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Malta, renowned for its rich history and culture, is a member of both the European Union and the Commonwealth. Malta ranks as one of the safest countries in the world for tourists, business owners and students.

However, before travelling to Malta, you must obtain a Malta visa in accordance with your visa requirements. Another step in the procedure is the Malta visa interview, which is necessary to ensure that the applicant is financially stable, confident and capable of taking care of themselves during their stay in Malta.

This blog tells you how you can answer your interview questions for Malta in a prompt way for a successful visa interview process.

Understanding Malta Immigration Interview Questions

The Malta visa interview is an important procedure in the visa application process. These visa interviews are designed to assess an applicant's eligibility and intention to visit Malta.

Questions regarding your duration of stay, purpose of travelling and financial stability are often asked.

You must provide honest and clear answers while also demonstrating your genuine intent to abide by Malta’s visa regulations. By doing so, you can increase your chances of getting your visa approved.

Furthermore, researching and getting to know Malta’s visa policies can also help you streamline your visa processes for Malta.

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Malta Visa Interview Questions

Common Malta Visa Interview Questions

Q1. Can you provide details about your travel itinerary, including your planned dates of entry and exit from Malta?

Ensure to provide a well-organised itinerary stating your planned activities and dates of travel within Malta, including any reservations or bookings you have made for accommodation as well as transportation.

Q2. What is your profession? And how much do you earn?**

Describe your profession and the salary you receive from it. You can also describe your work responsibilities and explain what company your work for if the interviewer asks. Ensure not to get into too much detail unless you are asked to do so.

Q3. How long do you intend to stay in Malta?

Provide information about the duration of your visit and how long you intend to stay. Be specific and clear. Ensure not to change or rethink dates during the interview. The most important thing to remember is that your answer should match the one you provided in your application.

Q4. Do you have health insurance coverage to safeguard your trip?

Ensure to provide proof of health insurance coverage that is ade**Quate for the period of your stay in Malta. This can be in the form of international travel insurance that also has medical coverage.

Q5. Are you aware of Malta’s visa regulations and regulations?

Demonstrate your understanding of Malta’s visa regulations. Mention any prior visa violations of any and do not hide or falsify any information. Show that you are committed to complying with all relevant laws and regulations.

**Malta Interview Questions for Student Visa

Q1. Why do you want to study in Malta?

Highlight the specific strengths of Maltese universities, including the Quality of education, better research opportunities, multicultural environment and uniQue technologies that are not available in your home country.

You can also discuss how studying in Malta aligns with your academic interests and career goals.

Q2. Which college/university have you applied to and why?

Ensure to provide proper information about the institution you have chosen, including its reputation, faculty expertise and any specific program or courses that caught your interest. Highlight how attending this institution will contribute to your academic and professional development.

Q3. How do you plan to finance your studies in Malta?

Be transparent about your financial resources, whether it is personal savings, scholarships or a student loan. Ensure to provide evidence of your ability to cover any tuition, living and other related expenses throughout your stay in Malta.

Q4. What are your plans after completing your studies in Malta?

Showcase your intention of returning to your home country after completing your studies for further education or employment opportunities in a field relevant to your studies.

**Q5. How proficient are you in the language of instruction at your chosen institution

Showcase your language skills by referring to any language proficiency test that you have done, and display your confidence in your capacity to meet academic standards.

**Malta Tourist Visa Interview Questions

Q1. Is this your first time visiting Malta?

If not, provide a brief overview of your most recent trip, including basic dates, sites visited, activities completed and memorable experiences. If it is your first time visiting Malta then ensure you clearly state that is your first time visiting the country.

Q2. Where will you be staying in Malta?

Include information regarding your accommodation arrangements, including accommodation address or a letter of invitation if staying with friends or family. Outline your travel plans within Malta, including the destination you intend to visit and transportation arrangements.

Q3. Do you have travel insurance?

Confirm that you have international travel insurance to safeguard your entire trip to Malta. Provide documentation to support this, as it demonstrates your preparedness for any unforeseen circumstances during your trip.

Q4. Are you familiar with Maltese culture and customs?

Express your admiration for Maltese culture and customs by showcasing your interest in immersing yourself in the local life during your visit. Highlight any past research or experience that prepared you to respect and engage with Malta's cultural standards.

Q5. Will you be travelling alone or with others? If with others, what is your relationship with them?**

Provide proper details about anyone accompanying you on your trip, including their relationship to you and their respective roles in your travel plans.

**Malta Work Visa Interview Questions

Q1. Can you explain your educational background and professional experience relevant to the job you have applied for in Malta?

Ensure to provide a brief explanation of your educational **Qualifications and job experience that are relevant to the position you have applied for. Highlight any special abilities or accomplishments that make you an ideal candidate.

Q2. What motivated you to apply for a job in Malta?

Discuss your interest in Malta's cultural opportunities for professional growth or any specific aspects of your job role that attracted you. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for contributing to the Maltese workforce.

Q3. Can you provide examples of how you have dealt with challenges or conflicts in previous work environments?

Share specific examples of challenging moments that you have encountered and how you successfully resolved them. Showcase your problem-solving skills, ability to remain calm, and capacity for effective communication within your team.

Q4. What do you know about Malta’s economy and industries?

Prepare by researching Malta's economy and important industries. Discuss its strengths, including tourism, finance and manufacturing and how these relate to your skills and interests.

Q5. How do you plan to integrate into the local community outside of work?

Express your interest in learning about Maltese culture, attending community activities and connecting with locals. Mention any activities or interests you have that will help you integrate into the community.

Preparing for Your Malta Visa Interview

Here’s a detailed guide on preparing for a Malta visa interview:

Understand the Purpose: Become familiar with the objective and particular requirements of your visa application. Certain visas have various requirements, so be sure to know what is anticipated in your specific case.

Gather Required Documents: Make sure you have all the important documents, including your passport, visa application form, invitation letter, proof of financial means, etc.

Research Visa Interview Process: Find out what to expect during the Malta visa interview, including common questions and procedures. Important information can be found on websites and embassies or consulates or by talking to people who have already completed the procedure.

Be Punctual: Make sure you get to the embassy or consulate well in advance of the time allotted for your interview. Being on time shows that you take the application process seriously.

Remain Calm and Confident: Keep it cool and ensure to project confidence during your interview. Respond to the interviewer’s question with grace, deference and attention.

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What should I do if I don't understand a question during the interview?

Do not be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat and explain anything you do not understand. Asking for clarification is preferable to giving a faulty or insufficient response.

How long does a Malta Visa Interview typically last?

The duration of the interview may depend on the factors of the case and the number of questions asked; usually, the interview can last for around 30 - 45 minutes.


Information last updated Feb 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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