Germany Visa Fees for Indians

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Germany is a country part of the Schengen area. It means all travellers from India who want to explore Germany for various reasons, such as tourism, employment, study, etc., need to have a valid visa.

Every year, thousands of Indian nations travel to Germany. The Indian nationals need to fulfil Germany visa requirements and pay the necessary visa fees.

However, Germany visa fees for Indians may vary depending on the visa type. In this guide, we will focus on Germany visa fees from India.

Do Indian Travellers Need a Germany Visa?

All Indian nationals need to hold a valid German visa to enter the nation. Indians are not included in the visa exemption list of Germany. To enter the nation, even for a short duration, travellers need to have an approved Germany visa for Indians based on the visa category.

There are different visa categories for Indian nationals based on their visit purpose. Every visa category has specific requirements which need to be fulfilled.

Does Germany Offer Visa-On-Arrival for Indians?

Indian travellers who want to visit Germany don't have a visa-on-arrival facility. All nationals need to apply for the Schengen visa to enter Germany. The visa process needs to be carried out from the home country itself.

Germany Visa Types and Fees

Depending on the purpose of the visit, there are different German visas for Indians. Below, we are discussing the visa types and fees.

Germany Tourist or Visitor Visa Fees

Indian travellers who want to visit Germany for tourism or short-term visits need to apply for these visas. This type of German visa falls into a short-stay visa category. Below is the table for German tourist visa fees from India.

Visa Category Validity Visa Fees Visa fees (In Rupees)
Tourist or Visitor Visa Up to 90 Days 80 ₹7246

Germany Business Visa Fees This is another type of German visa for Indian nationals who need to attend business meetings, seminars and other work-related activities in the country. This visa falls in a short-stay Schengen visa category that is valid only for 90 days within 6 months of the visa period. Below is the structure for business visa fees for Indians.

Visa Category Validity Visa Fees Visa fees (In Rupees)
Business Visa Up to 90 Days 80 ₹7246
**Germany Airport Transit Visa Fees** Further, the airport transit visa is another German visa category which is for foreign nationals who want to take a halt at German airports during their travel to different destinations. This visa falls under the visa A category in Schengen visa types. Below is the fee structure for airport transit visas for Indian nationals.

Visa Category Validity Visa Fees Visa fees (In Rupees)
Transit Visa for Adults Up to 12 hours 80 ₹7246
Transit Visa for Children between 0 to 5 years Up to 12 hours NA NA
Transit Visa for Children between 6 to 11 years Up to 12 hours 40 ₹3623
Transit Visa for Children 12 years old and over Up to 12 hours 80 ₹7246

Germany Training or Internship Visa Fees This is another German visa for Indians who want to do training or internships in a country irrespective of age and gender. However, individuals applying under this category need to fulfil the requirements of an institution that is offering an internship or training program. The German visa processing time for this visa is 10 to 15 days. This is also a short-stay type Schengen visa. Below is the fee for this category.

Visa Category Validity Visa Fees Visa fees (In Rupees)
Training or Internship Visa Up to 90 days 75 ₹6793

Germany Study Visa Fees Another popular category for Indians is the German study visa, which is for students who want to pursue education in the category. This visa falls under the long-stay Schengen visa category, also identified as the national D visa. Below is the fee structure for German student visas for Indians.

Visa Category Validity Visa Fees Visa fees (In Rupees)
Student Visa Over 90 days 75 ₹6793

Germany Working or Employment Visa Fees Indian nationals who have job offers in their respective field in Germany need to apply for employment or work visas. This is the long stay visa that takes around 1 to 3 months. This German visa processing time depends on the visa applications. Below is the fee structure for employment visas for Germany.

Visa Category Validity Visa Fees Visa fees (In Rupees)
Work or Employment Visa Over 90 days 75 ₹6793

Germany Medical Treatment Visa Fees Individuals who are seeking medical care and treatment can apply for a German medical treatment visa. This permit allows foreign nationals to get any medical services in the country. However, to receive medical services, individuals need to be financially stable. Below is the fee structure for this visa category.

