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Nestled in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius boasts a tropical climate, offering beautiful sun-kissed weather that makes it an attractive tourist spot. Renowned for its lavish hotels and resorts, providing a luxurious stay, the island attracts tourists every year. It is an ideal vacation spot for those seeking a pristine beach vacation.

An excellent period to explore Mauritius is from May to December, with cool, dry, and sunny weather. The ideal tropical climate draws visitors from around the globe to relish a relaxed beach getaway. Alongside sunbathing, you can indulge in various water sports such as surfing.

Despite the island nation featuring an inviting climate throughout the year, there are important considerations about its weather before you pack for your vacation.

Here is a guide on selecting the best time to visit Mauritius, considering factors like tourist crowds, budget, and weather to maximise your experience in this island paradise.

Best Time to Visit Mauritius

The climate in Mauritius remains delightful throughout the year, allowing pleasant visits at any time.

However, for a specific experience, consider planning your trip between May and December to enjoy the pleasant, cool, dry weather and sunny days on the beaches.

Mauritius offers more than just sandy shores, with opportunities to explore pristine flora and exotic fauna. You can indulge in activities like biking, hiking, and snorkelling to explore the wilderness.

Now, let us discuss what period might not fall amidst Mauritius' peak season:

  • Avoid the island during peak summer, winter, and windy seasons to avoid inconsistent temperature conditions.

  • The holiday season between December and January attracts many tourists, making it overcrowded or a less favourable time to visit, based on your preferences.

  • Consider planning your intimate island getaway during the off-season or shoulder period for a more peaceful and pocket-friendly vacation.

Best Season to Visit Mauritius

The ideal Mauritius tourism season, or the best season to visit Mauritius, lies between December and January. During this time of the year, the island is lively, welcoming tourists worldwide. Here is a sneak peek into the Mauritius tourism seasons:

The peak season: The peak season for this island destination is from December to January. During this time, visitors from the northern hemisphere flock to the island in significant numbers. They intend to escape freezing temperatures and celebrate a warmer New Year's Eve and Christmas with family and friends. Flight and accommodation fares rise during these two peak tourism months. However, the vibrant atmosphere can be worth the expense if you have a bigger budget.

The shoulder season: March, April, October, and November fall under the off or shoulder season. Mauritius doesn't witness many tourists during this time of the year. You may grab some attractive deals on hotels, resorts, and restaurants compared to the peak period.

The low season: May to September is considered the low season. This could be the perfect time to visit Mauritius, particularly if you are on a limited budget.

A Monthly Guide to Visiting Mauritius

Here is a monthly organized by month to help you plan your vacation in Mauritius.

January in Mauritius

January marks the start of summer in Mauritius. The initial week of the month still remains crowded with post-New Year and Christmas visitors. But the crowd begins to disappear due to cyclone alerts and the rising temperatures. This is the best time of year for Mauritius if you wish to soak in the sun on the stunning Mauritius beaches.

Even though there can be some rain, it does not last long, and you can enjoy your beach vacation in peace.

Temperatures: 25 to 44 Degrees Celsius

February in Mauritius

February in Mauritius shares weather conditions similar to January, characterized by high temperatures and hot, humid days. The likelihood of cyclones decreases during this month. While there may be occasional rains, they are typically brief.

After the showers, the skies clear up, creating a pleasant atmosphere. February is an excellent time for a relaxed vacation, as the departing crowds result in fewer tourists.

Additionally, flight and lodging prices begin to decrease, making it an opportune time to plan an affordable holiday in Mauritius.

Temperatures: 25 to 33 Degrees Celsius

March in Mauritius

March is an excellent time for a Mauritius visit. The weather remains hot, with a slight chance of rain, but that does not significantly impact your plans.

With fewer tourists, you can leisurely explore the island, enjoy the beautiful sun-kissed beaches, and relax with your herd in a more secluded setting.

The warm water during the summer makes it an ideal time for diving, offering opportunities to witness various fascinating sea creatures. In addition, you can also indulge in other water sporting activities of your choice.

Temperatures: 25 to 33 Degrees Celsius

April in Mauritius

April marks the last summer month in Mauritius. It is characterized by constant heat and humidity. The likelihood of rainfall diminishes compared to preceding months, offering favourable conditions for engaging in water sports during the mornings and evenings.

As the sun sets, temperatures experience a dip, creating a more pleasant atmosphere. The temperatures can drop to around 16 degrees.

To ensure comfort in the scorching heat, it is advisable to pack lightweight cotton clothing for your visit to Mauritius during this period. Also, as Easter approaches, it can get a bit crowded this month.

Temperatures: 25 to 33 Degrees Celsius

May in Mauritius

If a beach vacation is your goal and you are seeking the best weather to go to Mauritius, then May is the time for you.

Winters are just about to begin this time of the year, and the average high is about 27 degrees Celsius. This is an ideal temperature for a beach vacation if you consider the weather.

May marks the off-season in Mauritius, allowing you to explore the island with fewer visitors and cost-effective deals on flights and lodgings. Evenings maintain a pleasant warmth, with temperatures cooling to about 19 degrees Celsius.

The sea temperature remains inviting at 26ºC, creating ideal conditions for swimming and other water activities. Therefore, mark your calendars for May if you are looking for the best time to visit Mauritius from India to escape the summer heat.

Temperatures: 18 to 24 Degrees Celsius

June in Mauritius

Despite technically being winter, June is comparatively warmer and pleasant. With the trade winds coming into play, the weather conditions can become windy, mostly in Mauritius's southern and eastern parts.

