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How to Fill Passport Application Form?

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 24/01/2023

It is easy for first-time passport applicants to feel overwhelmed. The most pressing concern that repeatedly emerges for new passport applicants is not knowing how to fill out the passport form. For those who are puzzled about passport form filling, fret not, for we have created the perfect guide to fill passport application form to answer all your questions.

Before we get started with the application form for passports, it is important to learn the importance of a comprehensive travel insurance plan for securing your passport and your journeys. In unfortunate events such as misplacing your passport in a foreign country, travelling insurance can be your best friend. You can use your travel insurance to compensate for the expenses of procuring a new passport. As the passport establishes your identity in a foreign land, it is only wise to secure it with travelling insurance. Now that we have learned the value of travel insurance, let us understand the procedure for passport form fill-up.

Necessary Criteria for Passport Form Filling

The process for passport form fill-up is meticulous. Before you can apply for any service from the online portal, you must register on the Passport Seva portal and create an account. Once you signup, you have to log in on the official Passport Seva using your username and password and follow the below-mentioned guide to fill passport application form:

  • Choose the Service You Require

From the list of services, select re-issuance of a passport (passport renewal) or new passport. For the re-issue of your passport, you will have to provide a reason from the following options:

  • Exhaustion of pages in the passport booklet
  • Passport validity lapsed within three years or is about to expire
  • The passport has been expired for more than three years
  • The passport has been damaged
  • You have lost your passport
  • You wish to change or alter the personal details in your passport

If you need to change any of your personal details in your passport, you will again have to inform the Passport Office about the reasons for doing so:

  • Change of your appearance
  • Change in your name or surname
  • Birth date
  • Signature
  • Address
  • Adding or removing the name of your spouse
  • Deleting ECR
  • Other reasons

Once you choose the relevant option from the aforementioned categories, the next thing to do is choose your application type from Tatkal or Normal.

Then choose the booklet type, which is either 60 pages or 36 pages. Finally, you will have to select the validity of the passport needed. For minors between the ages of 15-18, parents can choose either 10-year validity or until their kids turn 18 years of age. For adults, the passport is usually valid for up to 10 years from the date of issuance. For minor applicants, this validity is limited to five years or until they turn 18, whichever is earlier.

  • Filling Out Applicant Details

You will often find new applicants searching for “filled passport application form” or “passport application form filled sample” on their search windows. However, there is no need to look for a passport application form filled sample because the online application form for a passport is both simple and straightforward. The applicant only needs to enter the relevant details in the right fields. For a seamlessly filled passport application form, keep the following personal details handy:

  • Full name
  • If you are known by any other name (if this applies to you, you will need to mention the details in Column 1 of the Supplementary Form)
  • If you have ever changed your name (if this applies to you, you will need to mention the details in Column 2 of the Supplementary Form)
  • Birth date
  • Birthplace *(if you are born before the 15th of August 1947 in Pakistan or Bangladesh, you will have to mention “Undivided Area”)
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Indian citizenship
  • PAN card and Voter ID card specifications

Employment type in passport: for this, you will have to choose the relevant one from the following list:

  • PSU
  • Government
  • Self-employed
  • Private
  • Statutory body
  • Homemaker
  • Unemployed
  • Student
  • Retired-private service
  • Retired government servant
  • If you are either the owner, or director, of companies that are a member of CII, FICCI, and ASSOCHAM
  • Others

You will be expected to disclose the name of the organisation if you are employed by a statutory body, PSU, or Government. In the employment type in the passport, you will also have to specify if your spouse or your parent (applicable for minors) is a government servant.

  • Educational Qualification

  • If you are eligible under the non-ECR category

  • Visible distinguishing mark

  • Number of your Aadhar Card

  • Filling Out Family Details

  • The name of your mother and your father

  • The name of your legal guardian

  • The name of your spouse

  • Minors need to fill out the following details about the passport of their parents:

  • The file or passport number of the father or the legal guardian

  • If the applicant does not have Indian citizenship, they will need to mention the nationality of the father or the legal guardian

  • The file or passport number of the mother or the legal guardian

  • If the applicant does not have Indian citizenship, they will need to mention the nationality of the mother or the legal guardian

  • Filling Out Current Residential Details

  • House number with the street name

  • Details about the city, town, or village

  • Details about the district, state, or UT, police station, and PIN code

  • Contact details: mobile number and email address

  • You will be expected to specify if your permanent address matches the address of your current residence. If this is not the case, the applicant will have to specify information in Column 4 in supplementary form.

  • Filling Out Emergency Contact Details

  • Name and residential address (specify if it is not similar to the current address)

  • Contact number and email ID

  • Filling Out Previous Passport or Application Details

  • Identity Certificate Number or Passport

  • Expiry date and the date of passport issuance

  • Place where the passport had been issued

  • Whether or not you have applied for a passport and if it has been issued. If yes, then share the file number, year and month of application, and passport office name.

  • If the applicant owns or has previously owned a diplomatic passport, they will have to submit the information in Column 6 of the Supplementary Form.

  • Miscellaneous Details

  • Any pending criminal proceedings

  • Have been convicted by an Indian court

  • The applicant has been previously refused a passport

  • If the applicant has applied for or has been granted foreign citizenship

  • If the applicant has returned to India through an Emergency Certificate

  • Fee Details

  • The payable fee

  • The fee payment method. If the amount has been paid through a demand draft, submit the issue date of the DD, expiry date, number, and the name and branch of the bank

  • Attachments

Enclose the relevant documents with the passport application form

  • Self-Declaration

Your signature or thumbprint, along with place, date, month, and year to complete the online and offline passport form fill up

In Conclusion

Knowing the passport form-filling process can help you plan and ensure a seamless procedure. It is also advisable to secure your passport and your trip with a comprehensive travel insurance plan. The travelling insurance by Tata AIG secures the traveller against a host of unpleasant travel-related mishaps. You can partially secure your journeys with flight cancellation insurance that covers you against poor weather conditions, strikes, natural disasters, and other unforeseeable eventualities.

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