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Located in the north-central Indian Ocean, Maldives is heaven for adventure seekers and nature lovers. The best part is that Maldives allows visa-on-arrival to Indian citizens, who can stay up to 30 days for tourism and travelling.

However, there are Maldives visa requirements for Indians that need to be fulfilled before travelling. Here, you will get to know Maldives visa documents requirements for Indian citizens and the corresponding visa fees.

What are the Maldives Entry Visa Requirements

Any Indian citizen planning to visit the Maldives for tourism does not need to get a pre-arrival visa, as there is a visa-on-arrival facility for Indian citizens. The citizens only need to carry the required documents with them.

However, there are other types of visas issued by the Maldives government, and all these have different Maldives visa requirements for Indian citizens to be fulfilled. Let us know the requirements for all the visa types

Maldives Meeting Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

The Maldives government started issuing meeting visas in 2023. It is a short-stay (14 days) on-arrival visa that permits foreign citizens to visit the Maldives for the purpose of attending a conference, convention or meeting held in the country only if the individual meets the Maldives entry requirements.

The said requirements are that the purpose of a visit to Maldives is to attend meetings, conferences or conventions held in the country for permissible business accepted by the Registrar of Business.

Individuals can also visit to participate in meetings held for government or state use in Maldives or to attend any meeting held by a third-party entity by getting concerned government authority approval.

Documents Required for Meeting Visa

Travel Documents: A passport or travel document valid for at least 1 month with a Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) with at least 1 month is required. Remember that passport holders with extended validity on their passports are not allowed to enter the country.

Declaration Form: A declaration form needs to be filled and submitted via IMUGA within 96 hours (4 days) of the flight time to Maldives.

Itinerary Documents: Provide complete information regarding your itinerary, including details of your confirmed flight return tickets and accommodation details with prepaid hotel booking documents.

Bank Statement: Proof of your sound financial condition needs to be provided to confirm that you can financially support your stay in Maldives.

Maldives Tourist Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Anyone planning to visit Maldives for travelling and tourism can get a Maldives visa on arrival for Indian citizens; there is no requirement to apply for a pre-arrival visa. However, tourists need to present certain documents to get a visa on arrival and enter the country.

Documents Required for Tourist Visa

Travel Documents: Individuals must have a valid Indian passport or travel document with at least 1 month of validity and machine-readable zone (MRZ). Individuals are kept from entering with extended passport validity. Moreover, minors/children need to have their separate passports to enter Maldives.

Itinerary Documents: Complete details and documents of your itinerary, including confirmed return flight tickets and pre-booked hotel accommodation documents at the registered hotel.

Financial Documents: Proof of finances stating your sufficiency to provide for your Maldives stay or a pre-approved visa sponsorship recognised by Maldives Immigration authorities.

Declaration Form: Submit duly filled and signed traveller declaration form within 96 hours of flight time via the IMUGA website.

Onward Documents: Transit travellers need to provide documents for their onward destinations, like passports and visas.

Maldives Work Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

A work visa is issued to individuals by the Maldives government, permitting them to stay in the country for employment purposes.

To get this visa, you need to get a work permit issued by the Ministry of Economic Development Maldives. This is valid for 90 days from the day of issue. Additionally, you must present the same passport on arrival for which a work permit was issued.

Under certain circumstances, the work permit holder may be allowed to exit and enter the country once before obtaining their visa, provided their work permit remains valid. If the visa is not acquired within the set time, you may be penalised and face legal consequences.

Documents Required for Work Visa

Passport: Employees must present their passport with at least 1 year of validity. The passport must be machine-readable (MRZ)

Passport Size Photographs: Recent passport size photograph. The photograph should be as per the Maldives Immigration passport photo standard to avoid being rejected.

Medical Documents: The employee must present a medical health screening report issued by a government-recognised hospital/ clinic authority.

IM29 Form: Submit the submission receipt of the IM29 form generated from the Xpat system

Maldives Business Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

As per the new business visa regulations, any individual who wants to get a Maldives business visa needs to submit their applications to the Ministry of Economic Development using the ministry’s business portal.

Then, the visa will be issued by the Maldives Immigration on the individual’s arrival.

Maldives Marriage Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Any Indian citizen who wants to travel to marry a Maldives citizen or is already married to a Maldives citizen needs to apply for this visa before they arrive in Maldives. For this, they shall be sponsored and need to submit a sponsorship declaration on the IMUGA website.

Moreover, after their arrival, Indian citizens need to complete all the legal formalities of marriage and apply for a marriage visa within the given time frame. If the citizen is already residing in Maldives, then a visa transfer has to be made to a marriage visa.

Documents Required for Marriage Visa

Passport and Visa Documents: Present last arrival stamp page (required for applicants arriving on sponsorship for marriage registration for the first time).

**Copy of last visa page (issued to remain in Maldives) only applicable for individuals with existing visas to stay in Maldives. The applicant also needs to provide a colour copy of the passport biodata page.

Medical Documents: Medical health screening report and health insurance documents (required when applying for the first time)

Marriage Certificate: Colour copy of marriage certificate

ID Card: ID card of Maldivian spouse

Passport-size Photo: Required passport-size photo as per Maldives Immigration photo standards.

Maldives Dependent Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

A dependent visa is issued only to the individual who wants to visit their immediate family member living in Maldives, such as an expatriate worker. For this, your family member living in Maldives needs to sponsor your trip.

Documents Required for Dependent Visa

Passport and Visa Documents: Applicant’s colour copy of passport biodata page, last visa issued from Maldives (applicable for renewal only), copy of the last visa page (issued to remain in the Maldives, if applicable). Moreover, a copy of the work visa (of the expatriate worker) is also required.

Permit Form: Application for permit extension form (IM23)

Relationship Proof: Document proving the relationship with dependent (a marriage or birth certificate)

Medical Documents: Applicant’s medical health screening report and health insurance documents (required for new applications and extensions)

Maldives Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

Visa Type  Approx. visa fees (in MVR) Approx. visa fees (in ₹)
Tourist Visa (if extended) MVR 750 ₹4056.73
Work Visa Card MVR 50 ₹270
Marriage Visa Card MVR 50 ₹270
Dependent Visa Card MVR 50 MVR 50 (for every 3 months) ₹270

Need for a Travel Insurance Plan

Although it is not mandatory for Indian citizens to have travel insurance in order to travel to Maldives, having insurance provides a safety net for foreign nationals. A travel insurance plan protects you from financial burdens in case of any emergencies during your trip.

Tata AIG’s flight travel insurance feature covers your financial cost in case your flight gets delayed, and with us, you also get protection against lost baggage and trip cancellation expenses.

Moreover, we also have travel insurance for the elderly, which provides coverage against COVID-19 during international travels and coverage for accidents, illness and other medical emergencies.

Final Words

Maldives is a beautiful travel destination. However, certain Maldives visa document requirements for Indian citizens need to be fulfilled; if you are applying for a specific visa type, then each of them has different requirements.

Submission and verification of these documents serve as proof of your identity and citizenship. So make sure to keep all your required documents with you before planning your trip.


How long does it take to get a visa for the Maldives?

After the submission of the application, it can take from 3 to 5 business days to get your Maldives visa. You will be notified via email after processing to collect your visa.

Can I apply for a Maldives visa online?

Yes, you can perform your Maldives visa application online through the official IMUGA portal. Anyone can apply at their convenience with a few simple clicks.

[Disclaimer: All the visa fees and information provided here are subject to change as per current currency rates and government policies. Please verify with the latest information before proceeding.]


Information last updated Feb 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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