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How to Easily Identify Your Bag in a Crowded Airport

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 20/10/2023
  • 2 min read

Travelling is fun, but the most daunting task is to do the airport formalities. After an adventurous vacation, you want to get done with luggage claims quickly. But sometimes, it is just the opposite of that; baggage claim becomes a tedious process. People wait on carousels for their luggage to claim, and it gets lost in between because all the luggage seems the same. So what should you do in such a situation?

Well, the answer to the query is to have something unique to identify luggage quickly. From putting luggage name tags to decorating their luggage, people are very crafty at spotting their luggage on the baggage carousel belt easily. However, it is not uncommon for luggage to get lost or damaged during transit. And that's why individuals opt for a travel insurance policy to incur for the damages.

In this blog we will understand all about the best luggage identification ideas.

Ways to Identify Your Luggage

There are plenty of ways to identify luggage at the airports. Here are some of the best luggage identifiers ideas are listed below:

Employ Colourful Luggage Tag- The first way to identify luggage on a carousel quickly is to use colourful luggage tags. Most of the baggage seems the same on the carousel, and with the same kind of tag given by airlines, finding which one is yours can take time. Having a colourful luggage tag will make the job of finding luggage easy.

Bright Luggage Strap- Another popular luggage identification idea is using the bright luggage strap or belt. This type of luggage identifier is readily available at departmental stores. All you have to do is attach the bright belt to your luggage. This way, you can quickly identify the luggage on the baggage carousel. However, choose the luggage strap colour based on your luggage. If your bag is of dark colour, go with a bright colour strap and vice versa.

Use Luggage Stickers- Another way to identify your luggage is by using colourful stickers. It is an excellent technique to make your luggage stand out, especially in the peak or crowded seasons. You can easily buy sparkly or colourful stickers from any stationary store.

Use Colourful Scarf or Ribbon- Another quick tip to make your luggage distinct from others is to use a colourful ribbon or scarf. If you notice that an aeroplane is flying at its capacity, there is a chance that the luggage gets lost. Then, you can tie down a scarf or ribbon around the handle to make your luggage distinct. Further, if you have multiple luggage, use a different scarf or ribbon on each. Make sure to tie it tightly so that the knot won't open during loading and unloading.

Luggage Tracker Tags- This is another best luggage identifier technique which is using GPS-enabled tracker tags. You can buy these luggage tracker tags from the departmental store. However, they need to integrate with mobile phones and laptops to track the location of luggage. These tracker tags can be put inside or outside of the bag.

Personalised Luggage Bag- Lastly, to identify your luggage, you can personalise it by using your name handle wrap on the luggage, using a favourite saying or image. This way, your luggage will be easily spotted on the baggage carousel. You can customise the luggage handle wrap by visiting the craft shop in your area.

These are just some of the quick luggage identifier ideas. Other than this, you can also use neon bracelets on handle or duct tape and more.

Popular Tips for Baggage Claim

While having luggage identifiers is helpful, there are some tips that can help in baggage claim, such as:

  • Keeping the contact information tag inside or outside the baggage is vital. If the luggage gets lost while checking out, the authorities can contact the person.

  • Further, another essential thing to keep in mind while travelling is to pack appropriately. If the baggage is beyond capacity, authorities can ask you to remove some clothes or things, which delays the luggage process.

  • Moreover, if the authorities put the luggage tag on the bag, check the information to avoid confusion. It is best to ensure that the information on luggage tags is correct.

  • After reaching the destination, getting to the baggage claim area as early as possible is best. If the airport is big and has multiple baggage carousel points, it is best to ask the airport staff where your flight luggage will arrive.

  • With so many people waiting for their luggage in the baggage claim area, it is best to be prepared and active. Potential thieves can be there since the luggage claim area is not secured. So keep your eye on the belt so that when your luggage arrives, you can pick it up quickly.

  • Once you get your luggage, it is best to check the luggage tag to ensure you have picked the right bag. If you accidentally picked up the wrong bag, you must return it to the correct bag owner or airport authorities.

Importance of Travel Insurance Plan With Baggage Loss and Delay

During travelling, getting lost, stolen or damaged luggage is common. This generally happens during the festive or holiday season. Even with all the necessary precautions, luggage loss or damage can affect the travel itinerary. If something like this happened at the trip's start, it spoils the whole mood.

That's why having a travel insurance policy is necessary. If the luggage gets lost or damaged, the insurance company will incur for all the financial losses as per the policy condition. Everything is covered under the travel insurance plan, from medical emergencies to personal liability and more. Tata AIG has an international travel insurance plan starting at ₹40.82.

Further, with Tata AIG, making a travel insurance claim is easy and hassle-free.


Baggage claims can be a tedious and frustrating process for anyone. If your journey is long, you are already jetlagged, and on top of that if your baggage doesn't show up on the carousel, anybody can become anxious. That's why having the best luggage identifiers on your bag will ease the process. One can easily spot your luggage on the carousel by attaching these luggage identifiers.


How to make sure your luggage always comes out first at an airport?

Usually, the individuals who checked in last during the flight are the ones whose luggage comes first on the baggage carousel. Other than this, airlines offer priority luggage service to some passengers such as those travelling in business class.

How do you know which is your baggage carousel?

The Airline crew makes an announcement for the passengers about the baggage carousel where their luggage will be arriving. They ask all the passengers to report to the destination so that they can pick up their luggage without any delay.

What are the best luggage identifiers?

A personalised luggage identifier is best to differentiate your luggage from others.

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