France Visa Fees for Indians

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For Indian travellers planning to visit France, understanding the visa costs is essential for budgeting and planning. Whether you are travelling for leisure, business, or education, knowing the visa fees for France from India upfront can streamline your application process and avoid any surprises.

In this blog, we provide a clear breakdown of the fees associated with obtaining a visa for France, including different visa types and their respective charges. Stay informed and prepared as we outline the France visa fees for Indians, helping you make informed decisions and ensure a smooth travel experience.

Do Indian Travellers Need a France Visa?

Yes, Indian travellers do require a visa to enter France.

France is part of the Schengen Area, so the visa requirement applies to all short stays (up to 90 days) for tourism, business, or transit. The good news is different visa types exist depending on your intended stay and purpose, each with specific fees and application processes.

Does France Offer Visa-On-Arrival for Indians?

No, France does not offer Visa-on-Arrival for Indian citizens. This applies to both mainland France and its overseas territories. You need to secure a visa before your departure from India.

While France itself does not offer visa-on-arrival, it's important to note that Indian nationals can visit the French overseas territory of Réunion Island without a visa for up to 15 days. However, Réunion Island is separate from mainland France and requires its own travel arrangements.

Also, if you already possess a valid Schengen visa issued by another member state, you can use it to enter France without needing a separate French visa, as long as it covers your intended stay duration.

France Visa Types and Fees

France Tourist Visa

Visa Type Validity France Tourist Visa Fees for Indian Travellers Extension Fees
Tourist Visa Up to 90 days ₹7,199 80 Euros (₹7,126 approx.)

France Business Visa

Visa Type Validity France Business Visa Fees Extension Fees
Business Visa Up to 90 days ₹7,199 80 Euros (₹7,126 approx.)

France Student Visa

Visa Type Validity France Student Visa Fees Extension Fees
Student Visa 4 months to 1 year 50 Euros (₹4,453 approx.) 80 Euros (₹7,126 approx.)

France Long Stay Visa

Visa Type Validity France Long Stay Visa Fees Extension Fees
Work, Family Reunion, Study More than 90 days 99 Euros (₹8,817 approx.) -

[Note: Fees are subject to change, so double-check with official French Embassy websites for the latest updates. Also, extension processes can be complex and vary depending on the visa type and individual circumstances. Consult with the French Embassy or a visa specialist for detailed guidance.]

France Tourist Visa: Catering to individuals exclusively interested in tourism, the France Tourist Visa allows visitors to engage in sightseeing and leisure activities within the country's borders.

France Business Visa: Tailored for professionals conducting business-related affairs in France, the France Business Visa facilitates participation in meetings, conferences, and other commercial activities.

France Student Visa: Designed for participants in short-term educational endeavours, the France Student Visa accommodates studies, training programs, and internships.

Long-stay Visa: Offering extended residency options, the Long-stay Visa enables individuals to stay in France for periods ranging from 90 days to 12 months, catering to purposes such as study, work, and family reunification.

Also, note that if your intended duration of stay in France exceeds one year, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit. This permit serves as an official authorisation, allowing individuals to reside legally within the country for an extended period.

It involves a formal application process wherein applicants must fulfil specific requirements and provide relevant documentation to support their residency status.

Obtaining a residence permit ensures compliance with French immigration regulations. It facilitates the ability to live, work, study, or engage in other permitted activities within the country for durations exceeding one year.

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Who is Exempt from Paying Visa Fees for France?

Certain categories of individuals are exempt from paying the visa fee when applying for a French visa. The exemptions include:

  • Family members of citizens of another Member State of the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

  • Spouse of a French citizen.

  • Holders of diplomatic or service passports.

  • Children under the age of 6 (excluding specific regions).

  • Students visiting French schools for primary and secondary education or engaging in educational training in French territories.

  • Recipients of French government study grants or grants from foreign governments, foundations, or the EU.

  • Foreigners benefiting from youth mobility agreements with France and Canada or working holiday agreements with France and Japan, Korea, Argentina, or Columbia.

  • Teachers accompanying study groups or engaged in educational training in French territories.

  • Scientific researchers.

  • Seasonal workers.

  • Foreign nationals from Montenegro, Turkey, and Serbia employed in French territories and their family members under family reunification.

  • French language instructors (excluding family members).

  • Language and teaching assistants.

How to Apply for a France Visa for Indians?

Planning a trip to France from India? Here's a detailed guide to help you navigate the application:

Step 1 - Gather information on your situation:

Before initiating your France visa application from India, gathering relevant information regarding your visa requirements and eligibility is crucial.

Use the online portal to access the official France Embassy website, which aids in determining your specific visa requirements, fees, and necessary supporting documents. If you have recently stayed in the Schengen Area, make use of the Visa Calculator tool to ascertain the remaining authorised stay duration.

Additionally, identify the authorised authority to receive your visa application, ensuring access to accurate and tailored information based on your place of residence.

Step 2: Schedule an Appointment:

Initiate the process by scheduling an appointment with the Visa Application Centre via their official website. Appointments are available on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm, with centres located in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore.

**Step 3: Fill out the Application Form:

Access the application form on the France visa official website upon scheduling the appointment. Register an account on the platform and ensure accurate completion of the form with the required details.

