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Cambodia Visa Fees for Indians

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 26/03/2024

Located in the southeastern part of Asia, Cambodia is a country rich in culture, heritage, and beautiful beaches. This beauty attracts several Indian tourists every year, and you can also have this experience after getting a Cambodia visa.

However, to get the visa, you need to fulfil the Cambodia visa requirements, pay the required fees, and prepare the necessary documents. Here, you will learn all this information for smooth Cambodia visa processing.

Do Indian Travellers Need a Cambodia Visa

Yes, Indian citizens planning to visit Cambodia require a visa to enter the country. As India is not on the list of visa-exempted countries in Cambodia, you need to apply for a Cambodia visa before you visit the country.

You can apply for a visa online by paying the Cambodia e-visa cost. The Cambodian government provides e-visas as a digital facility to simplify the visa application process for foreign visitors.

Does Cambodia Offer Visa-On-Arrival for Indians?

Yes, Cambodia provides the facility of on-arrival visas to Indians. They need to pay Cambodia on-arrival visa fees for Indians after they land at the airport in Cambodia. However, it is highly recommended that you apply for e-visa before you arrive in the country to avoid any inconvenience in case your visa-on-arrival application gets rejected.

You can get your visa-on-arrival from any of these airports in Cambodia: Siem Reap International Airport, Phnom Penh International Airport and Sihanoukville International Airport

Types and Visa Charges for Cambodia

Cambodia Type T Visa

Type T or Tourist visa is issued to individuals who want to visit and stay in Cambodia for tourism purposes. It is a short-stay visa that one can get by paying Cambodia tourist visa fees for Indians. Remember, during your visit under this visa you can only engage in tourism activities like sightseeing, adventure activities, etc. Type T visa is sub-categorised into T1, T2, and T3 visas as per their validity.

Visa type Entry Type Validity  Approx. Visa Fees (in $) Approx. Visa Fees (in ₹)
Type T Single-entry 3 months 36 ₹2981
Type T1 Multiple-entry 1 year 40 ₹3312.5
Type T2 Multiple-entry 2 year 60 ₹4968.7
Type T3 Multiple-entry 3 year 80 ₹6625

Cambodia Type E Visa

Cambodia's Type E visa, or Business visa, allows the holder to enter Cambodia to conduct or participate in any business activity or for employment. However, the individual needs to provide proof of invitation and a valid contract of employment to get this visa. The Type E visa is also sub-categorised into E1, E2, and E3.

Visa type Entry Type Validity  Approx. Visa Fees (in $) Approx. Visa Fees (in ₹)
Type E Single-entry 3 months 42 ₹3478
Type E1 Multiple-entry 1 year 50 ₹4140.6
Type E2 Multiple-entry 2 year 75 ₹6210.9
Type E3 Multiple-entry 3 year 100 ₹8281

Cambodia Type D Visa Cambodia issues a Type D or Transit visa to individuals who are transitioning through the country to another destination.

Visa type Entry Type Validity  Approx. Visa Fees (in $) Approx. Visa Fees (in ₹)
Type D Single-entry 7 days 15 ₹1242

How to Apply for a Cambodia Visa from India?

Online Cambodia Visa Application Process

Step 1: Visit the official Cambodia e-visa website.

Step 2: On the homepage, click on the “Application” tab to get started with your application.

Step 3: Next, fill in the captcha given on the screen and hit “Apply Now”.

Step 4: Now, you need to fill in your Cambodia visa application form carefully after reading all the instructions.

Step 5: Once the application is filled, you need to review the application before payment. Make sure to check for any mistakes or changes that you want to make.

Step 6: Now make payment of your Cambodia visa application fees with the given payment method. Note that your visa fees include other additional charges like processing and stamp fees.

Step 7: Finally, after the payment is done successfully you need to wait to receive your visa.

Offline Cambodia Visa Application

You can get a Cambodia visa by visiting the Embassy of Cambodia in New Delhi, India, in person or by sending your application via mail. Here are the contact details of the Embassy of Cambodia:

Royal Embassy of Cambodia, New Delhi, India
Embassy Address A-1/309, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 110029
Contact Number +91 11 41717136 / 11 41717143
Email Address
Working Days Monday to Friday
Working Hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Documents Required for Cambodia Visa for Indians

Duly filled and signed application form

Valid Indian passport with a validity of at least 6 months

Recent passport size-photographs with 34mm X 45mm dimensions

Confirmed round-trip tickets

Confirmed proof of accommodation for your stay in Cambodia

Copy of passport bio-page

Cambodia visa fees

Proof of finances: bank statement, salary slip, etc.

Cambodia Visa Cost from Cambodia

Visa type Approx. Visa Fees (in $)
Visa Type T (Tourist) 36
Visa Type T1 (Tourist) 40
Visa Type T2 (Tourist) 60
Visa Type T3 (Tourist) 80
Visa Type E (Business) 42
Visa Type E1 (Business) 50
Visa Type E2 (Business) 75
Visa Type E3 (Business) 100
Visa Type D (Transit) 15
Visa Type B (Official) Gratis
Visa Type C (Courtesy) Gratis
Visa Type K (for Khmer people holding a valid foreign passport) Gratis
Validity Extension of Ordinary Passport Gratis

Cambodia Visa Cost for Indian: Cancellation Fees and Overstay Fines

Once you have submitted your application for a Cambodia visa, you need to initiate cancellation within 4 hours of successful visa submission. After the time frame expires, you cannot avail of any refunds on your visa fees even if your application is cancelled.

Overstaying your visa validity is never encouraged. However, if by any mistake you overstay your Cambodia visit by a few days, then you need to pay a fine of $10 per day for overstaying.

You need to pay this fine to the immigration authorities at the airport or by visiting the immigration centre.

Importance of Travel Insurance

Like the rest of the nations, Cambodia made it mandatory for travellers to have travelling insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that conditions are better, the government has relaxed this rule. However, you still require protection.

Having international travel insurance for your Cambodia trip is necessary to protect you against any financial distress or travel emergencies during your trip to a foreign nation. So, while you are preparing to get a Cambodia visa for Indians, also look out for good travel insurance.

With Tata AIG, you can get travel insurance price and benefits like no other. Our travel insurance includes lost baggage coverage, personal liability coverage, and accident and medical emergency expense coverage— all these benefits at a price of ₹40.82 per day.

So, visit the Tata AIG website to get your travel insurance today!

Summing Up

Every Indian traveller must get a Cambodian visa, even if they are staying for a short duration. To do this, you need to apply and pay Cambodia e-visa fees for Indian citizens, which authenticate that you have legally applied for a visa.

With the steps mentioned here, you can quickly get your Cambodia visa. Just remember to apply in advance to avoid any inconvenience, keep all your documents ready, and check that you fulfil other necessary eligibility requirements.

Disclaimer: Your Cambodia visa requirements and visa fees may vary as per individual scenarios or changes in government policies and the latest currency exchange rates. It is advised that you verify details from official sources before proceeding.

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