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Dubai is a marvel of human creation, boasting luxury at every turn. From the iconic Burj Khalifa to thoughtfully designed urban areas, artificial beaches with golden sands, and various luxurious attractions, Dubai provides a wealth of experiences for its visitors.

For witnessing unparalleled human engineering and creativity, Dubai is the ultimate destination. This city is a perfect blend of luxury and culture.

If you are considering exploring this extraordinary city with your loved ones, take note of the weather conditions. Dubai, situated in a desert, experiences extreme weather, so it is crucial to plan your trip wisely.

Before booking your tickets, it is essential to understand the best period to visit Dubai. We will guide you through the Dubai tourism seasons to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Best Period to Visit Dubai

The Dubai peak season falls between November and March. The weather during these months is pleasant, with January and February laden with slight rain and thunderstorms.

Moreover, it is the best time to visit Dubai for shopping as the Dubai Shopping Festival takes place during these months. Thus, you can grab some excellent deals on electronics, top-notch brands, and gold.

The perfect time to visit Dubai may vary depending on individual preferences and desired experiences. No matter your preferences, we have got you covered. Here is a detailed month-by-month breakdown of Dubai, offering valuable insights for planning your trip.

Dubai in the Twelve Months

Dubai in January

Dubai in January offers delightful weather, with temperatures around 20 degrees, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Consider bringing a light jacket or mild winter clothing, especially when travelling with kids.

For shopping enthusiasts, January is a treat as it marks the continuation of the Dubai Shopping Festival, which starts in December and ends in January.

During this time, malls and shopping destinations host exciting sales, providing ample opportunities for an enjoyable shopping spree.

Events and Places: Global Village, New Year Events across Dubai, and Dubai Shopping Festival.

Temperature: 20°C approximately

Reason to Visit: The weather conditions start becoming pleasant and ample outdoor activities exist.

Note: Carry slightly warm clothes, especially while travelling across the deserts at night.

Dubai in February

As February arrives, the temperature starts to rise, steering in a perfect time for outdoor activities and attractions. Consider visiting Atlantis's enchanting lost world at The Palm, Jumeirah, in your itinerary.

Enjoy a refreshing dip at Dubai's inviting beaches as the waters become warmer.

Remember that February marks Dubai's rainy season, so it is advisable to pack an umbrella and rain supplies for unexpected showers.

Events and Places: Global Village, Dubai beaches, Lost World at The Palm

Temperature: 21°C approximately

Reason to Visit: The weather is pleasant compared to the entire year. The days are sunny, and the evenings are comparatively cool.

Note: Do not forget to pack your rain equipment and swimwear to enjoy Dubai at its most.

Dubai in March

Your visit to Dubai remains incomplete without indulging in a traditional desert safari. March is often considered an ideal month to embark on this adventure with your loved ones.

Dubai desert safaris blend cultural experiences such as belly dance shows with exhilarating activities like dune bashing.

The thrilling dune-bashing activity is typically followed by an evening comprising exotic music, delectable cuisine, and extravagant entertainment.

Events and Places: Dubai Desert Safari, Global Village

Temperature: 24°C approximately

Reason to Visit: This time marks spring transforming into the start of summer, and the weather is ideal for outdoor activities like desert safaris.

Note: Do not forget to explore the beaches as the sun does not reach its scorching self, and the experience can be enjoyable.

Dubai in April

Dubai experiences hot temperatures in April due to its location on the Persian Gulf.

It is mostly warm, with around 10 hours of sunshine daily. The average daytime temperature hovers around 29 degrees, while nights are moderately warm. The rainfall is infrequent, reaching up to 10mm is possible.

While the days get progressively warmer, the good news is that it does not become scorching, allowing a comfortable stay. Overall, April is an excellent time to unwind in Dubai, so pack your essentials and enjoy a relaxing visit.

Events and Places: Global Village

Temperature: 24°C approximately

Reason to Visit: Warm days and pleasant evenings enable you to enjoy the beaches.

Note: Summers are set to begin in the following month; therefore, do not forget to carry your summer gear, including sunscreen, shades, wet wipes, etc.

