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What do we enjoy the most about Japan? The food? The ancient temples? Or do you prefer traditional arts and eloquent poetry? We love a lot of things about Japan, and there are a lot of foreigners in the country on a Japanese visa. There is even a Japan visa for Indians, allowing Indians to explore this fascinating country.

Whether visiting Japan for work or vacation, Indian citizens must apply for a visa. The Japanese government does not allow anyone to enter the country without proper visa permissions. So, if you plan to visit, make sure you have your passport and visa documents ready.

In this blog, let us dig in and learn about the visa fees for Japan and its overall process for Indians.

Do Indian Travellers Need a Japanese Visa?

Yes, in order to enter Japan, Indian travellers must obtain a visa. There are multiple visa categories available in the nation; Indian citizens are eligible to apply for a visa to enter Japan for related purposes.

You can easily apply for a Japanese visa online or offline, and the cost will vary based on the type of visa you choose. Indian citizens must pay the Japanese visit visa application fee and should also have legitimate documentation, such as a six-month-valid Indian passport, identification documentation, and sufficient funds.

Does Japan Offer Visa-On-Arrival for Indians?

Travellers can apply for a visa using the "Visa-on-arrival" service once they arrive at their destination. It is usually available for temporary travel permits. There are travel destinations such as Indonesia, Maldives, and so on that offer Indian citizens this type of visa option.

However, Indian passport holders are not eligible for a Visa on Arrival in Japan. Prior to their trip to Japan, Indian tourists must obtain a tourist visa. It is important to apply for the visa as soon as possible and follow the correct procedures at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General in India.

Disclaimer: For the most recent information, make sure to check with the official authorities or the embassy before organising your trip and researching Japan visa fees.

Types of Japanese Visa and Fees

For Indian tourists, the Japanese government issues a variety of visas, including work, transit, and tourist visas. The fees for each of these visa categories are set. This is a detailed table listing all of the Japan visa categories and associated costs. Japan Tourist Visa Fee A tourist visa os for individuals planning a trip to Japan for tourism purposes. This Japan tourist visa is typically granted for a limited time. Here are the details for a Japanese tourist visa for Indian fees and validity periods.

Tourist Visa  Validity Period Approx. Fees (in ¥) Approx. Fees (in ₹)
Single entry visa Up to 90 days ¥9,172 ₹5,400 
Multiple entry Visa Up to 5 Years ¥18,283 ₹10,800

Japan Business Visa Fee For those travelling to Japan for business purposes. Attending conferences, meetings, or engaging in business negotiations are examples of such activities. Here are the details for Indian business visa fees and validity periods.

Business Visa  Validity Period Approx. Fees (in ¥) Approx. Fees (in ₹)
Single entry  Up to 90 days  ¥1,963 ₹1,160
Multiple entry  Up to 90 days  ¥ 863 ₹510

Japan Student Visa Fee

Individuals who intend to study at a Japanese educational institution. Here are the details for Indian Student visa fees and validity periods.

Student Visa  Validity Period Approx. Fees (in ¥) Approx. Fees (in ₹)
Single entry visa  Up to 6 months - 2 years ¥3,000-5,000. ₹1,771-2,952
Multiple entry visa Up to 6 months - 2 years ¥6,000 ₹3,543

Japan Work Visa Fee Individuals planning to work in Japan must have this certification. The type of work visa required may differ depending on the nature of the job, such as Instructor, Engineer, Humanities Specialist, International Services, and so on. Here are the details for Japan Work visa fees and validity periods.

Work Visa  Validity Period Approx. Fees (in ¥) Approx. Fees (in ₹)
Single entry visa Up to 90 days ¥3,000  ₹ 1,767
Multiple entry visa Up to 90 days ¥6,000  ₹ 3,534

Japan Transit Visa Fee A transit visa is for visitors passing through Japan en route to another destination. Here are the details for Transit visa fees and validity periods.

Transit Visa  Validity Period Approx. Fees (in ¥) Approx. Fees (in ₹)
Single entry visa Up to 15 days ¥84 ₹ 50
Multiple entry visa Up to 15 days ¥84 ₹ 50

Japan Entertainer visa Fee For professional performers, artists, and other entertainers visiting Japan. Here are the details for Indian Entertainer visa fees and validity periods.

