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Most Haunted Places In The World

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 22/05/2023

Nothing beats a good ghost story - From UFO sightings to murder mysteries on cruise ships and hotels to spirits wandering the woods. You're bound to find or hear of a place that houses paranormal activity no matter where you travel.

If you fancy yourself a ghost hunter and are into places shrouded in mystery and full of stories passed down for centuries. Or other newer places still steeped in their tragic pasts, then you've come to the right blog.

Even if you're not an occult fan, some locations are well worth the visit for their jaw-dropping architecture and historical and cultural significance. A good international travel insurance plan sets you up to visit these sites while taking care of the technicalities so you can enjoy your spooky vacation worry-free.

Most Haunted Places In The World

If you're gathering intel for your paranormal round-trip, this list should be a great help. These are currently the most haunted places in the world. However if you’re wondering, “Which is the most haunted place in the world?”, that would depend on your tolerance for the macabre. These places attract ghost hunters and horror enthusiasts from around the world for their rich history, numerous ghost sightings, and several other creepy encounters.

Top 10 Most Haunted Places In The World

1. Bhangarh Fort, India

Starting with India, this abandoned fortress can be found 320 km southwest of Delhi. The fort makes for an enigmatic juxtaposition against the desert landscape of Rajasthan. The place has been deserted since the 1800s, and the village surrounding the fortress is entirely uninhabited. The story goes that a sorcerer cursed the land after being rejected by the local princess.

The fort is open to the public. However, guests can visit only during visiting hours to gaze upon the majestic ruins against the scenic backdrop and experience the fort's atypical atmosphere. Visitors often feel anxious and paranoid and have reported having the distinct impression of being followed around despite being alone. Which makes this a shoo-in for the top 10 haunted places in the world.

2. Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

Hoia-Baciu Forest is located at the northern border of Romania, on the outskirts of Cluj Napoca. The forest spans 250 hectares across Transylvania and is one of the top haunted places in the world.

According to locals, the forest is a hotspot for UFO sightings and has even been said to be haunted by spirits. The forest gained its ghostly reputation during the 1960s when a biologist - Alexandru Sift photographed a flying object above the forest. Soon after, other incidents began to crop up, which included the disappearance of a shepherd and his 200 sheep, who were never found again.

There are also numerous accounts of people who have entered the forest only to return covered in burns, severe rashes, headaches, and high fevers. In addition, some studies reveal that the soil contained higher amounts of uranium present in the soil.

3. The Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, Massachusetts

One of America's greatest unsolved mysteries is the murder that took place in the Lizzie Borden house in the fall of 1892. Although she was later freed and declared innocent, Lizzie Borden was initially suspected of murdering her father and stepmother with a hatchet.

Today the house operates as a bed and breakfast open to visitors from 10 am to midnight. The house is a famous sight that attracts historians, true crime fans, and ghost hunters. Guests have often reported several strange sightings in the house during their stay. Over the years, the house has inspired books, a feature film, a TV special, and a 2009 rock opera performed in over 60 cities across the US.

With such a reputation, the Lizzie Borden House is one of the top ten haunted places in the world.

4. St. George's Church, Czech Republic

The St. George's Church is located in a small village in Lukova, 200 km east of Prague. The church was built in 1352 but was abandoned after 1968 when the church's roof collapsed and gained a reputation among the locals for being haunted.

The church was later brought into the limelight in 2012 by the local caretaker who enlisted the help of an art student who created the church's art installation for his college art thesis. It features plaster models of real people covered with sheets and placed among the church pews.

The church is open to the public only on Saturdays from 1 pm to 4 pm. The art installation is a permanent fixture within the church, and it attracts about 150 people coming in to visit every weekend.

5. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

America's most historical landmark and most famous and expensive prison when it was still running. During its operational years, the prison reportedly held almost 85,000 inmates, including bank robber "Slick Willie" Sutton and "Scarface" Al Capone.

The prison today offers tours that give visitors a glimpse of life inside the prison walls. It houses historic cell blocks, art installations, stories of inmate escapes, and exhibits like Al Capone's restored 19th-century cell.

6. Tower of London, England

The Tower of London is known to be the final resting place of several historical figures. This 900-year-old fortress makes it onto this list of most haunted places in the world. The site boasts many sightings of English royalty, including Anne Boleyn. It’s a great place to add to your roster of paranormal sights.

7. The Catacombs Of Paris, France

A truly spooky destination that houses the remains of more than 6 million people in its underground tunnels. The catacombs are open to visitors during visiting hours but be wanted; they're not for the faint of heart.

8. Forbidden City, Beijing, China

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, the Forbidden City, located at the heart of Beijing, is a must-see destination for all travellers. The first apparition reported during the 1940s was that of a woman in white that was heard crying in the halls of the palace.

9. St. Augustine Lighthouse, St. Augustine, Florida

This popular destination was infamous during the civil war. The light was said to have been removed to disrupt union shipping. Many visitors were said to have seen the ghost of the former lighthouse keeper - who was always quite friendly.

So during your round-trip, consider adding the St. Augustine Lighthouse, and take its ghost tour at night.

10. Tao Dan Park, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Tao Dan Park in Ho Chi Minh City houses 24 acres of lush greenery. During the day, the gardens look like a lush, green paradise with various scenic spots, but at night it's said to give off a different feeling altogether.

There have been several reports and rumours of the ghost of a young man wandering the grounds looking for his lost love.


These are currently some of the most haunted places in the world. They've been attracting ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts for years. People visit these sites every year to catch a glimpse of spirits wandering the hallways or any creepy sights when exploring the long, dark corridors at night.

Before you embark on your haunted adventure, consider getting travel insurance. Travel insurance is there to help cover any emergencies that should arise during your trip. International travel insurance plans from Tata AIG make you eligible for their travel insurance claims.

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