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Known for its rich culture, stunning art and architecture, beautiful vineyards and mouth-watering cuisines, Italy indeed makes place on travel destinations for several people.

Situated in Southern Europe, Italy is a small country that welcomes tourists from all over the globe. The same goes for the Indians who want to visit Italy. However, doing so requires getting an Italy visa for Indians.

Here, in this article, that is what you are going to know about. How to get an Italy visa, what are visa fees for Italy and all the other information.

Do Indian Travellers Need an Italy Visa?

As mentioned earlier, Italy is located in Southern Europe, making it a member of the European Union (EU) and Schengen Area. It means Yes, as an Indian passport holder, you would need an Italy Visa, also known as a Schengen Italy Visa.

To get this visa, you need to apply prior to planning your trip to Italy. The Italy Visa is issued for six months and allows you to stay in the country for around 90 days.

However, there are different types of Italy visa for Indians as per the requirements, like tourist visa, student visa, work visa, etc., which you will learn in the next section.

Does Italy Offer Visa-On-Arrival for Indians?

  • No, like other major European countries, Italy does not offer the service of visa on arrival for Indian Passport holders. If you want to visit the country, you need to apply for a visa and get it before your trip. However, there are certain conditions under which Italy may allow you to enter without a visa. These conditions are:

  • If you are an Indian citizen with a Schengen Visa, then you are eligible to enter Italy

  • You have a diplomatic or service passport from India.

Types and Visa Fees for Italy

Italy issues a variety of visas to Indian citizens based on their reason and duration of stay. The major categories of Italian visas are the Schengen Visa “C” Type and the Italian National Visa “D” Type. Under these are other subcategories of visas.

Schengen Visa “C” Type

This visa type is also known as a short-term visa for Italy, as it grants permission between 90 days to 180 days from the date of your first entry. This visa type is also sub-categorised as these:

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is issued to individuals who want to enter Italy for tourism purposes, like sightseeing, visiting family or friends and other non-business activities. Here are the Tourist visa fees for Indian Passport holders.

Tourist Visa Type Approx. Fees (in Euros) Approx. Fees (in ₹)
Tourist Visa Fees (A, B, C Types) 80 ₹7150
Visa Fee for applicants aged between 6 – 12 (Categories A, B or C) 40 ₹3580
Visa fee for applicants aged under 6 0 ₹0

Business Visa

A business visa is granted to people travelling to Italy with the purpose of business-related activities like attending business meetings, dealing with partners, signing contracts, etc. Here are the visa fee details for the business visa type.

Business Visa Type Approx. Fees (in Euros) Approx. Fees (in ₹)
Business Visa Fees (A, B, C Types) 80 ₹ 7150
Business Visa Fee for applicants aged between 6 – 12 (Categories A, B or C) 40 ₹ 3580
Business Visa fee for applicants aged under 6 0 ₹ 0

Student Visa

Student visa under the “C” Type is issued to students who are visiting Italy for any short-term education program or training, as the permit period of this visa lasts less than 90 days. Moreover, there are no visa fees for this visa.

Transit Visa

A transit visa is issued when you need permission to enter or stay in Italy for a short duration while you’re transiting to another country. Here are the transit visa fee details.

Transit Visa Type Approx. Fees (in Euros) Approx. Fees (in ₹)
Transit Visa Fees (A, B, C Types) 80 ₹ 7150

Italy National Visa “D” Type

Italy National Visa (NV) or long-term visa is issued to grant permission to stay for more than 90 days of duration. There are types of “D” Type visa depending on the reason and duration of stay, these are described below.

Student Visa

This type of student visa is issued to students who are visiting and would stay in Italy for more than 90 days of duration for any educational purpose. Here are the visa fee details for this:

Student Visa Type Approx. Fees (in Euros) Approx. Fees (in ₹)
Student Visa Fees (D Type) 50 ₹ 4470

Religious Visa

Religious visa is issued to individuals who will be staying in Italy to perform full-time religious work. Such as conducting worship, teaching and guidance, spiritual guidance, etc. Here are the religious visa fee details:

Visa Type Approx. Fees (in Euros) Approx. Fees (in ₹)
Visa Fees (D Type) 116 ₹ 10360

Employment Visa

An employment visa is issued to individuals seeking entry and long-term stay permission for work/employment. These are the Italy work visa price details:

Visa Type Approx. Fees (in Euros) Approx. Fees (in ₹)
Visa Fees (D Type) 116 ₹ 10360

Family Reunion Visa

A family reunion visa is issued to individuals who are visiting their family: children, spouse or parents and would stay for more than 90 days. Here is the visa fee for this type of visa.