Entertainer Visa  Validity Period Approx. Fees (in ¥) Approx. Fees (in ₹)
Single entry Up to 90 days ¥9,172 ₹5,400 
Multiple entry Up to 5 Years ¥18,283 ₹10,800

Note: All of the above-mentioned visa fees are subject to change based on current currency rates and policy changes. Remember to confirm them before applying for the visa.

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How to Apply for a Japanese Visa from India?

With the increasing number of visa applications, the Japanese government has decided to provide both online and offline options. It simplified Japan visa processing time for both applicants and authorities.

The steps for applying for a Japanese visa online and offline are provided here.

Online Application Process

Step 1: Visit the official portal of the Japanese Embassy in India or the appropriate Consulate General.

Step 2: Check the visa requirements for the specific purpose of your visit (tourism, business, work, etc.).

Step 3: Sort out all the required documents, such as the visa application form, passport-sized photos, passport, flight itinerary, hotel reservations, and any other documents requested by the embassy.

Step 4: On the designated portal, complete the online visa application form.

Step 5: Ensure to Scan and upload the required documents in accordance with the instructions.

Step 6: Submit your completed application form and supporting documents online.

Step 7: Pay the applicable visa processing fee online.

Step 8: You may receive a confirmation email after submitting your application. Keep this for future reference.

Offline Application Process

Step 1: Visit the Japanese Embassy in India or the Consulate General responsible for your region.

Step 2: Get a visa application form from the embassy or consulate.

Step 3: To understand the required documents and process, carefully read the instructions.

Step 4: Fill out the visa application form completely. Use block letters and black ink.

Step 5: Gather all necessary documents, including your passport, photos, flight itinerary, hotel reservations, and any other documents.

Step 6: Visit the embassy or consulate to submit your application form and documents.

Step 7: Pay the visa processing fee at the designated bank or as directed by the embassy.

Step 8: Get a receipt for your visa fee payment. Keep it to track the progress of your application.

Step 9: Be patient, as processing times vary. You may be able to track the status of your application online.

Step 10: When your visa is approved, go to the embassy or consulate to pick up the papers. If your application is denied, you will receive a letter explaining why.

Documents Required for Japanese Visa

The documents needed for a Japanese visa depends on the type of visa you are applying for (tourist, business, work, etc.).

However, the following documents are commonly required for most types of Japanese visas:

Visa application form: Obtain the most recent version of the visa application form from the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate. Fill it completely and accurately.

Valid passport: Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the duration of your intended stay in Japan, and it must contain at least two blank visa pages.

Passport-size photos: Provide recent passport-size colour photographs that meet the Japanese embassy or consulate's specific requirements.

Flight itinerary: Present your round-trip airline ticket confirmation or a confirmed travel schedule as identification.

Accommodation reservations: Ensure to provide proof of lodging arrangements in Japan. This could be a hotel or apartment reservation or a letter of invitation from a Japanese host with information about their residence.

Proof of financial means: Ensure to provide the proof of having sufficient financial resources to back up your expenses during your stay. This could include your bank statements, proof of income, or a sponsorship letter.

Certificate of employment or school enrollment (if applicable): If you are employed, provide a certificate from your employer or a letter from your school if you are a student.

**Letter of guarantee: If you are being sponsored by a Japanese citizen, they may be required to provide a letter of guarantee as well as documents proving their financial capability.

Purpose of visit statement: Provide a detailed explanation of your reason for visiting Japan. Outline your planned activities, whether they are for tourism, business meetings, academic pursuits, or other reasons. The statement should be brief but informative, assisting visa officers in understanding the nature of your visit.

Health insurance: It is strongly recommended that the applicant obtain travel health insurance that can cover their entire stay in Japan, such as medical emergencies, hospitalisation, and repatriation.

Additional Documentation

Educational certificate: Provide a copy of your educational certificate or enrollment confirmation from your institution if you are visiting Japan for educational purposes. This document assists in establishing your academic background and the significance of your visit to your educational pursuits.