Visa Category Validity Visa Fees Visa fees (In Rupees)
Medical Visa for Adults Up to 3 months 60 ₹5434
Medical Visa for Children Under 12 years of age Up to 3 months 35 ₹3170
Medical Visa for Adults Over 3 months 75 ₹6793

Germany Family Reunion Visa Fees

The temporary residents of Germany who want to bring their family members or relatives to the country can apply for a family reunion visa. This visa falls under the long-term visa D category. The processing time for this visa can be a few weeks to months. Below is the structure for a family reunion Germany visa fee for Indians.

Visa Category Validity Visa Fees Visa fees (In Rupees)
Family Reunion Visa for Adults Over 3 months 7500 ₹679320
Family Reunion Visa for Children Up to 18 Years of Age Over 3 months 3750 ₹339660

How to Apply for a Germany Visa from India?

To apply for a German visa for Indian nationals, the following procedures need to be followed.

Step 1: Prepare German Visa Application

The very first **Step is to fulfil the German visa requirements based on the visa category. After that, gather all the necessary documents and complete the Germany visa application form. The visa application form can be downloaded from the official website. The visa form needs to be filled out carefully. After filling out the form, sign it.

Step 2: Make an Appointment

Next, after filling out the Germany visa application form, applicants need to book an appointment in the VFS visa application centre to submit the application form and other necessary documents. Applicants can book an appointment online by visiting the VFS global website.

Step 3: Go to the VFS Global Application Centre

After that, attend an appointment at the nearby VFS centre. The centre will verify the appointment letter or invitation and, based on that, will issue a token for further processing. The official will only process the visa application if the applicant is on time.

Step 4: Visa Application Submission

The official will collect all the documents and application forms and verify them. After the verification, they accept all the documents. The process usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

The application centres will hold all the submitted documents, including other visa documents and passports. If, for any reason, applicants don't submit any documents, then the application process will be cancelled.

Step 5: Entering Visa Application Information In the Online Portal

Now, the official of the centre, after verifying all the documents and information, enters the visa application information in the online portal of the German embassy and consulate. After the successful submission, the applicant will receive a printed copy of the submitted information.

Applicants need to verify if the submitted information is correct, and if the information is correct, sign the form and submit it to authorities. In the case of a minor applicant, the form needs to be signed by the guardian or parent.

Step 6: Pay the Germany Visa and Biometrics Fees

After the application submission, applicants need to pay the required visa and other services fees to officials via online or offline mode. After paying the fees, collect the acknowledgement receipt.

Step 7: Provide Biometric Data to Officials

As a part of the German visa application process, all the applicants need to submit the biometric data to officials. It involved fingerprints and photographs. This process usually takes some time. In some cases, individuals need to book an appointment for biometrics in the respective VFS centre.

Step 8: Medical Check-ups and Interview Process

In some of the visa categories, applicants need to go through a medical check-up in the suggested hospital. The process usually takes a few hours. In the case of employment or work-related visas, applicants need to go through an interview in front of officials.

Step 9: Wait for the Visa Result

After processing all the information, the German embassy or consulate will take time to verify the application form and other documents. Depending on the visa application quantity and efficiency, the Germany visa processing time may vary. For some visas it can be a few days to even some months. After verifying all the things, the official will release their visa decision.

How to Track Germany Visa Application for Indian Travellers?

Following are the **Steps that need to be followed to track German tourist visa fees from India or any other visa.

Step 1: To track the application, go to the VFS Global website.

Step 2: Next, scroll down to the "Track Your Application" section.

Step 3: Further, enter the reference number or last name and captcha code.

Step 4: After entering the asked details, click the "Submit" button.

Step 5: The system or portal will display the information about the German visa application.

