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Domestic Travel Guidelines in India after Coronavirus Lockdown & Tips

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 02/06/2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has made life tougher. On March 24, 2020, the country was put on a lockdown, and the airports were shut down. People were stranded in different cities and struggled to come back home due to the unavailability of conveyance.

However, the government lifted the travel ban partially and resumed flight travel at the end of May 2020. But it was still not anything like before, and travellers had to follow certain necessary Covid-19 norms. In addition, air travel guidelines changed in India after the lockdown, and the government came up with certain latest guidelines for domestic air travel in India.

With this easing of domestic travel restrictions, people started to move around more. Also, domestic travel guidelines in India were rephrased. But even though putting an absolute ban on travelling isn’t easy for the government, they cannot even ensure totally that the travellers are safe from the virus. Hence, a travel insurance policy is advisable. And at Tata AIG, we have some of the most affordable travel plans for our customers.

With a traveller insurance plan from Tata AIG, you will be able to keep your pockets safe if you contract the virus while travelling and need sudden hospitalisation. Covid-19 treatment in a private hospital could be expensive. But with the ease of the online travel insurance claim process these days, you can get compensated with the amount in just a few days.

New Guidelines for Domestic Flights in India

So, is the covid test mandatory for domestic air travel in India? No, it isn’t mandatory. However, you need to be fully vaccinated as the airport officials may ask you for the same. And if you still haven’t travelled by air since the lockdown, here are a few necessary travel guidelines that you need to be aware of:

  • Reaching Airport from Home/Office/Hotel

  • Web check-in on the official website of your airline and download your baggage tags. Take a printout of the tags and paste them on each one of your luggage.

  • You will be allowed to carry only one handbag with one check-in baggage. So, pack only essentials. This is one of the most important domestic air travel guidelines India in covid that you must remember.

  • Do not forget to wear a mask while you enter the airport. Avoid opening your face masks at any time, and you may also be given a PPE kit from the airline while boarding.

  • Ensure reaching the airport at least two hours before your departure. This is because check-in and boarding may take a little longer than usual at present.

  • If you stay in a containment zone or test positive for the coronavirus, you will not be allowed to travel on domestic flights.

  • You should have an updated Arogya Setu app on your phone, with your health data declaring that you are fit to fly.

Thus these are the new guidelines for domestic flights in India that you must know.

  • Guidelines for Security Check and Boarding the Aircraft

Security screening is essential even during such tough times. However, the security personnel are trained to carry out the checking comfortably, without rushing the processes. Here are a few things that come under the domestic air travel guidelines India in covid when it comes to security check-in and boarding:

  • Keep distance from fellow passengers and do not sit on chairs that are marked as ‘not for use’.

  • If you wish to shop around the airport, do follow proper sanitisation and every Covid-19 norm.

  • Dispose of used tissues, gloves, masks, and napkins in the designated disposable bins.

  • While boarding the flight, you need to collect a packet of face masks, face shields and sanitisers from the designated boarding gate.

  • Before boarding, wear your mask and shield and sanitise your hands properly.

  • You can self-scan your boarding pass to limit your contact with the staff members.

  • Avoid rushing while boarding the aircraft in order to maintain social distance.

  • Guidelines for Take-Off and Deboarding the Aircraft

Following certain travel guidelines are necessary even when your flight takes off. Here are a few rules that you need to follow if you wish to keep yourself and your near ones safe from contracting the virus while travelling:

  • Avoid one-on-one interactions with your co-passengers as much as possible.
  • If it’s a short-duration flight, make sure not to use the washroom facilities.
  • Remain seated at one place throughout the flight if possible.
  • You will receive water bottles, but airlines will not serve any pre-cooked meals for now.
  • Once the flight reaches your destination, you will have to de-board, considering the social distancing norms.
  • Use trolleys to carry your luggage only if it’s absolutely necessary since they can carry germs left behind by the last users.

So, now you have the answer to the question: is the covid test mandatory for domestic air travel in India and all the domestic travel guidelines in India that need to be followed.

Unpredictability of Air Travel and the Need of Traveller Insurance

The travel restrictions will be lifted slowly, and we will enter the new normal. However, maintaining social distancing and proper sanitisation would be essential. We cannot predict the virus, and hence, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Similarly, you will never know what you may encounter during your upcoming air travel. Losing luggage, missing a flight, or simply contracting the virus are some of the most common trip-related adversities you may face. And in such conditions, a travel insurance policy from Tata AIG can be of great help!

A robust travel policy from us would be an essential prerequisite for your upcoming domestic air travels. These policies can prove to be extremely handy for preventing you from incurring additional expenses. Also, do not forget to read the latest guidelines for domestic air travel in India before you travel.


Before you travel, you must read and understand is the covid test required for domestic air travel and all the instructions that need to be followed. While a travel insurance policy has always been very important, it has become indispensable. Unfortunately, people never really understood the importance of a traveller insurance plan in the past. However, these policies can even help prevent major financial losses due to several unforeseen alterations in your travel itineraries. So, when are you buying travel insurance for your domestic trips in the future?

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