Step 4: Verification of Data:

Following form submission, you will be assigned a date for an interview. During this session, officials meticulously review your documents alongside the information provided in the application form to ensure compliance with all prerequisites. It's crucial to bring all the necessary documents for the interview.

Step 5: Payment and Biometrics Submission:

Proceed to make the visa payment and submit your biometrics for record-keeping. If you've provided biometrics within the past five years, there's no need for a fresh submission.

Step 6 - Track your application:

Monitor the progress of your visa application through the visa centre where you applied. Notifications regarding passport collection will be sent once processing is complete.

Typically, visa applications are processed within 15 days, with possible extensions up to 45 days in specific circumstances. In some instances, passports may be returned via postal services for added convenience.

[Note: Keep in mind that the steps outlined here are based on the current information available, and there might be variations depending on updates to VFS Global. It is advisable to check the website regularly for the latest details regarding the visa application process.]

France Visa Requirements: Documents Required for a France Visa from India

Applying for a France visa from India necessitates specific documentation, contingent upon the visa type sought. Generally, the following documents are mandatory for a France visa application:

Original Passport: Validity extending at least three months beyond the intended trip and possessing a minimum of two blank pages.

Duly-filled Application Form: Complete and accurate submission of the designated application form.

Passport-size Photographs: Two recent passport-size photographs adhering to specified dimensions and guidelines as stated below:

Photos should not be older than three months.

Solid white or grey background.

Neutral expression with eyes open, facing directly towards the camera.

Head centred within the frame.

Remove all eyewear except thin-rimmed prescription glasses. No sunglasses permitted.

Remove headgear unless worn for religious purposes.

Avoid presenting a side profile.

The photo size should measure 35 mm x 45 mm.

Coloured with a matte finish for clarity and legibility.

Address and Identity Proof Copies: Photocopies validating the address and identity details present in the passport.

Visa for Schengen Area: Photocopies of any existing visa for Schengen countries, if applicable.

Cover Letter: A signed cover letter detailing applicant information and purpose of travel.

Travel Itinerary Documentation: Photocopies of travel itineraries, hotel bookings, or sponsorship letters.

Flight Ticket Confirmations: Photocopies of confirmed flight reservations.

Financial Proof: Income Tax Returns (ITR) and updated bank statements for the past three months demonstrating financial sufficiency.

Insurance Policy Proof: Signed visa insurance form providing proof of insurance coverage.

Parental Authorisation (for Minor Travellers): Authorisation letter from parents or guardians for unaccompanied minors and photocopies of parent/guardian identity proofs.

Birth Certificates (for Minors): Documents validating the birth of minors.

Employer's No Objection Certificate (NOC): NOC from the employer for employed individuals.

Marriage Certificate (for Spouses): Marriage certificate for dependent spouses.

University Enrollment Letter (for Students): Letter of enrollment from the respective university for student visa applicants.

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Visa Charges for France for Indians

The France visa fee for Indians varies depending on the type of visa and the duration of stay:

Short-stay visa (Schengen visa) for stays up to 90 days: The fee is approximately EUR 80 (equivalent to around ₹7,000-₹8,000). Additional service charges may apply if you're applying through a visa application centre.

Long-stay visa (for stays exceeding 90 days): The fee is approximately EUR 99 (around ₹8,500-₹9,500).

Note: Fees can vary depending on the specific visa category. You can find the exact fee for your desired visa type here.

France Visa Price: Overstaying Fees

Overstaying a visa in France is a serious matter, with stringent consequences enforced by French immigration authorities. Contrary to some misconceptions, there are no circumstances that allow visitors to stay in France beyond the expiration date of their visa.

The notion that unnoticed border crossings can evade detection is unfounded. French immigration meticulously tracks arrivals and departures through an electronic database system, ensuring thorough monitoring of individuals' movements across borders.

Penalties for overstaying vary depending on the visa type and the circumstances surrounding the violation. These penalties range from fines to adverse entries on one's immigration record, potentially leading to denial of entry into France or any other Schengen country in the future. In egregious cases of prolonged overstay, deportation becomes a significant risk, accompanied by the likely refusal of any subsequent visa applications.

For those working in France on expired work visas, penalties are even more severe, encompassing monetary fines and potential imprisonment. Visitors must adhere strictly to visa conditions and departure timelines to avoid legal ramifications and safeguard future travel opportunities to France and the Schengen region.

France Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a France visa from India can vary depending on several factors.

Short Stay Visa (Schengen): Generally processed within 15 days, with a maximum extension of 45 days in complex cases.

Long Stay Visa: Varies depending on the visa type but typically takes 1 to 3 months.

Importance of an International Travel Insurance Policy

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A travel insurance France policy proves indispensable for short trips to France from India due to its comprehensive coverage and reliability. While travelling, unforeseen events like medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or loss of baggage can disrupt plans and incur substantial expenses.

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Obtaining a France visa from India requires preparation and an understanding of the costs involved. This guide provided a roadmap outlining different visa types, associated fees, and the application process. Remember, fees can change, so always check official sources for the latest information.

By following the application steps outlined, you will be well-prepared to navigate the France visa process. Ensure you have the correct visa type, gather the required documents meticulously, and attend your interview with confidence.

Remember, respecting visa regulations is key to a smooth and enjoyable French adventure. Bon voyage!


Information last updated Feb 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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