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Are you looking to visit a country with the perfect balance between historical and modern culture? If yes, South Korea is the right destination for you. It is an East Asian nation known for its hilly countryside, boasting beautiful cherry trees, ancient Buddhist temples, mesmerising K-pop music, delectable cuisines, and much more.

It also has remarkable coastal villages for fishing, sub-tropical islands, and tech-savvy cities such as Seoul. Therefore, if you want to have a colourful travel experience, South Korea is the place for you.

When planning a trip to this diverse country, you must be aware of the best time to visit South Korea. It will help you have the most pleasant experience. South Korea has a diverse climate, which consists of four main seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Though there is no best season to visit this beautiful country, each season has a distinct charm to offer to the tourists.

In this article, we will explore the best time of the year to visit South Korea!

Which is The Best Time to Visit South Korea?

The best time to visit South Korea may vary from person to person as every season and month has a distinct character that may appeal to some visitors more than others. You can also plan your visit based on the festivals that take place in the country.

Yeouido Spring Flower Festival in South Korea is a beautiful festival for tourists who want to witness cherry blossoms. The festival takes place in mid-April every year when spring flowers such as azaleas, forsythia, royal azaleas, and others are in full bloom.

If you visit South Korea in November, you can see the Seoul Lantern Festival. The festival takes place from the first Friday to the third Sunday in November, during which, visitors can see impressive lantern structures on the stretch of Cheonggyecheon Stream.

The Iconic Boryeong Mud Festival takes place 200 km south of Seoul in the town of Boryeong, making it the best time to visit Seoul. Millions of visitors flock to the town to enjoy mud wrestling, mud swimming, and mud-sliding, which is conducted in mid-July.

The best time to visit South Korea is considered to be the spring (April, May, June) and autumn (September, October, November) seasons, as the days are sunny and dry with comfortable temperatures.

However, these seasons are also peak seasons as many tourists prefer visiting the county at this time, making the place expensive to travel and stay.

If you want to avoid the tourist rush, you can consider visiting South Korea from June to August. Though the weather is hot and humid, sudden rains lash the country. June to August is also the best time for beach tourism, enjoying various festivals, and indulging in water park games.

A Monthly Guide to Visiting South Korea

January in South Korea

January is the peak of winter in South Korea, and the amount of snowfall is the highest around this time. The tourist places are relatively quiet as the areas are covered in blankets of snow. However, the winter makes it the best time to experience snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and others.

February in South Korea

February is also wintertime in South Korea, with very low temperatures throughout the month. You can plan to visit the ski resorts Alpensia and Yongpyong. The Korean New Year also falls in January or February.

The giant Jeju Fire Festival, fireworks, and K-pop concerts on Jeju islands take place in late February or early March. So, if you want to witness these festivals, you can take a trip around this time.

March in South Korea

The winter slowly begins to withdraw during March, though the weather is still chilly and dry. Visitors may witness the Jeju Fire Festival and can indulge in snow sports and activities.

April in South Korea

April is the best month to visit South Korea, as it is the beginning of the Spring season. The snow melts away, and you can witness the splendid sight of cherry blossoms. As this is the peak season, the tourist spots are busy. Besides, the yellow dust from the Gobi desert surrounds South Korea, which can be troublesome for people with allergies.

May in South Korea

Visitors will enjoy the weather in South Korea in May, as the temperature is pleasant and the outdoors is sunny. It is the best time to enjoy outdoor sports such as mountain climbing, trekking, etc. Visitors can also enjoy the Yeon Deung Hoe Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul.

June in South Korea

As June begins, tourists start leaving South Korea. Although it is the rainy season, the rainfall is minimal, making it an ideal time to visit the country if you want to escape the crowd and enjoy a great outdoor time.

July in South Korea

July is the wettest month in South Korea, with torrential rains expected. Though travelling can be a challenge, it is the best time to enjoy water sports and beach time.

August in South Korea

If you are a beach lover, August is the season to visit South Korea, as it is the summer season. This is the holiday season for schools in Korea, so you can see a surge in domestic travel. Also, the shops, tourist sites, and restaurants will be crowded.

September in South Korea

During September, the weather is still hot, but the crowds retreat as the schools head for a new session. Autumn gradually sets in as the month passes. If you want to visit South Korea in September, you can enjoy the coastal resorts around Busan or Seoraksan.

October in South Korea

It is one of the best times to visit South Korea, as the autumn colours do their magic. You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and also see the Busan Fireworks Festival.