Marriage certificate (if applicable): Provide a copy of your marriage certificate if you are married and your spouse is accompanying you or if your marital status is relevant to your visa application. Certain visa types, such as family or dependent visas, may require this document.

Birth certificate: In some cases, a copy of your birth certificate may be required. This document may be useful, particularly for visas involving family members or for establishing personal identity.

Proof of finances (salary slip, bank statement): Provide documentation demonstrating your financial stability and ability to support yourself while in Japan. Recent pay slips, employment contracts, and bank statements may be included. Make certain that these documents accurately reflect your financial situation.

Japanese Visa Application Fees from India

Each country has a set fee for visa applications, regardless of which country they are applying for. These Japan visa fees for Indians, however, are subject to change due to changes made by authorities or current currency rates. As a result, it is best to double-check all fee amounts before applying.

Let us now examine the approximate Japan visa price for Indian citizens.

Visa Type Approx. Visa Application Fees (in ¥) Approx. Visa Application Fees (in ₹)
Business Visa- Single Entry ¥1,969 ₹1,160
Tourist Visa- Single Entry  ¥9,169 ₹5,400
Work Visa- Single Entry ¥3,000 ₹1,766
Tourist Visa- Normal Entry  ¥3,113 ₹1,833

Japanese Visa Price: Cancellation Fees and Overstay Fines and Visa Extension

If you have to cancel your trip to Japan due to unanticipated events, you must be aware of potential cancellation fees. Depending on the type of visa and the date of cancellation, additional fees may apply.

Here’s more to know about

Cancellation fees: If you cancel your visa application or residence status after it has been submitted, you may be charged a fee. The cancellation fees can vary, so it's best to check with the Japanese Embassy or Consulate or the relevant immigration office for the most up-to-date information.

Overstay penalties: In Japan, overstaying your visa is known to be a serious offence that can result in fines or other penalties. The fines can increase with each additional day of overstay.

It is important to understand the rules and regulations governing visa durations and extensions. Check with the immigration authorities or the official immigration website of Japan for the most up-to-date information.

Visa extension fees: A Japan Visa Extension, also called an Extension of Period of Stay, is required for anyone who wishes to stay in Japan for a longer period of time than the one for which their visa was originally issued. The 4,000 Yen cost of a Japan Visa Extension must be paid with revenue stamps.

Starting on the day the local Immigration Services receive your completed application, the processing of your Japan Visa Extension application can take anywhere from two weeks to a month.

Importance of Travel Insurance

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The Japanese government places a high priority on visitors having current travel insurance when visiting their nation. Japan has mandated that visitors possess international travel insurance that covers medical treatment and quarantine for COVID-19, particularly in the wake of the pandemic.

However, having travelling insurance in hand shields you from other mishappensings as well as being essential for COVID-19 protection in Japan. A good International travel insurance online like Tata AIG covers your costs in case of lost luggage or medical emergencies. Not only that, but citizens can also opt for flight cancellation insurance with Tata AIG.

Therefore, for additional protection and to ensure that you can travel and enjoy your trip worry-free, check out our Tata AIG travel insurance policies whenever you are applying for a Japanese visa. Also Read: Travel Insurance Japan


Indian nationals must have a valid visa in order to enter Japan. You might have to pay the application fees and additional Japanese visa fees as instructed by the authorities in order to accomplish that.

Furthermore, Indian applicants for visas can complete all of these procedures online or offline, which makes it simpler for them to receive their visas faster.

Nonetheless, you should always confirm with representatives of the Embassy or Consulate that you are correctly processing every step of the Japanese legal system. Always ensure you have all of your documentation with you, including your passport, visa, proof of identity, and international travel insurance, for a hassle-free trip.


Is Japan visa application free?

No, applying for a visa to Japan is not free. Depending on your visa types there are several visa fees, and the amount varies depending on the type of visa you are applying for. Check with the Japanese embassy or consulate where you intend to submit your application for the current fee structure.

Is Japan visa-free for Indians?

No, Indian passport holders cannot enter Japan without a visa. Before travelling to Japan, Indian citizens must obtain a visa. Specific visa requirements and application procedures are available from the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country.


Information last updated Jan 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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