L2 Visa Interview Questions

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Traveling abroad for a specific purpose requires adequate planning and preparation. And the first and foremost aspect is to get the visa processed successfully. There is a detailed process to apply for a visa with the necessary documents. Providing the documents and preparing for the interview is extremely crucial. Here is a detail about the interview questions for an L2 visa applicant. Before glancing through the visa interview questions and answers, let us understand what is an L2 visa and its purpose.

What is an L2 Visa?

An L2 visa is required for a spouse, minor or unmarried children under 21 years of age of an L1 visa holder planning to enter the United States of America. It is of non-immigrant status and is valid until the L1 holder's visa remains valid.

With the L2 visa, the applicant can travel within the USA, work full time with any organisation, or enrol in any educational institution.

The applicants must apply for the visa and clear the interview for approval. The consulate officer will interview to examine the purpose of the visa and the relationship with the L1 visa holder. Therefore, knowing and understanding the visa interview questions to answer them sincerely is important. Now that you know what is an L2 visa, here are a few US visa questions and answers to help you!

Basic Visa Interview Questions

What is the purpose of going to the USA?

Answer based on the real purpose of your travel plan to the USA. For example, it can be to join your husband and start working, join your parents and start pursuing higher education, etc.,

What is the type of visa you have applied for now?

Answer that you have applied for the L2 visa.

How did you apply for the L2 visa?

This is an important L2 visa interview question. The consulate officer might want to know how you applied for the visa, whether on your own or with another person's help. Answer based on your application experience.

How long will your visa be valid?

The officer will want you to know that the L2 visa will have an expiry date and can be valid until the L1 visa holder's visa remains active. Know the process you have to go through after the visa expires and substantiate your answer.

L2 Visa Interview Personal Questions

Where did you do your graduation?

Speak about your educational qualification and where you graduated. Provide the relevant certificates.

Are you currently working in an organisation?

Answer if you are currently employed.

Are you a student?

Answer if you are a student in a school or a college.

Are you planning to work or study in the US?

Answer the question and mention the educational institution or the organization if asked further.

Who is paying for your expenses for the travel?

This is an important L2 visa interview question. Know the travel expenses and who is paying for them in your family.

Where are you planning to stay in the USA?

Mention the place of your stay and provide the address if possible.

Do you have friends or family members other than the L1 visa holder?

Answer if you have any other friends or family members in the US, and be aware of their place of residence if you are questioned further.

L2 Visa Interview Questions Regarding Any Previous Travel Experience To The USA

Is this your first travel plan to the USA?

Answer the question rightly. Remember that the officer can cross-check your answer.

What type of visa did you have on your previous visit?

Name the visa you applied for last time exactly.

Has your visa faced rejection at any time?

This is an important L2 visa interview question. Be sincere about any rejection experience to go through the approval process legally.

What was your purpose of travel the last time, and how long did you stay there?

If you have travelled to the USA before, explain the purpose and mention the duration.

L2 Visa Interview Questions and Answers for Spouse

What is your spouse's date of birth?

Mention the date of birth based on the records.

What is the educational qualification of your spouse?

Answer with the exact educational qualification and provide proof of graduation if required.

Where is your spouse currently employed?

Name the organisation where your spouse is working.

How long is your spouse working in the US?

Mention the duration, years, or months based on the duration of employment.

Where is your spouse currently staying in the US?

This is an important L2 interview question. Answer with the place and address correctly. The officer might expect you to know this exactly, especially if you plan to join them.

L2 Interview Questions and Answers Regarding Marriage And Children

When and where did your marriage happen?

Answer the correct date and place of your marriage as per records.

Can you show me the wedding invitation and marriage certificate?

This is an important L2 interview question. Ensure to have a copy of your invitation and marriage certificate to provide it for their reference.

Where are your in-laws residing, and what are their names?

Mention the correct names of your in-laws as per records and their place of stay.

How many children do you have, and how old are they?

Answer with correct names and ages as per their birth certificates. You may be asked to provide them during the interview.

Do your children have United States citizenship?

This is one of the important US visa questions and answers. Answer the question and provide all the relevant information.

Expected Questions When Your L2 Visa and Your Spouse's Or Parent's L1 Visa are Applied Separately

When was your spouse's or your parent's L1 visa approved and stamped?

Answer mentioning the exact date.

Why didn't you apply for the L2 visa separately?

Provide the right reason and ensure not to contradict other answers already said.

How long has your spouse been staying in the US?

Answer exactly, mentioning how many years and from which year if asked.

What is your spouse's annual income?

This is one of the important US visa questions and answers. Answer with relevant information.

Can you show us your spouse's bank account statement?

This is an important L2 interview question. Ensure to have a copy of the bank statements for the last six months and provide it to them.

Has your spouse's organisation applied for a green card petition?

Answer the question exactly and provide relevant information if asked further.

These are some of the most common L2 interview questions and answers. There can be slight variations based on the purpose of your travel plan to the US. So, be prepared with all possible US visa questions and answers by interacting with friends and family members who have been to the US by applying for the L2 visa.

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L2 visa interview is a mandatory process for spouses, minor children, or unmarried children under 21 years travelling to the USA of an L1 visa holder. The L2 interview questions are based on family, the purpose of travel, and staying in the US. Therefore, it is important to know the expected visa interview questions and answers. Be prepared with the relevant documents. Carry the original documents and a few photocopies to submit when demanded. Be sincere while answering the questions. Feel confident and be to the point!


Information last updated Sep 23. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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