Dubai in May

May, part of Dubai's low season, brings scorching temperatures, making it ideal for a laid-back trip. However, do not forget to carry precautions like hats, sunscreen, and staying hydrated.

You should avoid stepping out in the afternoons. Instead, you can explore the malls, cafes, and restaurants during these hours.

Additionally, if you want to go to the beaches, make evening plans.

Events and Places: Most events are closed this month. Therefore, you can plan to visit the attractions, including Burj Khalifa, Dhow Cruise, Future Museum, water parks, etc.

Temperature: 32°C approximately

Reason to Visit: The weather is fairly warm, making it a suitable time to explore the famous water parks of Dubai.

Note: Do not forget to put on the sunscreen before stepping out.

Dubai in June

If you are looking for the cheapest time to visit Dubai, it has to be the scorching summer months. As the heat rises, the outdoor activities begin to slow down.

Instead, you can indulge in indoor activities like skiing at the Ski World in Dubai's Mall of the Emirates. Ensure to carry loose, light, and cotton clothing while traveling to Dubai this month.

Events and Places: Consider visiting waterparks and other airconditioned attractions. Dubai features endless indoor attractions and activities.

Temperature: 34°C approximately

Reason to Visit: This month is preferred if you prefer a laid-back vacation time with your loved ones.

Note: Keep yourself hydrated, wear light and loose clothes, and try staying indoors when the sun is at its peak.

Dubai in July

July starts to peak with the summer heat and it is a great month to travel to Dubai for budget travellers. If you are mindful of factors like staying hydrated, dressing light, and planning a wise itinerary, you can enjoy Dubai even in the hottest months.

Events and Places: Water parks like Wild Wadi, Dubai Mall, Al Seef indoor market, and other attractions.

Temperature: 36°C approximately

Reason to Visit: If you are planning to visit with kids, then you can make most of the summer vacations on a budget. There will be cheap travel and accommodation facilities for tourists.

Note: Keep yourself hydrated, wear light clothes, and plan your trip with the afternoons indoors.

Dubai in August

August might bring in temperatures soaring as high as 50 degrees. Hence, consider refraining from travelling to Dubai in August, but take every precaution possible if you must.

You can relish warm summer evenings by the waters, whether the beach, the creeks, or the Burj Fountain's vicinity. August is the prime month to exercise excellent deals on hotels and restaurants.

Events and Places: You can organize your plans based on what is practical and suits you and your family.

Temperature: 37°C approximately

Reason to Visit: Everything is available at cheap rates

Note: Travel with all the precautions required for a scorching summer vacation.

Dubai in September

While the temperature decreases in September, it remains hot. Numbers exceeding 35 degrees and significant humidity make it uncomfortable to be outdoors.

Despite the heat, you can still relish the beachside experience. Dubai offers a range of public and private beaches for exploration, so aim to visit when the weather is relatively cooler.

Events and Places: Dubai often hosts events in September, like golf tournaments, tennis championships, and other contests.

Temperature: 35°C approximately

Reason to Visit: For those inclined towards cultural experiences, shopping, indoor activities, and a more laid-back travel experience, September is an excellent month to visit Dubai. In addition, it also offers cost savings.

Note: Stay hydrated and use ample sunscreen

Dubai in October

The climate conditions become cooler, and the big summer numbers drop from 45-50 degrees to a bearable 28-30 degrees.

While the days remain hot at the peak hours, the evenings are relatively cool, making it great to step out and explore. Therefore, you can indulge in indoor activities in the daytime and experience Dubai's nightlife at night.

October marks the beginning of the renowned Global Village event, which continues its festivities until approximately April.

Events and Places: Global Village and other tourist destinations.

Temperature: 30°C approximately

Reason to Visit: The winters start in October, marking the tourist season in Dubai.

Note: The sun rises nearly ten hours a day, but the heat is not as extreme as during the peak summer months.

Dubai in November

The best weather to visit Dubai for honeymooners falls from November to March. Everything is favourable in these months in Dubai, from shopping and sun to sand and fun.

The newlyweds can engage in the beautiful charm of a winter honeymoon in Dubai. They can experience the vibrant nightlife, indulge in delectable meals at top-notch restaurants, and unwind in some of the world's finest hotels.

