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Which Countries Are Allowing Indian Travellers to Travel Post-COVID?

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  • TATA AIG Team
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  • 09/06/2022

International travel has suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, with most international crossings closed. As the world gains immunity against the virus strains, travellers across the globe put on their boots for globetrotting. With several nations relaxing limitations and a few eliminating them entirely, vacation plans for Indians do not seem far away.

So, if you are planning a vacation abroad and want to know which countries are open for Indian tourists, you are in the right place. Here we will include a list of countries allowing Indian tourists to visit without fear of being quarantined.

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Countries Open for Tourism from India

Listed below are some of the countries open for Indian tourists:

  • Thailand

Thailand is among the top countries allowing Indian tourists. On 1 October 2021, the Government of Thailand opened the nation's borders to international travellers from 18 nations, including India. According to the Republic, fully immunised Indian nationals can seamlessly fly to Thailand and get a visa upon arrival. According to the media outlet, you must apply for a Certificate of Entry to Thailand, which the Thai Consulate or Embassy will issue.

  • Maldives

A slew of influencers and celebrities have paid visits to the Maldives in recent months since the gorgeous island country is one of the few that accepts properly vaccinated Indian guests without the need for quarantine. However, travellers must display their vaccination proof along with a COVID-19 negative report within 96 hours (4 days) of travel.

According to the most recent updates, Indian nationals can take an antigen test if they experience COVID-19 symptoms, as per a 14 March 2022 update. Therefore, this is one of the best countries to travel to from India.

  • Switzerland

If you are wondering which countries are open for Indian tourists, we have the answer. The beautiful nation repealed its travel prohibition in June 2021, allowing Indian nationals to travel without the need to quarantine. Furthermore, those who have been completely immunised with WHO-certified vaccinations are permitted entry to Switzerland. Following a short travel restriction as a result of the Omicron variant, the country is now allowing travellers of all nations, including India.

  • The UAE

The UAE eliminated its travel bans on people who have been completely vaccinated with WHO-certified vaccinations on 12 September 2021. As a result, immunised Indians might go to the UAE without being quarantined. This relaxation was carried out for Expo 2020, which is now taking place in Dubai, according to

Nevertheless, with the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the United Arab Emirates reintroduced its travel restrictions. Indian nationals may now set their foot in Any Dhabi without the need for quarantine. However, those travelling to Dubai are requested to do so, according to the nation's travel portal. This is surely one of the countries open for travel from India.

  • The UK

The United Kingdom has re-opened travel to all citizens, including Indian nationals. In order to increase travel, the nation has reduced all of its coronavirus-related travel restrictions, including isolation, submitting Passenger Locator Forms, wearing masks, and more. This is one of the top choices when it comes to countries to travel from India.

  • European Union countries

Most EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) countries have lifted most travel bans imposed at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, restoring their travel policies to pre-pandemic levels. Italy, Latvia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Czechia, and other countries. These are some of the top countries open for Indian tourists.

  • Turkey

Turkey has abolished the necessary 14-day quarantine period for fully immunised travellers from India or people who spent two weeks in isolation before landing in Turkey, effective 1 September 2021. WHO-certified vaccinations, the Government of Turkey has authorised Sinovac, Sputnik V, and Pfizer-BioNTech.

Covaxin is not recognised; however, the Covishield is, according to the Republic. The laws have been changed to permit fully immunised visitors worldwide to enter the nation without being quarantined. This is one of the most beautiful countries open for tourism from India.

  • Germany

The gorgeous country has lifted all travel limitations for Indian nationals aged 12 and up. However, some requirements must be met, like the immunisation proof, recovery confirmation from COVID-19, and a COVID-19 negative test report. Thus, this is among the top countries allowing Indian tourists.

  • Italy

It's one of the nations that does not need Indian tourists to be quarantined if they have been completely vaccinated within the previous 9 months or have gotten a booster dose since then.

The Indian nationals without the appropriate immunisation documentation should obtain a COVID-19 negative test report before departure. Otherwise, a certificate of recovery from COVID-19 may also work. Without these proofs and documents, visitors need to isolate themselves for 5 days until they undertake an RT-PCR test and are proven negative. This is surely one of the countries open for travel from India.

  • Nepal

Nepal, the Land of Truth, is one of the countries open for travel from India. Here, Indian travellers are not subject to quarantine. Travellers are required to produce a complete vaccination certificate.

However, people with part vaccination may also enter the country with a negative COVID-19 test report issued within 3 days before travel. It makes Nepal one of the very few countries allowing Indian tourists with relatively more flexible COVID 19 protocols. This is surely one of the nearest countries open for travel from India.

  • Belgium

According to Schengen Visa Info, the government has lifted all travel limitations for international and local travellers. In addition, the nation's FPS (Federal Public Service), Food Chain Safety, and Environment, stated that the code yellow, which has been in operation in Belgium since March 2022, will be phased out beginning on 23 May. As a result, visitors from outside the European Union can set their foot in the nation for non-essential activities such as tourism, and test and quarantine regulations have been eliminated.

Indian visitors will also not be required to take out a Passenger Locator Form when entering the country, according to the report. However, if the tourist is from a nation where a new variety has been discovered, they must follow the precautionary steps. Thus, this is among the top countries allowing Indian tourists

  • Japan

Japan, with the tightest border controls, is due to reopen international crossings on 1 June 2022. Beginning 1 June, the government will accept a maximum of 20,000 daily overseas visitors and beginning 10 June, tour groups from 100 nations and areas will be permitted.

According to the Times of India, the nations have been classified into red, yellow, and blue zones, which define mask-wearing and quarantine laws, and tour operators will be responsible for making sure that tourists follow every COVID-19 safety precautions. This is surely one of the top recommendations when it comes to countries open for travel from India.

  • Spain

Unvaccinated people can now pay a visit to Spain if they have documentation of a COVID-19 negative test report. The nation has also reopened its gates to every non-European country, eliminating quarantine and several other restrictions to allow tourists to appreciate the nation's picturesque settings. This is one of the most spectacular countries open for tourism from India.

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