New Zealand Visa Interview Questions

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New Zealand, a popular remote island nation, is a famous tourist destination for people from around the world. From leisure trips to work and education opportunities, New Zealand has a lot to offer.

However, to get to New Zealand, filling out an application form is not enough. Everyone applying needs to pass mandatory New Zealand visa interview questions and answers round with an immigration officer before receiving the final approval on their visa application.

Understanding the New Zealand Visa Interview Requirement

All these interviews are conducted at either the Embassy or Consulate General. The primary purpose of New Zealand immigration interview questions and answers is to confirm the intent of travel of every individual applying under any visa category.

The immigration officer also assesses every applicant’s eligibility criteria to determine whether the intentions of a visit are aligned with the country’s well-being.

The basic format for most New Zealand visa interviews consists of a 15 to 30-minute face-to-face or telephonic discussion with an immigration officer. However, this time duration can vary based on the officer’s assessment and visa category.

For New Zealand visa interview questions, a combination of general New Zealand immigration interview questions and answers and visa-specific questions and answers are evaluated.

New Zealand Visa Interview Questions

General Interview Questions in New Zealand

Tell me why you wish to visit New Zealand.

Be very specific about your intentions behind the trip. Discuss your itinerary, mention what intrigues you about the country and the other reasons for choosing New Zealand.

Do you know anyone in New Zealand?

If you know anyone in New Zealand, mention their names, residential address, relationship between you and them, their involvement in your trip itinerary, etc.

If there is no one, you can state the same and mention your individual plans for networking and socialising in the country.

Is this your first time visiting New Zealand?

Answer with a simple yes or no. If yes, briefly mention your memories from the last trip.

How are you planning to cover your trip expenses?

Regardless of the visa category, you need to showcase your financial stability via account statements, salary slips, fund plans, etc.

New Zealand Tourist Visa Interview Questions and Answers

Where do you plan to go in New Zealand?

Highlight your research and mention the detailed list of destinations you wish to cover during your trip.

Where are you staying during your trip?

Provide the officer with hotel or other accommodation details and evidence supporting your trip itinerary.

Did you buy travel insurance for your trip?

Travel insurance is not mandatory for New Zealand, but it is still recommended. If you have travel insurance, provide basic details for the same to showcase the additional security of your trip.

How long are you staying in New Zealand?

Mention your plans and show the officer your return tickets or other documents to highlight your plans to leave the country as per visa limitations.

New Zealand Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers

Tell me a little about yourself.

This question is very open-ended. Answer confidently and mention your interests, hobbies, future plans, family background, educational background, etc.

Do you plan to explore work opportunities after graduation?

Depending on your visa terms and conditions, assess whether you can work in the country while studying. If yes, focus on highlighting your career plans in NZ. If not, discuss your plans to explore professional opportunities back in India after completing your degree.

How are you funding your education?

Whether you plan to fund your education via student loans or parents' savings, you must mention the plan of action and provide valid proof to support your plan to showcase ample financial backing.

Why did you choose this particular course from this institute/college?

Explain the reasons behind your decision to choose a particular college and course, and mention the personal benefits and growth you wish to achieve throughout your student visa.

New Zealand Work Visa Interview Questions and Answers

What kind of job are you applying for and why?

Talk about the company you have chosen, what skills you are bringing to the table, the job category you have chosen and the reasons behind this decision.

Why do you want to work in New Zealand?

Talk about the growth potential you see in New Zealand and how the job market in the country is very dynamic and inclusive, providing various work opportunities for everyone.

What is your work experience?

Discuss your expertise, achievements, and skills in the same field where you have applied to showcase your potential contribution to the chosen company.

How do you think your skills and experience add to the New Zealand economy?

Address your willingness to keep growing while working in New Zealand to gain better expertise and experience. Also, talk about your achievements to date to show value addition in the long run.

Tips to Succeed at New Zealand Visa Interview

  • Be confident and answer all questions in brief.

  • Dress appropriately to look presentable.

  • Maintain a calm and composed demeanour to appear approachable and confident.

  • Ask any questions you may have about New Zealand or your visa to let the officer know you are equally interested and participative.

  • Provide evidence of all travel plans or other activities and accommodation bookings to support your application.

  • Research a little about the country and people of New Zealand, like culture, lifestyle, and some common slang in the local language, in case any additional question is put across.

  • Practice English speaking before the interview to maintain proper fluency in front of the officer.


The visa interview is a very important aspect of the visa application process. You must pass the interview to go to New Zealand on any visa category. It is important to prepare in advance to ensure maximum chances of approval.

Based on your visa category, research and learn about New Zealand, its culture, working environment, lifestyle, sample interview questions in New Zealand, and other aspects and use this information during the interview.

Why Buy Travel Insurance for New Zealand?

Along with securing your place in New Zealand with a successful visa interview, safeguarding your trip with a travel insurance policy is equally important.

Even though travel insurance is not mandatory when entering the country, investing in one can reduce the excessive financial burden one might incur in case of unforeseen and out-of-control circumstances.

Plans offered by Tata AIG are curated to extend maximum financial support in times of need with plans of different categories and scope of coverage. From flight cancellation insurance to lost or damaged luggage insurance, we cater to all specific needs.

We ensure maximum convenience for all our customers and, thus, allow you to buy travel insurance online directly from our website in a few quick steps.


How to book a visa appointment for New Zealand from India?

To book an appointment, all you need to do is visit the VFS website, find the “Book an Appointment” option, click on “Book Now”, enter account details or create an account, and then follow the instructions.

Are all New Zealand student visa interviews face-to-face?

Most student visa interviews for New Zealand are completed over a phone call. However, in some cases, you might be requested to visit the Embassy or Consulate in person.


Information last updated Jan 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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