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Canada Visa Requirements for Indian

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 08/02/2024

Canada is one of the popular destinations for Indians. Many Indians visit Canada every year either for business, studies or for employment. To enter the nation, individuals need to fulfil the Canadian visa requirements for Indians.

There are various visa categories for Canada based on the purpose of the visit. Based on that, Canada visa documents may vary.

Here, in this blog, we will understand all about the checklist of documents required for a Canada tourist visa, visitor visa or other visa.

What are the Canada Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens?

Since there are various visa categories, the Canada visa document checklist may vary. Below is the list of Canada visa requirements for Indian citizens.

Canada General Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Below are the general visa requirements for Indian citizens.

Visa Application Form -Applicants applying for either work, visitor or tourist visas need to fill out the visa application form. The visa application form can be submitted online through the official Canada immigration website. All the information filled in the visa form should be correct and accurate.

Valid Indian Passport - One of the essential Canada visa application documents is the original Indian passport. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the intended travel date. Not just this, individuals need to submit all the passport information, such as passport number, date of expiry and issue, etc, on the visa application form.

Recent Coloured Photographs - Another essential Canada visa requirement for Indians is to have coloured photographs in the suggested format and background.

Civil Certificates -Another Canada visa application document is the submission of civil certificates like marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc.

Proof of Criminal Record - Canada has no tolerance against criminal activities. The applicant needs to present the police clearance certificate as proof of no criminal record against the applicant.

Proof of Good Health - Depending on the visa category, such as for a work visa, applicants need to present the document that proves that they are fit and healthy to work in the country. For the same, applicants need to go through the medical check-up in the authorised hospitals and centres of the visa officials.

Proof of Accommodation - Applicants applying for a Canada visa need to present the accommodation proof at the time of visa application. The document should verify the applicant’s living status once they are in the country for the entire duration. The accommodation documents required for a Canada tourist visa include hotel bookings, Airbnb bookings, etc. Individuals who will be staying with family or relatives should specify their address.

Financial Proof - Another important Canada visa document is the proof of finances, which includes bank statements, FD, shares, etc. This specifies that the applicant has sufficient funds in their bank account to suffice in Canada. Depending on the visa category, there is a minimum bank fund limit from the visa official that individuals need to specify in their visa application.

Return Flight Tickets - Applicants who have been in the country for a short duration need to present the document for their journey tickets. It specifies the applicant will leave the country after a specified period.

Travel History - If the applicant has been in the country for more than one time, then they need to submit their travel history at the time of applying for a visa.

Visa Fee Receipt - All the applicants applying for a Canada visa based on their category need to pay the visa fee, which is non-refundable if the visa gets rejected.

Cover Letter - Applicants need to submit a cover letter with their visa application specifying the purpose of the visit with other necessary information.

Biometric Information - Another essential Canada visa requirement for Indians is submitting biometric information at the Canada visa centres. Individuals need to book appointments in the centre and, on a given date, provide their fingerprints and photos to the officials. In some cases, individuals need to go through the interview process as well.

Canada Tourist Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

The Canada tourist visa documents include:

Travel itinerary

Applicants need to present the complete travel itinerary to officials, specifying everything about their entire trip.

Canada Visitor Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

The Canada visitor visa checklist from India includes:

Sponsorship or Invitation letter

Applicants who are visiting Canada to meet their family members need to submit sponsorship or invitation letters from their friends and family members staying in Canada.

Canada Student Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

The documents required for the Canada student visa application include:

Educational certificates

Applicants need to present all the educational certificates at the time of filling out the visa application form.

College Acceptance Letter

Another crucial document is the acceptance letter from the Canadian institute and university for the applied course.

Canada Work Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

The document checklist for a Canada work visa includes the following:

Employment letter

Applicants need to submit a copy of the offered employment letter from the Canadian company. It should specify the applicant’s job role and designation in the country.

Work experience certificates

Applicants also need to submit the work experience certificate at the time of submitting the Canada visa application.

Canada Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

Below is the list of Canada visa fees for Indians.

Visa Type Fees (In CAD) Fees (in Rupees)
Temporary Residence C$172 ₹10650
Study Permit C$150 ₹9288
Visitor Visa C$100 ₹6192
Visitor Visa (Family) C$500 ₹30961
Work Permit C$155 ₹9598
Open Work Permit C$100 ₹6192

Note: The visa fees are dynamic. It is best to check the official website to verify the exact fees.


Individuals who need to travel to Canada have to fulfil the visa requirement set by the immigration officials. However, the Canada visa documents may vary based on the applied visa category.

Failure to submit the required documents may lead to visa rejection from the authorities. Hence, understanding the visa requirements is crucial for all applicants. It is best to cross-check all the information on their official immigration websites.

Is Travel Insurance Online Mandatory For Canada Visas?

Having international travel health insurance while travelling to Canada is not a mandatory requirement. However, individuals who want to secure their trip from unforeseen circumstances like baggage loss and medical emergencies consider purchasing travel medical insurance.

Tata AIG is a renowned insurance provider that offers tailor-made travel insurance plans to individuals based on their needs. The coverage of travel policy includes flight cancellation insurance, medical emergency, baggage loss, etc. One can buy travel insurance online from our website in just a few steps.


How much bank balance or money is required for a visitor visa in Canada?

Applicants applying for a visitor visa to Canada need to submit a bank statement proving the availability of CAD 6,500 in their accounts. This is the minimum bank balance requirement for getting a Canada visa. This fund specifies that the applicant has sufficient money to sustain their stay in the country.

How long does it take to get a Canada visa?

The Canada visa processing might vary depending on the volume of applications and the efficiency of immigration officials. The study visa for Canada may take up to 8 weeks.

Can individuals apply for a Canada visa online?

The Canada immigration official has made the visa application process easy for individuals by starting the online application process. Individuals can submit the visa application request online from the comfort of their home.


Information last updated Feb 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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