Documents Required for Germany Visa

The Germany visa requirement needs to be followed to get a visa. Below are the documents that need to be submitted.

  • Valid Indian passport with a validity of 3 months beyond the intended stay.

  • Duly filled and signed visa application form for Germany.

  • Coloured recent passport-size photographs in specified requirements and background.

  • A copy of the travel itinerary, which includes details about accommodations, flight reservations, etc.

  • Document that supports proof of funds for the entire period of stay in the country.

  • Proof of employment and income proof to support your means of livelihood in the country.

  • Document that supports the proof of accommodation in the country, such as rental agreements, hotel bookings, etc.

  • A statement of purpose letter that specifies the purpose of the visit to the country.

  • A copy of all the previous travel history in the Schengen area, if there is any.

  • Copy of health insurance document.

Additional Documents Based on Visa Type

  • Copy of educational qualification documents.

  • Offer letter from the educational institution.

  • Offer letter for working professionals.

  • Documents to support working experience.

Copy of marriage certificate, if applicable.

Copy of salary slips.

Copy of filed income tax return document.

Germany Visa Application Fees: VFS Global Applications

Below are the VFS Global service fees for Germany visas for Indian applicants.

Visa Type VFS Services Fees
Short Term Visa ₹1683
Long Term Visa ₹894
D Stamping ₹1236

Germany Visit Visa Price: Cancellation Fees and Overstay Fines

Cancellation Fee

The application that has been in the processing stage and for which the application fee has been paid, then it would be counted as a submitted application. And in that case no visa fees will be refunded. If the applicant wants to cancel their Germany visa application, then they can do so if their visa is in the beginning stage.

In the beginning stage if they haven't paid the fees and carried out the further procedure, the application will get automatically rejected. However, it is best to reach out to the German embassy or consulate to know about their cancellation procedure.

Overstay Fines

The Schengen visa for Germany allows visitors to stay in the country for a specified time duration based on the visa type. The person or applicant, after their visa expiry, is legally obligated to leave the country. There are various consequences of overstaying the Schengen visa for Germany, such as:

Monetary Fines - Those who violate their visa condition and overstay in the country need to pay monetary fines to the authorities. The fine is decided by the authority based on the person's circumstances and everything.

Punishable Criminal Offence - If the person has overstayed and committed some criminal activities in the country, then it can lead to punishable severe offences from the authorities. The authorities decide the punishment after hearing the crime.

Ban from Country - In some cases, as a punishment for violating the visa laws, authorities also banned the offender for specific years. During this time, the violator is not allowed to enter the country in any scenario.

Importance of Travel Insurance

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Germany is a country with many opportunities, such as employment, educational institutions and more. Travellers from India visit the country due to various reasons. However, based on the purpose of the visit, travellers need to apply for Germany visas for Indians. The German authority can even reject the visa application. That's why it is necessary to be careful at the time of filling out the visa application form.


Is Germany visa-free for Indians?

All Indian nationals who want to visit Germany for work or educational qualifications, etc, need to have a proper German visa based on the visa category. Individuals are not allowed to stay in a country with a disapproved visa status.

During the security checkpoint at the airport, authorities verify the visa approval status before granting permission to enter the country.

How much bank balance is needed for a German visa?

The bank balance and proof of funds condition may vary depending on the visa type and applicant's circumstances. However, it is suggested to have €80 for a per day stay in the country.

How long will a German visa take?

The Germany visa processing time may vary depending on the visa category. But for a short-stay visa, it can take up to 15 days, and for a long-term stay visa, it can take a few weeks to some months.

Disclaimer: The German visa fees may vary depending on the visa categories, political conditions, etc. The fee rates given on this blog are for informational purposes only. They are subject to change depending on exchange rates, economic conditions, and other external factors.

Always double-check your fee rates with official sources like German Mission In India, VFS Global or other official sources from your sponsor before making any purchases or application submissions.


Information last updated Jan 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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