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L1 Visa Interview Questions

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 12/12/2022

The United States of America (USA) issues L1 visas to professionals who are currently employed with a company but are willing to relocate or transfer to the USA. To get an L1 visa, you must belong to the executive, managerial, or specialised knowledge category.

Also, you must fulfil the following conditions to get an approval for the L1 visa:

  • You must be joining the same company (or its parent or subsidiary) in the USA in which you’re working in your native state
  • You’re joining the headquarters of your current company, and the headquarter is located in the USA

The primary advantage of the L1 visa for companies is that it allows them to transfer any number of employees to the USA. They can get the L1 blanket approval for all of them at once, and this eliminates the need for getting separate approvals from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

For a company to qualify for L1 blanket approval of its employees, it has to fulfil the following L1 visa eligibility requirements:

  • It should be engaged in commercial trade and service
  • It should have an office in the US and must be doing business for one year or more
  • It must have at least three foreign and domestic branches, affiliates, and subsidiaries.
  • It should be based in the USA and must have over 1000 employees
  • The annual sale of the company should be at least 25 million US Dollars
  • It should have received L1 visa approval for at least 10 employees in the past 12 months

L1 Visa Interview

By now, you must have understood what is L1 visa and L1 visa eligibility. However, do you know that to get the final L1 visa approval from the authorities, you will have to go through an L1 visa interview. If you fail to crack this interview, there are high chances of your visa getting rejected by the embassy.

So, you need to prepare yourself well to ensure that you crack this interview. You must devote appropriate time to research and analyse the questions that may be asked during the L1 visa interview.

To help you out, we have listed some basic L1 visa interview questions along with their probable answers in this blog. Continue reading to know more.

L1 Visa Interview Questions

L1 visa interview questions largely depend upon the current circumstances and whether you’re applying for the L1A visa (for managers, executives, and business owners) or the L1B visa (for employees with specialised knowledge). The L1 interview questions can be categorised into general, current work-related, and US work-related categories.

We’ve also prepared a separate list for L1A visa interview questions and L1B visa interview questions. Let’s get started now.

General Questions

Which visa do you want to apply for?

You need to answer that I am applying for an L1 visa and also specify the type of L1 visa, that is, L1A or L1B visa.

Can you confirm your name and contact details?

Answer this question appropriately. Mention your full name, contact number, and e-mail address.

Have you visited the United States previously?

If you’ve visited the USA previously, answer “Yes”. Else, you can simply say “No”.

If yes, when did you return from your previous visit to the United States?

You need to mention the exact date, month, and year of your arrival in India from your last visit to the US.

Have you applied for the L1 visa before?

If you’ve visited the USA on an L1 visa previously, you need to answer “Yes”. You should also carry the documentary proof of the same.

Have you visited any other foreign country in the past?

If you’ve visited any other foreign country than the USA, you need to mention the names of those countries.

Can you provide your passport, petition letter, immigration letter, and visa fee receipts?

Carry all necessary documents with you and furnish them to the interviewer when asked.

Current Work-related Questions

What is the name of the company in which you’re working currently?

Mention the full name of your current company. Refrain from using any abbreviations.

For how long have you been working at this company?

Mention the number of years you have been working at your current company. You can also mention your date of joining the immigration officer.

What are your roles and responsibilities at your current organisation?

Mention the exact details of your roles and responsibilities at your current organisation. You should also mention the changes in your roles and responsibilities over time, along with your current and previous designations.

What is your monthly or yearly salary?

Mention your exact gross salary and in-hand salary to the immigration officer. You should carry a documentary proof (salary slip or bank statement) of the same with you.

What is your overall work experience?

Provide a brief detail of your overall work experience. Mention the name of the companies in which you’ve worked previously and also your job descriptions while you were working there.

How many people are currently working under your supervision?

If you’re in a senior-level post at your current organisation, you need to specify the exact number of employees that are currently working under your supervision.

Have you got any training at your current organisation?

Provide the details of the training that you’ve received at your current organisation.

Why are you seeking a transfer to the United States?

Mention the accurate reason behind your transfer to the US. Give logical reasons as to why this transfer is necessary.

What are the skills that you possess?

Mention your unique skill-sets and expertise to the immigration officer. Remember that as per the L1 visa eligibility guidelines, it can only be availed by an employee belonging to the executive, managerial, or specialised knowledge category.

Questions Related to Your Work in the United States

What will be your salary in the US?

Mention the salary that you would be receiving in the US in US Dollars.

What will be the location of your work in the US?

Specify the complete address of your workplace in the US. Don’t forget to mention the town/city/state to which you’re being transferred.

What will be your nature or work in the US?

You will need to mention the details of the work that you would be doing for your company in the US.

Where will you stay in the US?

You need to mention the exact address where you will be staying in the US. It can be the address of a friend, relative, company-provided accommodation, etc.

For how long are you planning to stay in the US?

Answer this question based on your requirement. Consult your company to find an appropriate answer.

Who will be your supervisor in the US?

Mention the full name and designation of your supervisor in the US.

Other L1A Visa Interview Questions

  • Do you have the power to recruit or dismiss employees?
  • Have you terminated an employee till now?
  • Do you have any hold over your company’s budget?

Other L1B Visa Interview Questions

  • What professional skills do you have for this US role?
  • Have you performed this role before?
  • Why do you feel a US citizen cannot perform this role?

To Conclude

The questions mentioned above should help you prepare for an L1 visa interview better. You should learn all answers beforehand and be prepared adequately.

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Information last updated Dec 22. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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