Events and Places: Ripe market, Global Village

Temperature: 26°C approximately

Reason to Visit: The renowned Dubai events begin to start in and from November. In addition, the weather is favourable for tourists.

Note: With the start of winter in Dubai, you may want to carry slightly warm clothes, especially if you have kids and older travellers.

Dubai in December

The biggest shopping festival in the world takes place in Dubai. It occurs during December and January, known as the Dubai Shopping Festival. During this time, shopping enthusiasts can enjoy extensive shopping before immersing themselves in Dubai's rejuvenating dining scenes.

Events and Places: Global Village, Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Mall

Temperature: 21°C approximately

Reason to Visit: Exploring Dubai is perfect in December with its cool weather, numerous events, and everything open for exploration. Dubai's extravagant New Year festivities are an added delight during this time.

Note: Pack your winter clothes and prepare for cooler nights and evenings.

Temperature and Weather Conditions in Dubai

Seasons for Travel Minimum/Maximum Temperatures Weather Conditions
June to August 33 – 42 degree Celsius Summers - Hot
September to October 25 – 38 degree Celsius Transition Period
November to March 17 – 30 degree Celsius Winters – A hint of rain with pleasant weather conditions.
April and May 26 – 38 degree Celsius Transition Period

**Dubai in winter - November to March

Here are the attractions you must watch out to explore in Dubai in the winter months.

  • Dubai Design Week begins, celebrating creativity in the community.

2nd December marks the freedom of the Emirates from Britain, celebrated with events and remembrance.

  • Dubai International Film Festival attracts stars and showcases cinematic talent.

  • Dubai Rugby Seasons begins, where you can witness competition among 16 international rugby teams.

  • Dubai's New Year celebrations are always the talk of the town.

  • Dubai Shopping Festival offers unbelievable sales and discounts and attracts nearly 2 million tourists.

  • Dubai Golf Tournament and Dubai Marathon feature top athletes, keeping the energy high.

  • Ongoing sports events include the annual Jazz Festival, Art Shows, the International Boat Show, and the World Cup in horse racing.

**Dubai in summer - June to August

Despite the scorching summer temperatures that often limit outdoor activities, Dubai does not shut down completely during summer.

  • The city comes alive with the Dubai Summer Surprises festival, a vibrant and entertaining 10-week event. Each week is dedicated to a unique theme, celebrating various aspects, including food, nature, and art.

  • This festival ensures that residents and visitors enjoy a lively atmosphere, even amid the summer heat.

**Dubai in September to October and April to May/(Transition Months)

Here are the attractions you must explore in Dubai in the transition period.

  • Dubai Food Festival begins, and tourists can indulge in an extravagant culinary experience. It features cooking demos, celebrity chefs, restaurant discounts, and delicious food.

  • 5-day music festival highlighting the best in rock, pop, Latin, and Arabian music.

  • Dubai International Dance Festival brings exceptional dance troupes to the city.

  • Camel Racing season starts, attracting participants from Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

To Conclude

As with any international travel, obtaining a visa is necessary when travelling from India to Dubai. Many countries offer a visa on arrival for Indian passport holders, simplifying the travel process.

However, this is not the case if you are travelling to Dubai. If you travel to Dubai from India, you must apply for the passport in advance.

Along with a Dubai visa for Indians, having travel insurance becomes essential. A travel insurance policy safeguards your travel plans, providing benefits in case of unforeseen events in a foreign land.

If you are planning international travel and seeking an ideal travel insurance plan, visit the Tata AIG website for various options. Here, you can access the round-the-clock customer assistance available for further support.


What is the -best time to visit Dubai from India?

November to February are the best months to visit Dubai as the weather is pleasant and many tourist activities exist.

What months in Dubai are too hot?

Months from June to August are the hottest because of the scorching temperatures that may reach 40 to 50 degrees.

What are the most expensive months to visit Dubai?

The peak months, from November to April, are the most expensive months to visit Dubai.

How long a trip should I plan for Dubai?

Ideally, you would require a minimum of 4 to 5 days to explore the major attractions of Dubai. However, you can extend it if you wish to explore the other nooks and corners of the city.

What is the ideal time to visit Dubai for shopping?

It would be best if you visited Dubai between December and January to take benefit of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

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