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Malaysia is famous as a tourist destination; however, it is also known for its beautiful blend of Malay, Indian, Chinese, and indigenous cultures. By fulfilling the necessary visa requirements prior to your visit, you can experience the beautiful coasts, culture, and urban landscape.

Although a Malaysia visa on arrival for Indian citizens is available from entry points in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, or Brunei, they must also meet other Malaysian visa requirements. Here, you will learn about all the necessary visa requirements for a seamless trip to Malaysia.

What are the Malaysia Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens?

Malaysia issues different types of visas to Indian passport holders as per their purpose of visit. Although all these visa types have some specific requirements for visa application, some general requirements need to be met for every visa application.

In addition to these requirements, you must also safeguard your trip from any financial or unforeseen circumstances. Thus, buying travelling insurance is advised before planning any international trip.

Now, let us know about all the documents required for easy Malaysia visa application online.

Indian Passport

An Indian passport is a crucial document for your Malaysian visa application. It acts as your identity document in a foreign nation and authorises that you are permitted to travel internationally.

During the Malaysia visa application, you need to submit your original passport and copies for verification. Make sure that your passport has a validity of at least 6 months. Additionally, you will be asked to provide previous passport documents if deemed necessary.

Visa Application Form

As of 1st January 2024, Indian nationals are provided with a visa waiver for travelling to Malaysia. This waiver is valid until 31st December 2024. However, they need to fulfil the requirements, which include having a valid Indian passport and mandatory online submission of the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) three days prior to their entry date in Malaysia.

However, after the waiver is removed, Indian citizens need to fill Malaysia visa application form and get a visa permit to enter the country.


Photographs are one of the most essential Malaysia entry visa requirements that applicants must fulfil. Photographs are used to verify the identity of each visa applicant; thus, they must be taken according to specified specifications.

  • The photograph must be 35mm wide and 50mm high and should be in colour.

  • It should not have any border and must have only a white background.

  • The photograph must include a close-up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 60-70% of the photograph.

  • You should keep a neutral expression in your photograph. Do not smile or frown, and keep your mouth closed.

  • The photograph should be of high quality with marks or creases.

  • There should be appropriate brightness and contrast in your photograph, and it should show your natural skin tone.

  • The photograph should be at most 3 months old.

Indian Identity Documents

Whether you are fulfilling Malaysia tourist visa requirements for Indian citizens or Malaysia work visa requirements for Indian citizens, you need to provide valid proof of your Indian citizenship. For this, you could be asked to present any Indian identity card.

It includes an Aadhar card, PAN card, voter ID card, birth certificate and marriage certificate. You must have these document(s) with you during the application process.

Travel Itinerary Details

Travel itinerary detail documents are necessary, primarily to fulfil Malaysia tourist visa requirements for Indian citizens. They are asked to be presented to determine when and where they will be travelling in Malaysia after entering the country. Thus, you need to provide precise details of the dates and places of your visit.

Accommodation Details

You need to provide details of your accommodations for your stay in Malaysia. It includes booking details for a hotel or rental property or legal residence details if you are staying with friends or family who reside in Malaysia.

Flight Details

Visa applicants need to provide details of their confirmed return flight tickets. It is one of the documents required for a Malaysian tourist visa from India and needs to be attached to the other necessary documents.

Travel Insurance Details

Although Malaysia does not mandate it, it is highly recommended that every traveller have adequate travel insurance. It will protect them from financial loss in case of any unfortunate event during their trip.

Paid Visa Application Fees

Visa application fees are necessary to be paid to process your Malaysia visa application. Without visa fees payment your application will not be processed; you can pay your Malaysia visa fees for Indian citizens as per your selected visa type.

You need to make payment for the visa application at your visa application office, either in cash or you can pay through a debit/credit card or UPI.

Financial Details

You will be asked to provide proof of your financial competency to ensure that you are financially capable of supporting your trip to Malaysia. If you plan to visit Malaysia alone, you must have a minimum bank balance of ₹75,000 and ₹1,00,000 (primary applicant) if you are travelling with family.

You will be asked to provide updated bank statement details for the past month to ensure that you meet the minimum financial requirements.

Other Documents

There are some additional requirements that you need to meet as per your selected visa category. These include:**

  • Malaysia Work Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens:**

  • A valid Indian passport

  • Official educational certificates

  • Previous employment documents

  • Recent passport-size photograph (coloured)

  • Details of the type of work to be performed by the candidate in Malaysia

  • An offer letter and employment contract issued by a Malaysian employer

Malaysia Minor Visa Requirements:

  • No objection certificate from parent(s)/guardian(s)

  • Passport copies of parents and accompanying members of the family

Malaysia Study Visa Requirements:

  • Offer letter from a higher educational institution in Malaysia

  • Two sets of Indian passports and travel documents

  • Two sets of passport-size photographs (coloured)

  • Two sets of Form Imm.14

Importance of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a requirement for anyone who wants to travel safely. It provides financial safety in case you face any emergency during your trip. Moreover, some countries even make it mandatory for travellers to have adequate travel insurance for visa approval.

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Moreover, with our cancellation insurance, you can get reimbursed for your travel and hotel expenses if you cancel your trip due to an emergency.

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Final Words

Malaysia is a great tourist destination and is often preferred by Indians for their holiday stays. If you are planning to visit Malaysia, make sure that you fulfil all the Malaysia visa requirements for Indian citizens mentioned here.


Is a Malaysia visa easy to get?

It will take 3 to 4 business days for you to complete your application process and submit the necessary documents.

What is eNTRI for Indian Nationals tourists?

Electronic Travel Registration & Information (eNTRI) is an online registration facility by the Government of Malaysia to ease the entrance of Indian nationals into Malaysia under the visa waiver programme.

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