November in South Korea

November witnesses mild temperatures and scanty rainfall, making it a pleasant time to visit South Korea. Tourists can see the bright Seoul Lantern Festival and enjoy the weather in the mountainous region of Songnisan National Park. The temperature in South Korea in November ranges from 7 degrees Celsius to 19 degrees Celsius.

December in South Korea

The temperature begins to drop in December, but the winter is not extreme. Visiting South Korea in December can give you an opportunity to attend the Seongsan Sunrise Festival on Jeju Island.

Best Season to Visit South Korea

If you are looking forward to a trip to the land of Kimchi, here is a season-wise breakup so you can figure out when is the best time of the year to visit South Korea. This section will provide you with all the season wise details, allowing you to learn how the weather is, what prices to expect, how much crowd to expect, etc.

Peak Season in South Korea

The peak season in Korea is from March to May, which is also the spring season. The weather is delightful and favourable, and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom all around. The temperature is also stable and ranges from 11 degrees to 27 degrees Celsius.

It is a popular time among tourists to visit South Korea as the landscapes can be seen changing colour and outdoor activities are at their peak.

The autumn season also witnesses good tourist footfall as the season changes and the surroundings turn picturesque.

Pros of visiting during the peak season

The weather is pleasant.

Watching the cherry blossoms bloom is a sight to behold for the tourists.

Visitors can enjoy plenty of festivals and experience South Korea’s culture. Some festivals are the Lotus Lantern Festival, the Seoul Jazz Festival, and the Taean Tulip Festival.

You can enjoy the hospitality and culture to its fullest.

Cons of visiting during the peak season

The tourist places may be overcrowded.

You may have to pay high prices for accommodation and flight fares.

All the bookings must be done in advance as the hotels and flights may get full at the end moment.

Shoulder Season in South Korea

The onset of the summer season (July to August) is considered the shoulder season in South Korea due to high humidity and rainfall. During this season, tourist footfall is less, and tourists start returning to their countries to escape the harsh weather.

However, the shoulder season is also an excellent time to enjoy a peaceful country getaway and explore the places at your own pace and convenience.

Pros of visiting during the shoulder season

Since the tourist influx is less than the peak season, you can get decent deals on airfares and accommodations.

It is the rainy season in South Korea, so you can enjoy adventurous water sports.

Cons of visiting during the shoulder season

August is the holiday season in South Korea, which means there will be more local crowds.

Since torrential rains are expected, travelling to places can be challenging.

Off-Season in South Korea

The winter season in South Korea is an off-season due to extremely low temperatures that fall below zero degrees. It lasts from December to March, when the tourists are least in number. On the Southern coast and Jeju Island, the day temperature is moderate. However, evenings are incredibly chilly.

Pros of visiting during the off-season

Airfares and hotel costs are the lowest, allowing you to save money.

Winter is the best season to enjoy snowboarding and skiing.

Tourist spots are relatively empty, allowing you to enjoy them thoroughly.

Cons of visiting during the off-season

The winter season can be icy and not bearable for everyone.

All activities and tourist spots may not be functional.


Before you plan your itinerary, it is essential to know the best time to visit South Korea. This information helps you choose the most appropriate time according to your preferences. Note that Indians who want to visit South Korea must apply for a visa and also have a valid passport.

Another essential document to carry is international travel insurance. Since health emergencies and other unfortunate events can occur at any time, having a travel insurance policy keeps you secure under all circumstances.

You can rely on Tata AIG for overseas travel insurance as it protects you under various circumstances, such as loss of luggage, passport, flight cancellation, medical emergencies, etc.

Having a travel insurance cover is essential to navigate through unforeseen circumstances on a foreign land! You can make the most of your trip while Tata AIG keeps you secure.


Which are the top tourist places in South Korea?

Some of the must-visit tourist places in South Korea are

N Seoul Tower

Namiseom Island

Lotte World


Which is the cheapest month to travel to South Korea?

October is the cheapest month to book an air ticket if you want to visit South Korea.

What is the most famous cuisine in South Korea?

Bibimbap is a famous dish in South Korea. It consists of cooked rice, carrots, mushrooms, and pickled Chinese radish served in a hot stone bowl.

What is the currency used in South Korea and what is the exchange rate?

The national currency used in South Korea is South Korean Won. The exchange rate of the currency changes from time to time depending on various factors.

Which languages are spoken in South Korea?

Korean is the official language of South Korea. In addition to Korean, English, Japanese, and Mandarin are also spoken.

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