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Why Insurance is Necessary Even for Domestic Travel?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Last Updated On :
  • 27/09/2023

Irrespective of whether you are vacationing with friends and family, travelling solo, or going out for work, a travel insurance policy is a must-have when you travel. However, the biggest misconception about a travel insurance plan is that it is only required when you leave the country. While it can be obligatory for visa requirements when you go abroad, domestic travel insurance in India is equally important within the country. Emergencies can occur anywhere and when you least expect them. So, being prepared can always benefit you.

If you are not sure how to get domestic travel insurance, visit the Tata AIG website. Here you can easily purchase a travel insurance policy. If something goes wrong on your trip, your travel insurance plan will give you coverage against loss of luggage and other financial liabilities. Here is a list of benefits of purchasing domestic travel insurance in India.

Things Covered Under a Domestic Travel Insurance Plan

Here are some inclusions of domestic travel insurance in India:

  • Cancellation or delay of flights and trains

Flight and train cancellations can be one of the most frustrating things while travelling. It can spoil your itinerary and force you to change your trip schedule. Above all, the costs of booking another flight or train and finding accommodation and food for the extra time can be hassling. Having domestic travel insurance in India can help you cover these expenses so you do not cross your budget and are able to enjoy a safe trip.

Travel insurance also covers flight and train delays due to factors out of anybody’s control, such as unfavourable weather, political unrest, etc. If your flight or train has been delayed by more than five hours and you need to book another one or cover a night’s stay at a hotel, you can claim insurance money to cover the costs of the same.

  • Lost tickets

Many times, you may end up misplacing your tickets or losing them right before you board. This can be a nightmare. A domestic travel insurance plan can reimburse you for the lost tickets, so your money is not lost. This can help you keep the spirit of travelling alive till you get your next booking. You can buy domestic travel insurance online and be financially protected in all of these events.

  • Accidental injuries

An accident while travelling can be a challenging time. A domestic travel insurance plan covers the expenses incurred on the treatment of injuries due to accidents. You also get coverage for per day hospitalisation if you get hospitalised due to injuries caused by an accident depending upon the terms of the policy. Also, emergency medical evacuation to your town or the nearest hospital or town is covered.

  • Covers multiple trips

If you love travelling frequently or need to do so because of work or personal reasons, you can get a travel insurance plan that covers all your trips around the year. Multi-trip annual domestic travel insurance plans let you buy a plan once and cover all your trips throughout the year. This saves time and money and keeps you safe no matter where you go or how often you travel.

  • Personal Liability Benefit

Accidents can take place anytime, anywhere, and there can be an instance where you cause damage or injury to a third party while you are on a trip. With a domestic travel insurance plan, any damage or injury caused to a third party is covered.

Should I Get Travel Insurance for Domestic Flights and Trains?

The simple answer is yes. A domestic travel insurance plan can be your saviour in many diverse types of situations.

Here are some reasons to buy a travel plan:

  • Overall financial protection

Travel insurance offers you complete financial protection no matter where you are. It can help you in a medical emergency, in case of a mishap at the airport or railway station, and even in the event of death. You can entirely depend on your travel insurance plan for all financial woes while travelling.

  • Peace of mind

When you know you have a financial blanket in your hour of need, you are more at ease enjoying your vacation and having the time of your life. Unfortunately, in today’s time, finding time to unravel and travel can be hard enough. Hectic schedules, inflation, and Covid-19 have made most travel enthusiasts wary of travelling. However, a travel insurance policy offers you the chance to travel without any stress or worries.

  • Saves money

Buying a good domestic travel insurance plan is quite affordable. You can get a high cover at relatively low premium rates and enjoy uninterrupted and wholesome coverage for the entire length of your vacation. This is a cost-effective option compared to paying for missed flights or trains, covering the costs of hotel accommodations, and clearing hefty hospital bills when you are hospitalised due to an accident. While travel insurance may seem like an added expense at first, it is, in fact, an excellent investment for your safety in the future.

Thus, now you have the answer to the question should I get travel insurance for domestic flights.

How to Buy Domestic Travel Insurance Online in India?

You can buy domestic travel insurance online in India in a few simple steps:

  • Browse through the different travel insurance plans on the Tata AIG website and compare travel insurance features to pick the best policy for your needs.
  • Enter your destination and travel dates.
  • Check the costs of premium and pick an affordable plan. There are many options, so compare the features to the premium rates and select the one that is the most cost-effective.
  • Pay the premium, submit your documents, and enjoy financial protection for your next trip.

Tata AIG offers a domestic travel insurance plan with instant coverage. You can buy the plan online in a few clicks. There is no need for exhaustive or lengthy paperwork. The entire process can be completed digitally. The plan also offers affordable premium rates starting from as low as ₹26 per day. The plan provides the following features:

  • Cover for lost train or flight tickets
  • Cover for delayed trains or flights, missed departures, etc.
  • Personal liability cover, accidental death and repatriation, family transport, hospitalisation, etc.

To Sum It Up

Travel insurance is a critical financial tool to have by your side when you travel. It can offer you mental peace and financial security. In addition, it ensures that you get access to medical care at the right time, saves money due to missed flights or trains, and offers help to your family members, too. All in all, this is an incredible addition to your trip.

So, irrespective of whether you travel within the country or outside, make sure that you secure yourself with a good travel insurance policy.

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