Visa Type Approx. Fees (in Euros) Approx. Fees (in ₹)
Visa Fees (D Type) 116 ₹ 10360
Note: The visa fees mentioned above are subject to change as per current policies and currency rates. Please verify them prior to going ahead with your Italy Visa Application.

How to Apply for an Italy Visa for Indians from India?

The application process for an Italy visa for Indians is quite straightforward. It is your choice how you want to proceed. There is an online method and an offline method; steps to apply both methods are given below.

Online Italy Visa Application Process

Here are the steps to apply online for an Italian visa from India.

Step 1: Go to the official website of VFS Global Italy.

Step 2: Select the visa type you want to apply as per your reason and duration of stay.

Step 3: Keep all the necessary documents handy along with your Indian Passport.

Step 4: Book an appointment at your designated Visa Application Centre.

Step 5: Check all your details and proceed with the visa application fee payment.

Offline Italy Visa Application Process

These are the steps for the offline Italy Visa application process from India.

Step 1: Download the Italy visa application form online.

Step 2: Read and understand the form, then fill in all the details carefully.

Step 3: Keep all your documents handy that are required for visa application.

Step 4: Schedule an appointment with your designated Embassy/Consulate.

Step 5: Visit the Embassy/Consulate as scheduled and submit your form with all documents.

Step 6: Make payment for Visa Application Fees.

Documents Required for Italy Visa

Italy's government is strict about having valid documents for their visa applications. They use these documents to run background checks on your financial capability and nationality. You must have all these documents prepared before you apply for the Italy visa for Indians.

  • A valid Indian passport

  • Duly filled Application Form

  • Confirmed round-trip tickets

  • Confirmed hotel accommodation documents

  • Bank statements of previous months

  • Latest Passport-size photographs with 35x45 mm dimensions

  • Valid International travel insurance documents

  • Proof of employment/ student IDs

What is the Processing Time for an Italy Visa from India

Once you have applied for an Italy visa, it goes through several verification steps. The processing time for this process can differ depending on the visa type and duration you have applied for.

For example, it might take less time to issue a tourist visa than a work visa. Because the Italy tourist visa requirements differ from those of work visas.

However, if you have submitted all the valid documents and forms, then it should take 10-15 working days to process your visa application.

Italy Visa Application Status Check

While your Italy visa application goes through processing, you can still get updated about whether it is pending, delayed or cancelled. Here are the steps to follow to check your Italy visa application status.

Step 1: Visit the official website of VFS Global Italy.

Step 2: Once the page loads, search and select the designated Italy Embassy/Consulate you applied to.

Step 3: Now go to “Track Your Application”.

Step 4: Enter your reference number and date of birth.

Step 5: Enter the captcha and hit “Submit.”

Step 6: Your application status will be displayed on the screen.

Italy Visa from India Cost

The cost for the Italy visa application process depends on the type of visa you have requested, regardless of the number of visa-entry. It is done to avoid disorder while issuing the visas; here are the visa fees for all the visa types.

Type of Visa  Approx. Visa Application Fees (in €) Approx. Visa Application Fees (in ₹)
Religious Multiple Entry Normal 69.9 ₹6355
Business  Multiple Entry Normal 89.4 ₹8135
Student Multiple Entry Normal 69.9 ₹6355
Work Multiple Entry Normal 69.9 ₹6355
Tourist Multiple Entry Normal 89.4 ₹8135

Italy E-Visa for Indian Citizens?

E-visa is a digital visa document that allows multiple entries in Italy with 90 days of stay permission with each entry. The validity of this document is 3 years from the date of issue. However, like in any other European Union country, an e-visa is issued only from the list of eligible countries. Unfortunately, India is not included in the list, thus, Indian citizens are not issued e-visa.

It means if you want to travel to Italy, you need to apply for a visa application and get the visa before your trip.

Importance of International Travel Insurance

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Wrapping Up

A visa is an essential document if you want to travel to foreign countries, especially to countries like Italy, where Indian citizens are allowed to enter only when they have valid visa documents. Thus, you must apply for a visa prior to your trip to Italy, and remember to keep your documents like passport, travel tickets, hotel accommodation documents, passport-size photos, bank details and travel insurance policy papers with you while applying.

In addition to these documents, you might have to pay fees at various steps of visa processing. These Italy visa application fees are subject to changes as per policy changes and current currency exchange rates, so make sure you verify them before you apply for Italy visa applications.

Disclaimer: Your total Italy visa fees may vary from the amount mentioned here, depending on the current government policies, international regulations and currency exchange rates. It is advised to verify the latest visa charges before applying.

You can visit websites like VFS Global Italy and the official website of the Embassy of Italy in India to verify the charges.


Information last updated Jan 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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