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What To Do for Lost travel Documents Abroad<

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 27/07/2022

Travelling is an amazing experience that makes you forget all worries of life. The memories of your trip remain with you for a long time. However, certain unfortunate events while travelling can cause undue stress that might ruin your travelling experience. The situation can be more stressful if you are in a foreign country.

One of the worst nightmares while travelling abroad is losing your important documents. The documents may be a passport, ID Proof, driving license or credit/debit cards. This unpleasant encounter can spoil your trip if you don’t know what exactly to do.

Many travellers get stuck in similar situations abroad but how to deal with the scenario depends on you. You can either choose to panic or stay calm and find appropriate solutions. Find out what happens if you lose your passport while travelling or other documents.

What if I Lost My Passport in a Foreign Country?

A passport is one of the essential travel docs for international trips. Therefore, losing a passport abroad can create a hassle. Also, you’ll need to replace your passport before you decide on your journey back home.

The first step to take after you find out about the lost passport is filing a police complaint. Police complaints are very helpful in embassy-related procedures. So, make sure you carry a photocopy of the complaint.

How to Get a Replacement Passport?

After filing the police complaint, you must contact the local embassy officials about the loss. Ensure you forward the copy of the police complaint and follow their instructions. To apply for a new passport, you will have to visit the embassy. The authorities would ensure you get replacement passports to travel back to your country in a specific period. For completion of the formalities, the officials will need your 2 passport-sized photos, ticket copies and other necessary documents.

What if My Credit Card or Debit Card Gets Lost or Stolen?

Once you discover that your debit or credit card has been lost or stolen, call your bank immediately and inform them about the loss. The next step should be filing a police complaint about the lost cards and taking a photocopy of the complaint.

The photocopy will come in handy for fulfilling bank formalities. Remember to carry some amount in cash while you are on a trip. This will help manage your essential needs in a foreign country if your cards get stolen or lost.

What if I Lose My Airline Tickets?

Losing air tickets is not an issue as long as you have the e-tickets. In case you do not have access to the e-tickets, then you can contact the travel agent or the airport authorities to resend them. You can also contact your bank for the bank details and get a copy of your ticket.

What if My ID Proof is Missing?

f you lose any of your ID proof while travelling abroad, register a police complaint and inform the embassy about it. To complete the necessary procedure, cooperate with the embassy officials and keep a copy of the police complaint as proof.

To avoid any inconvenience at the airport while returning, make sure the airport authorities know beforehand about your loss. The documents given by the embassy can be used to take a flight back home without much hassle.

Things to Remember Before You Leave for International Trips

It is wise to take adequate precautions for any unforeseen event, especially while travelling to a foreign country, far from your home. So, before leaving for a trip abroad, always make sure to take care of the following things:

  • To avoid any inconvenience in case of a lost travel document, you must carry photocopies of all the essential documents. This is one of the most crucial things to remember before leaving for a trip abroad. The photocopies should consist of your ID proof, passport, visa, etc. This would ensure you don’t have to go through a lengthy procedure to replace the documents or find alternative options.

  • Another thing you can do is to save a copy of your documents on your laptop or another device. You never know what may happen. If you lose all your luggage abroad, the hard copies can also get lost. So, having a soft copy is crucial to be on the safer side.

  • Before leaving for an international trip, put all your travel documents like visa, passport, tickets, etc., in a separate bag. This way, you don’t have to search for the documents every time you need them.

  • Make sure you have important phone numbers like the embassy, friends or family members.

  • Do not forget to carry your passport-size photographs with you.

  • Always ensure you do not leave your luggage or other belongings unattended. Take care of your belongings to avoid any trouble.

Travel Insurance Can Be Your Saviour!

A travel insurance plan is a product that offers you financial coverage against several travel-related issues like flight cancellations, medical emergencies, lost luggage, money or documents. An overseas travel insurance policy acts as a saviour if you lose your important documents and get stranded in a foreign country with no cash or cards.

Also, replacing the documents involves costs. With the right travel insurance plan, you are reimbursed for all the expenses incurred in the replacement of your documents. So, always buy overseas travel insurance from a reputable insurer that ensures everything goes smooth when you claim travel insurance policy. Tata AIG is one such reputed insurer that has a dedicated team of experts to help you with the claim process!


Tata AIG offers several travel insurance policies that make your travelling experience stress-free. The plans help you prepare for unexpected events that may spoil your trip. Whether you are travelling domestically or internationally, Tata AIG helps you tailor your international travel insurance plan to meet your specific travel needs.

If you travel domestically or internationally once in a while, a single-trip insurance plan is an ideal choice. However, you may opt for a multi-trip insurance plan if you travel often. Family travel insurance plans ensure your family’s safety while you travel with them.

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