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Frequent Flyer Programs

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 07/06/2023

Are you a frequent flyer? Then you will have to learn about the frequent flyer programs. The concept behind this program is "Loyalty that pays you benefits".

In this blog, we'll walk you through frequent flyer programs and how to get started with frequent flyer programs.

What Are Frequent Flyer Programs?

Frequent flyer programs are loyalty programs first started by Texas International Airlines in 1979. They started it by offering a free round-trip ticket to their loyal customers for every 20 flights taken. Eventually, the success of some of these types of programmes will lead to many airlines offering their frequent flyer programme, which rewards customers for their loyalty and encourages them to fly more by giving multiple benefits.

So when you become a member of the frequent flyer program, you can earn points, or frequent flyer miles, for your booked flights of that airline and other activities included in this program. Then you can redeem those rewards through free flights, upgrades, and other perks.

How Do You Get Started With A Frequent Flyer Program?

Here is the step-by-step guide to getting started with frequent flyer programs and earning rewards.

Select An Airline For Frequent Flyer Registration

First, select the airlines you mostly choose to fly with. You can select the airlines by considering some factors, such as their route network, the quality of services they provide, and the availability of flights to your preferred destination.

After choosing an airline, you can visit the website and sign up for their frequent flyer program online. Then enter some required personal details and information to get the membership. However, in some airlines, you can get a free membership after signing up.

Once you complete the signup process, you will get your frequent flyer number. Flyer number works as your unique identification and allows you and your airlines to track different activities and rewards by this number.

Going Through The Benefits

Before earning rewards or miles, it is essential to understand the benefits of frequent flyer programs, such as free flights, upgrades, lounge access, and priority boarding. In addition, many other airline programs also offer partnerships with hotels, and car rental companies, allowing you to earn miles for non-flight activities.

So it is necessary to go through the various terms and conditions that make it necessary to go through the various terms and conditions of that frequent program to understand the rules of earning and redeeming the miles.

Start Earning Miles

After signing up for frequent flyer programs, you will earn miles or rewards primarily by flying with that airline. The miles are rewarded based on the flight's distance and the type of fare class, such as economy or business class. In business class, you will earn more rewards or miles than the economy ticket.

However, other ways to earn miles are including credit card spending, hotel stays, car rentals, and shopping portals. Credit cards are the easy way to earn miles, as many airlines have co-branded credit cards that allow you to earn miles with every transaction. Some credit cards additionally provide bonus miles for specific expenditure categories, such as eating, travel, and gas. In addition, look for opportunities to earn bonus miles, such as during promotional periods or booking certain routes.

Redeem Your Miles

When you have enough miles, you can redeem them for rewards. You can redeem this mile in different ways, such as pre-flights, upgrades, and merchandise. So to redeem your rewards, you can log into your frequent flyer program and follow the instructions on their website.

Make sure you can plan and redeem your miles in advance for travelling, as availability is limited. You also have to ensure that sometimes and conditions regarding this reward me result in some fees and costs at the time of Redemption.

Elite Status

Many airlines' frequent flyer programs also offer ‘Elite’ status to some premium travellers. In the light status, you will have the leverage to get additional benefits such as bonus miles, priority check-in, and access to airport lounges.

However, to achieve elite status, you must fulfil some requirements, such as a certain number of miles within a specific period. For more information, check their website to know how to reach elite status.

Maximise Your Rewards

You should focus on maximising your rewards, which you can do in various ways, such as by

  • Taking advantage of the bonus miles promotion.
  • Prefer to use them for high-value redemptions, such as international first-class flights or expensive destinations.
  • Stay flexible with your travel dates and destinations.
  • Join multiple frequent flyer programs to diversify your earnings and redemption opportunities.
  • Keep learning about more options and the best way to get frequent flyer points to maximise your rewards.

Keep a Record of Your Activities and Miles

It is also necessary to keep a record of the activities and miles you earned and redeemed to ensure that your account will not expire so you can leverage the benefits in a certain period left. You can do it by logging into your account and putting in that ff number given to you. Otherwise, you will miss out on some amazing rewards and opportunities. You may also keep track of your kilometres and activity across several programmes using monitoring apps or spreadsheets.

It is how you can get started with the frequent flyer programs, leverage the benefits while travelling, and get some additional benefits that certainly allow you to save time and money.

Tips For Beginners Before Enrolling in Frequent Flyer Programs

  • First of all, you have to learn how to earn and maximise the miles.
  • Learn some of the redemption options so you can take the maximum benefit out of it.
  • It is good to save your miles, but only hoard your miles and points for a short time as they may expire or lose value over time.
  • Stay updated with their rules and policy and any changes that may affect your miles and the way of Redemption.
  • Enjoy the perks in frequent programs, such as priority boarding, lounge access, and upgrades.


Frequent flyer programs are valuable for those who travel a lot. It can save you a lot on your flight expenses. And if you become an elite member, the airline may not charge you for your cancelled and rescheduled flights. One more thing! If you are a frequent traveller and do not have a membership with any airline, it is important that you buy a travel insurance plan.

For instance, if you have an international travel insurance plan, you can minimise the risk of your deposits for travelling on flights, hotel stays, and many more. Moreover, you can get a travel insurance claim in case of any medical emergency. But make sure you purchase your travel insurance policies from a reputed insurer like Tata AIG.

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