. There are numerous malls and stores where you can buy clothing, electronics, and anything you want. You will see almost all luxury brands in the malls of UAE, so make sure to give a visit.

Enjoy Dubai Nightlife: If you want to experience the best nightlife in the world, don’t think twice before visiting Dubai.

** 7. Iceland**

Want to explore cold countries in March? Iceland is where you should go!

Iceland stays on the top of the bucket list of adventure seekers. It is a small European nation situated in the extreme West of the region. Since it is located in the extreme European region, Iceland experiences extremely cold weather.

Besides its rigid temperatures, the country is also known for its live volcanos. If you have made up your mind for an adventurous trip in March, then you must consider Iceland.

Weather Conditions in March

The temperature in Iceland during March ranges around -2.2 to 3 degrees.

Must-visit Tourist Attractions

Blue Lagoon

Askja Caldera

Maelifell Volcano

Vatnajokull National Park

**Best Things to Do in Iceland

Experience Northern Lights: Most people go to Iceland just to witness the northern lights. These are visible in the areas with the least light pollution.

Go Inside a Glacier Cave: Iceland is a whole different world if you explore in the right direction. One of the **Best Things you can do is go inside a glacier and you will be surely stunned by the ice caves that look almost like a diamond.

Book a Whale Watching Tour: A whale-watching tour in Iceland is among the most exciting and memorable things you can do. You can easily book such tours from locations such as Hosavik. You can witness several species of whales, including the beautiful minke and humpback whales.

Enjoy Horse Riding: Horse riding along the seashore is another amazing thing to do in Iceland. The best part is, you can do such tours even if you don’t have horse riding skills.

Other Tips for Planning a Memorable Tour Abroad from India

We have discussed the top countries to visit in March. Following are some extra tips to make your trip safe and successful:

Plan Your Itinerary Beforehand

It doesn't matter if you are travelling within the country or going on an international trip; always plan your itinerary in advance to avoid any inconvenience. This will help you make the most of your trip and prevent you from making uninformed decisions.

Book Accommodations in Advance

Always book your accommodations and other tickets in advance. This is not only cost-effective but also saves you a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted in searching for the right hotel or resort on the spot.

Visit During Off-season

Here is a wonderful tip for budget travellers: always plan your tour during the off-peak season. This is a time when flights and accommodations are very cheap compared to the peak season.

Carry Necessary Documents

Take your time to know about all the necessary documents you are required to carry. Some of these documents may vary depending on the country you are visiting, but most of them include an identity card, travel insurance plan, health insurance, visa and passport, and so on.

Final Thoughts

There are many countries where you can plan a trip from India. However, the ones listed in this blog are by far the best ones to visit during March.

Since March is the off-peak season in most of the above-mentioned countries, you don’t have to worry about tourist crowds. On top of that, travelling during this time will be highly cost-effective due to the low season.

Our job here is done. Now, it's your turn to make up your mind and start planning your trip right away!

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Besides being a mandatory requirement, a travel insurance plan comes in very handy in dealing with unexpected expenses and legal troubles arising in a foreign land. In such scenarios, you can make a travel insurance claim and get compensated for your losses and damages.

So, alongside planning your itinerary and booking your flights, purchase suitable travel insurance online from Tata AIG.


Which is the best country for a honeymoon in March from India?

Italy, France, and Switzerland are among the best honeymoon destinations to visit in March from India.

I have a very tight budget. What is the cheapest country I can visit from India in March?

Bhutan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam are some of the cheapest countries you can travel to from India in March. Moreover, if you plan a trip during the off-peak season, you can travel to many more countries in a budget-friendly manner.

Which country has shoulder season in March?

Most European countries have a shoulder season in March. This is the time between off-peak and peak tourist season.

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