The month witnesses fewer tourists, with the days being sunny and humid. June features the best weather to go to Mauritius for surfing enthusiasts worldwide. Plus, you can grab some excellent deals on hotels and flight prices.

With the dip in the prices across the country for tourism-related offerings, you can also mark it as one of the cheapest months to travel to Mauritius.

Temperatures: 18 to 24 Degrees Celsius

July in Mauritius

July extends Mauritius's pleasing weather, making it an ideal time for visitors from India. Choosing beach locations on the north and west sides of the island is recommended to avoid extensive windy conditions prevailing in the southern and eastern parts.

This strategic selection ensures a more sheltered and enjoyable experience amid the island's stunning flora and fauna.

Temperatures: 18 to 24 Degrees Celsius

August in Mauritius

August in Mauritius witnesses no rains and milder temperatures, making it ideal for people seeking sunny days and cooler evenings. Even though the days are warm, there is no intense heat, enabling you to enjoy your days to the fullest.

While planning an itinerary this month, it is better to plan your stay on the western and northern coast of the island. Tourism is not recommended in the southern and eastern regions due to the impact of harsh winds.

Overall, you can visit Mauritius in August if you wisely plan your itinerary.

Temperatures: 18 to 24 Degrees Celsius

September in Mauritius

Mauritius is pleasant and travel-worthy in September. The temperatures are on the rise, and the weather is dry. The weather conditions are neither too cold nor too hot, making it the perfect balance for a beach vacation.

The daylight lasts for longer periods, and the trade winds soon begin to fade off. This makes the beaches more tourist-friendly towards the month's end.

Though September is still a low season, it is a great month to travel to Mauritius for budget tourists. If you enjoy adventure activities such as water windsurfing, skiing, and kayaking, this is an excellent time to visit Mauritius, as the ocean remains calm and peaceful during this month.

Temperatures: 18 to 24 Degrees Celsius

October in Mauritius

October is an excellent month to explore the island nation of Mauritius. It offers warm and pleasant temperatures, making it an ideal choice for a beach holiday. Being another dry month in the country, October can be labelled as the best time to visit Mauritius for favourable weather conditions. As the surfing season ends during this period, you can expect warmer and drier weather, particularly in the west and north. The sea temperature is around 24 degrees Celsius, and humidity remains moderate.

Temperatures: 18 to 24 Degrees Celsius

November in Mauritius

November marks the rise in temperature and humidity. This often can cause rains, typically towards the month's end. While the inside of the island remains hot, the coasts keep you cool, thanks to the cool sea breeze.

As the western and northern Mauritius feature massive mountains, you can experience warm and dry weather in these country regions.

Temperatures: 18 to 24 Degrees Celsius

December in Mauritius

During this month, temperatures steadily rise, reaching an average of 25 degrees Celsius. The warm weather is ideal for beach vacations, offering ample opportunities for water sports and leisurely activities along the coasts.

While the evenings bring cooler temperatures, the month witnesses a surge in tourism due to Christmas and New Year festivities. With heavy tourist traffic, flight and accommodation rates are likely to increase.

Additionally, it is a rainy month with increasing humidity levels. However, the rainfall is typically short, followed by clear skies.

Temperatures: 18 to 24 Degrees Celsius

Best Time to Visit Mauritius for Honeymoon

As the weather in Mauritius is pleasant throughout the year, honeymooners can visit the destination anytime.

While speaking of the weather, the newlyweds can enjoy Mauritius from May to December. Most of the period between these months falls into the off-season period, making it an excellent time for a secluded vacation.

The beaches now are less crowded, so the newly wedded couples can enjoy the privacy they seek.

To get more specific, May is the perfect month as it marks the start of winter, and the weather is ideal. You can travel to Mauritius in October if you seek a budget-friendly honeymoon.

Most Expensive Time to Visit Mauritius

December and January are the most expensive times to visit Mauritius. Tourists flock to Mauritius in December and January to celebrate New Year and Christmas. These months are great for holidays because of the festive atmosphere.

Plan and be ready to spend more on hotels and flights during this peak season. Despite the higher costs, celebrating the holiday season in Mauritius is a special experience.

Best Time to Visit Mauritius for Diving

Diving in Mauritius is normally possible throughout the year, except during the cyclone-prone months of January and February. The best time for diving is during summer, particularly between March and April. Another good period is October to December, although the waters might be slightly cooler.

Snorkelling is more affordable than diving to explore the island's underwater wonders. The optimal time for snorkelling is from November to April, although it can be enjoyed year-round. Early morning hours are recommended for the best snorkelling experience, as marine life retreats when tourist activity increases later in the day.


Before planning your trip to Mauritius, taking care of certain details, such as getting a visa, is essential. If you are booking through a travel agency, discuss this with them. If you prefer planning independently, research and make arrangements for visa applications.

Mauritius provides a visa on arrival for Indians, so you don’t have to apply for a visa beforehand and can plan a last-minute trip to Mauritius as well.

Planned or last-minute, another crucial aspect of travelling to a foreign country like Mauritius is having travel insurance.

While travelling abroad, you may fall prey to uncertain and unforeseen circumstances like theft, misplaced luggage, broken luggage, and others. In such situations, it is essential to have a travel insurance policy that can help you recover the loss incurred.

You can connect with Tata AIG insurance experts available 24*7. To explore and purchase a suitable travel insurance policy, visit the Tata AIG website and choose from multiple options.


What is the rainy season in Mauritius?

The rainy season in Mauritius falls between December and April.

What is the cheapest time to visit Mauritius?

The period between May and September is the cheapest time to visit Mauritius.

When should you go to Mauritius?

You can visit Mauritius anytime during the year. However, you can decide based on your budget and other preferences.

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