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Interesting Facts About Brazil Culture

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 15/07/2022

Brazil is the biggest country in South America with lots to see and do. It is the 6th most populated country in the world. People flock there every year to enjoy the beauty of the land. The country is rich in culture and natural resources. It is a haven for nature lovers, containing towering mountains and dense forests.

That is not to say that the land is not technologically advanced. Some of the most beautiful man-made structures find their residence in Brazil. You may be someone who is drawn to hearing all this and want to visit glorious Brazil. But just having a superficial knowledge about Brazil. To truly understand the essence of Brazil, you need to understand Brazil’s culture.

If you are someone who wishes to themselves in Brazil’s culture, you may wish to do so by visiting the land. However, visiting a new place comes with its own set of challenges. If you are going abroad, much planning must be done before the actual trip begins.

One of the foremost things you must shift your attention towards is international travel insurance. Being caught unawares in a new place can be a truly daunting experience. You could lose your valuables, be stranded in unfamiliar territory, get robbed or fall sick. Any number of things can go wrong. This is where a travel insurance plan comes in handy.

If you buy a travel insurance plan from Tata AIG, you need not worry about any aspect of your trip. Our international travel insurance plan takes care of you if anything goes wrong. You will never be alone or stranded in times of need if you have a travel insurance plan with us. You can buy our international travel insurance online from the comfort of your home. And if things do go wrong, rest assured our travel insurance claim process is hassle-free. Now that we understand how to secure our trip to Brazil, let us look at some interesting facts about Brazil’s culture.

Cultural Aspects of Brazil to Look Out For

As we have already mentioned, there is much to be noted about Brazil’s food culture, Brazil’s business culture and Brazil’s lifestyle. So here are some cultural aspects of Brazil that are interesting to note.

  • Brazil’s art

When talking about Brazil, its art is sure to come up. Brazilian artwork is a fascinating blend of ancient indigenous and modern civilisations. The oldest Brazilian arts primarily represented the region's indigenous individual lifestyles and practices.

What became recognised as Brazilian contemporary art, on the other hand, began in the late sixteenth century and was heavily inspired by European influences. Several new artistic trends emerged across Brazil during the 19th century, owing to King Joo VI's creation of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, situated in Rio de Janeiro. Art being integral to the culture is a Brazil fact that is well-known.

  • Brazil’s inherent culture

The culture in the country has a direct influence on Brazil’s lifestyle. Because of Brazil's historical colonial ties to the Portuguese imperial power, Portuguese culture is ingrained in the Brazilian psyche. In addition, Brazil's native festivities and customs, like the Brazilian festival and capoeira game, are well-known worldwide. These influences impact Brazil’s food culture and Brazil’s business culture.

The traditional yearly Brazilian carnival is noted for its luxury, with elaborate marches and exotic performers dressed in glitzy costumes taking to the streets. An interesting fact about Brazil is that carnival marches are especially well-known in the regions of Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. In addition, music is an important aspect of Brazil’s lifestyle.

  • The rainforest is a dominant part of the country

Brazil is primarily a tropical nation with a diverse range of natural features, including desert, rainforest, and mountains. On the shores of the Negro River, the northwest Brazilian town of Manaus is located in the centre of one of the world's most lush jungles.

Manaus, the Amazon's biggest city and a major port, is a well and vibrant urban area with over 2.5 million people. However, the metropolis' position is exceptional because the Amazon Rainforest encircles it.

  • Brazil’s food culture

Brazil has a vibrant food culture. The Brazilian people take much pride in the food, and food is also a big part of Brazil’s business culture. While most Brazilians enjoy a simple meal of rice, vegetables, and meat daily, you can enjoy a wide array of Brazilian and international delicacies while in Brazil.

Brazil is also known as the nut capital of the world, which is a big part of their economy. What is a lesser-known Brazil fact is that most fruits we enjoy on a daily basis are indigenous to Brazil. Over 500 varieties of fruits are grown in Brazil.

Also, keep in mind that people in Brazil almost never use their hands to eat their food. They will also frown on you if you are seen using your hands to eat your food, so be careful about how you eat when in Brazil.

  • Family is at the heart of Brazil’s culture

Another fascinating aspect of Brazilian society is the importance of family in everyone's life. Family values, commitment to one's family, and assisting relatives when requested are all highly valued among Brazilians. The Brazilian family is not like a nuclear family in any way. Furthermore, in Brazil, close engagement with one's relatives is rather common. No festival is celebrated without the extended family being involved and people do not generally wait only for special occasions to meet up. They keep the family close and cousins are brought up as true siblings.


Thus, when planning a trip to Brazil, do not just go there to see things. Allow yourself to be immersed in their culture. Experience things authentically. Let the feel of the place envelope you. Prepare yourself to make the most of the place by setting things about in advance. Also, when preparing for your trip, do not forget to get your international travel insurance.

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