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Easiest countries to get a schengen visa

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 06/02/2023

If you have been pondering the idea of visiting a Schengen country for your next holiday, you are not alone. However, since Schengen countries receive millions of applications from all over the world each year, the probability of having your Schengen visa rejected is high. To prevent the possibility of getting your Schengen visa application rejected, you can apply to countries that have the highest statistics when it comes to visa issuing rates. This automatically augments your chances of obtaining a Schengen visa.

But before enlisting some of the easiest Schengen visa countries, let’s take a step back and understand what a Schengen visa means.

What is a Schengen Visa?

The Schengen area includes 27 European countries that have officially eliminated all passports and other kinds of border control protocols at their mutually shared borders. Essentially, they are a combination of passport-free visa travel areas in the world because their visa-related policies are similar. Any Schengen visa holder can travel freely within the designated areas without having to undergo border checks.

A Schengen visa holder can stay in any country belonging to the Schengen area for up to 90 days in six months. While all of this sounds like an interesting proposition, there is just one problem: not all countries are lenient in issuing the Schengen visa.

On the flip side, to cheer travellers up, there are some Schengen countries where few travellers apply for Schengen visas, and therefore, these countries have a good track record of issuing Schengen visas.

Now before you find out which is the easiest country in Europe to get a tourist visa for, you must first invest in a comprehensive international travel insurance plan. it will act as a financial safety net if things go awry when you are away from home. Additionally, when you travel overseas to Schengen countries, having travel insurance is a mandatory requirement. All Schengen countries require travellers to have travelling insurance that is valid in the Schengen area for the duration of their stay.

So, where do you get international travel insurance from? You can choose any trustworthy travel insurer in India. Tata AIG, for example, is one of the top insurance companies with millions of happy customers. Buying an international travel insurance plan from our website is absolutely easy, and the claim settlement is also hassle-free. You can also compare travel insurance plans on Tata AIG before choosing the one that suits you best.

Now, without further ado, let’s explore Schengen visa countries that have a good track record for issuing Schengen visas to travellers.

Top 10 Easiest Schengen Visa Countries

If you are planning a vacation to Schengen countries, here is a list of places that rank the highest when it comes to approving visa applications for travellers:


Lithuania is one of the easiest Schengen visa countries, with only a 1.3% of rejection rate for short-term applications in the year 2018. This means that as many as 98.7% of applicants received a positive response for their Schengen visa application. A primary reason is that the number of Schengen visa applications that Lithuania receives is fewer than compared with countries such as Germany and France. This also means that applicants don’t need to wait for too long to get an appointment and also have a lesser waiting period to hear about the status of their application,


Estonia is another Baltic country that makes it to the list of one of the easiest countries to get a visa from. The rejection rates of 2018 reveal that 98.4% of the travellers who applied received a positive response to their short-term visa. This means that only 1.6% of applications were turned down by the Estonian embassy. Additionally, Estonia also receives few visa applications when compared to other countries, which translates to sparsely crowded embassies.


In 2018 only 1.7% of the visa applications to Iceland were rejected, which makes Iceland a great place to apply for a Schengen visa. The only problem with applying from Iceland is that since it is mostly represented by other countries as it does not have many consulates of its own, applicants first need to check where to apply as consulates representing Iceland can be crowded.


Despite the high number of visa applications it receives, it is easy to get a Europe Schengen visa from Finland. The rejection rate in Finland was only 1.7% which means it is another way for easy Europe visas for Indian citizens.


Filled with several palatial highlights, Latvia is another one of the Baltic countries from where travellers find it easier to procure a Schengen visa. Out of the many travellers that applied to Latvia, as many as 97.5% received their visas, whereas only 2.1% of the applications were rejected.


The scenic and tiny Luxemburg could be your way into the Schengen countries. Luxemburg is perhaps one of the easiest countries to get a Europe Schengen visa. This is possibly why several apply for Europe visa from Luxembourg. Getting a Europe visa is particularly convenient for travellers who are seeking to visit neighbouring countries such as Belgium, France, and Germany. With a rejection rate of only 3.7%, Luxemburg is a good place to apply for Europe visa.


The perfect travel destination for nature lovers, Slovakia is home to the Tatra Mountains and has eight national parks. Moreover, only 9.7% of visa applications were rejected in 2022, mostly due to a lack of proper documentary proof. We recommend visiting the spa town of Piestany for its natural beauty and its proximity to the Danube River or the country’s capital – Bratislava, for its well-preserved medieval architecture.

Wrapping Up

While the process for applying for a Schengen visa will remain the same across destinations, the difference lies in the manner of response. However, before you make your Schengen visa application, you must invest in a comprehensive travel insurance plan. Not only is travelling insurance a mandatory document when applying for a visa, but it also secures you when you encounter distressing situations.

In addition to being by your side in untoward situations, a travel insurance can also get you flight cancellation insurance, as per your policy coverage. Moreover, because problems cannot be predicted, travel insurance also covers hospitalisation costs in case of accidental injuries in a foreign land. If you are buying your international travel insurance from Tata AIG, you can also calculate travel insurance premiums before you choose a product.


Information last updated Feb '23. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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