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France is a perfect destination for those who dream of experiencing picturesque landscapes, exotic cuisine, and vibrant culture, among many other things.

If you are all set to apply for a suitable visa for this European paradise, this blog is a must-read for you. In this blogpost, we will discuss in detail the complete France entry visa requirements for Indian citizens.

Is There a France Visa on Arrival for Indian Citizens?

Before unravelling the France entry visa requirements for Indian citizens, let’s first address the most anticipated question: does France offer visa-on-arrival to Indians?

The answer is no.

At present, there is no visa-on-arrival facility for Indians visiting France. It means you must obtain a visa before entering the country.

Thankfully, the France visa application process is simple and has a reasonable turnaround time. If you meet all the requirements and follow the right procedure, your visa will be approved in no time.

Let’s find out what exactly you need to get a French visa from India.

What are the France Entry Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens?

The requirements and eligibility for obtaining a visa for France largely depend on the visa category you are applying for. The following are common requirements for all types of visas for France:**

Valid Passport: Every France visa applicant must have a passport with a minimum 6 months of validity. Further, it should have sufficient blank pages without any torn or damaged pages.

Visa Application Form: Another critical document is a carefully filled and signed France visa application form based on the visa type you are applying for.

Recent Passport-size Photographs: You need at least 2-3 passport-size photographs according to the given specifications. Ensure that the photos are not older than 3 months. In addition, they should have a solid white background with your ears and eyes completely visible. Refer to ICAO photo guidelines.

Attested Proof of Funds: Almost all types of France visa applications require proof of financial sufficiency. This is required to ensure whether or not you can financially support yourself in the country. The accepted documents for proof of funds include your bank statements (attested by the bank manager), ITR documents, salary slips, FDs, etc.

Cover Letter: You are also required to submit a detailed cover letter describing your purpose and intentions of visiting the country.

Travel Insurance: A travel insurance plan is one of the most essential documents for applying for a France visa from India. In absence of required insurance coverage, your visa will not be processed further.

Clean Criminal Record: Any Indian who wants to enter a Schengen country, including France, must not have any serious ongoing criminal case against them.

Medical Certificate: Depending on your case, you may also be asked to submit an attested medical certificate stating that you are not carrying a risk of any critical disease or health condition.

In addition to these common requirements, there are some documents and criteria you need to meet based on your purpose of visit. Check out the sections below for documents required for each visa category.

France Tourist Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Confirmed Return Tickets: A copy of your confirmed air tickets is one of the most important documents required for a French tourist visa from india. It is required to ensure that you will return to your home country and have no intentions of staying further in France.

Proof of Accommodation: You will also be required to provide a valid proof of your temporary residence in France. For this purpose, the acceptable documents include your hotel or Airbnb reservations.

Complete Itinerary: In addition to the documents mentioned above, you must also submit a detailed itinerary of your stay as a tourist in the country.

Marriage Certificate (if applicable): If you are planning to apply for a visa as a couple, you may also be required to submit a copy of your marriage certificate.

France Work Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Copy of Education Certificates:** If you are applying for a work visa to France, you need to submit your education documents, such as your degree certificates, mark sheets, and proof of other educational achievements, if there are any.

Experience/reference letters:** Employment documents, including experience and relieving letters from your previous employers are also required for a France work visa application.

Offer Letter:** You are required to submit your offer letter and employment contract by an authorised French employer or company. The employment letter must outline your job profile, salary, and duration of contract alongside a few other details.

France Business Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens Invitation Letter:** For a business visa, you are required to submit the invitation letter from a company or business entity you are visiting. It should clearly state the details and purpose of your visit.

Cover Letter: A detailed cover letter may also be required to outline your purpose and intentions of visiting France.

Business Details: For this purpose, the acceptable documents include your company registration certificate.

Proof of Funds: Similar to other types of visas, you must prove that you have enough money to sustain yourself during your temporary stay in France. You can submit your bank statements and ITR documents for this purpose.

Entry Pass/Tickets (if applicable): If you have any entry passes or tickets to the event you are attending, then you can submit them as well to increase your chances of getting the visa approval.

France Student Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Admission Letter: Those applying for a student visa for France are required to provide a copy of their confirmation admission or invitation letter from a recognised university or educational institution in France.

Proof of Funds: The student visa applicants are required to show the specified fund in their bank account to cover their duration of stay.

Proof of Accommodation: Student visa applicants can provide their rental agreements or university accommodation documents for this purpose.

Other France Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

The following are some other requirements from a few other types of France entry visas for Indians:

Visitor Visa: Letter of sponsorship, ID and address proof of the inviter in France.

Family Reunion Visa: Proof of funds, letter of invitation, proof of accommodation, relationship with the inviter.

Transit Visa: Tickets for the final destination, ID and other personal documents.

France Visa Fees for Indian Citizen

The Indian citizens applying for a France visa are required to pay the visa processing charges based on their duration of stay.

Visa Type Visa Fee 
Short-stay Visas (Up to 90 days) €80 (~₹7158)
Long-stay Visas (over 90 days) €99 (~₹8858)

Note: Information taken from on 26/04/25, 2:00 PM (IST)

Useful Guidelines for France Visa Application Online

  • Learn about the specific visa requirements based on your chosen visa category.

  • Make sure that all the documents are complete, correct, and as per the standards of the France immigration department.

  • France visa processing time can vary from 2 weeks to several months depending on individual cases. Hence, it is a good idea to apply several days in advance.

  • Make sure to monitor the status of your visa application using a reliable France visa tracking system

Is Travel Insurance Required for a France Visa Application Online?

Yes. Travel insurance is a mandatory document for obtaining a visa to any Schengen country, including France. In the absence of international travel insurance, your visa can not be processed.

As per the France immigration department, a travel insurance plan is mandatory for any type of short-visit visa (not exceeding 90 days of stay). It should cover any potential cost of medical or other emergency situations. Further, the insurance must be valid throughout the regions of the Schengen Area.

Moreover, the minimum coverage requirements for the Schengen visa should be €30,000.


Navigating France visa requirements for Indian citizens requires you to adhere to the country’s processes and requirements. One of the important aspects here is travel insurance, which is a mandatory requirement for visiting France as it is a Schengen country.

However, the benefits of an overseas travelling insurance plan are beyond helping you meet the visa requirements.

An international travel insurance policy from Tata AIG provides you with an all-round protection against unforeseen circumstances during your foreign trip. From unexpected trip cancellations and hospitalisation to baggage loss and other emergencies, our travel insurance plans make sure you don’t have to make any unnecessary expenses abroad.

For more information on the travel insurance price, get in touch with our experts.


What are the reasons behind France’s visa rejections?

The most common reasons behind the rejection of a France visa application include incorrect information, incomplete documents, financial insufficiency, criminal record, risky medical history, and so on.

Can I travel to other countries with a French visa?

According to the France Immigration Departments, if you have a short-stay France visa, then you can travel to all the 27 countries within the Schengen Area.

Where should I submit my French visa application?

You can submit your France visa application at the French Embassy or a consulate office nearest to your location.

Disclaimer: The information presented on this page is taken from reliable government sources. However, the visa information is subject to change based on the changes in immigration policies of the involved countries. Hence, it is recommended to stay updated and confirm the details with immigration authorities before proceeding furth

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