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When To See The Northern Lights In Norway

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 19/05/2023

The northern lights - also known as Aurora Borealis, are considered one of the most beautiful sights to witness. Norway is considered the best place to catch a glimpse of them. Anyone travelling there makes it a part of their itinerary.

This extraordinary phenomenon is caused by the Sun's electrically charged particles clashing with the earth’s magnetic field. They’re then funnelled down to the north and south hemispheres, creating green-blue (sometimes brown and red) horseshoe-shaped particles that swivel and stretch across the arctic circle.

So if you’re planning your trip to Northern Norway to witness this phenomenon, it’s best to start looking into buying overseas travel insurance plans. Most European countries actually require you to have a travel insurance to visit.

Best Time To See The Northern Lights In Norway

The Northern lights are actually always happening; it’s just that you can’t see them during the day. The constant daylight hours during the summer months make it almost impossible to spot the aurora borealis. However, with their longer, darker nights, the winter months present a perfect opportunity to spot them.

In short, the best time to visit the northern lights in Norway is:

  • September And October: You won’t get as many hours of darkness, but during this time of the year, you get more solar activity and fewer clouds. It’s not ideal for viewing the northern lights in Norway this time of the year.

  • November, December, January, And February: Hands-down, the best time to visit Norway for the northern lights, it’s the most popular time to see the Northern Lights. The long winter nights provide a perfect opportunity to witness them. However, months like November, are known to be particularly cloudy.

  • March And April: The Spring equinox is a time that always brings forth a burst of solar activity, which means more impressive displays of auroras. March is also known to have clearer skies, perfect for observing the northern lights in Norway and the best time to visit as well.

What would be even better is to book your stay at a hotel with an aurora wake-up service so that you can rest through the night without worrying about missing out.

Northern Lights In Norway and The Best Time To View Them: Peak Season Times In 2023

The peak seasons in Norway are the best times to see the northern lights. This time is usually between September and March. Since they have longer nights during that time of the year, giving you more chances to see the northern lights. Although there is no way to predict when northern lights will occur, as it would involve predicting solar activity - and currently don’t have the technology to do that.

However, we do know that the northern lights are best spotted between 65° N and 75° N. this location sits in Northern Norway, making it the ideal location for Northern lights viewing. There are no guarantees, but there is a chance of stronger displays during the spring and autumn equinox on March 20, 2023, and September 23, 2023.

The Best Place To Watch The Northern Lights In Norway

If you plan to visit Norway this year, you’ve got to know your geography in addition to knowing the best time to visit Norway to see the northern lights. You should know that the country’s capital - Oslo, is too far South from the arctic circle to see the Northern Lights. Where you need to head to is to the smaller towns located in Northern Norway.

So there are three key spots:

  1. Northern Lights Near Tromsø
  2. Northern Lights Near Trondheim
  3. Northern Lights Near Svalbard

Another place to visit would be Bergen. It offers a 12-day coastal round-trip voyage with The Norwegian Coastal Ferries. Through this, you can reach Kirkenes, where you have a 100% chance of viewing the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Near Tromsø

Located at 69° N, at the centre of the aurora zone. The city of Tromsø is a popular vacation spot for many Europeans who want to take a weekend off during the winter months to see the Northern Lights.

You can see the lights from the city, but for a better view, it’s recommended that you try to get out of the city limits. Far away enough from the city’s light pollution to get a clearer view. The Lyngsalpene mountain range in this region is where many local sightings of the Northern Lights occur.

This region offers many tours like an 8-hour Northern Lights photography trip - with lessons, or the dinner cruise to view the Northern Lights from the fjords.

Northern Lights Near Trondheim

Just below the arctic circle at 63° N latitude sits Trondheim. This town marks the southern limit of the Northern lights zone. Seeing the Northern Lights here is quite rare. However, they do appear during particularly strong solar flares.

Northern Lights Near Svalbard

The island realms of fjords sit at 78° N, which is as far as you want to go to see the Northern Lights. Staying in Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost town, should allow you to witness the northern lights. Svalbard’s long winter nights leave it in darkness 24/7 from November through January, making this region the perfect place to view the Northern Lights.

However, the town of Longyearbyen has some light pollution. If you want a clearer view, you’ll need to get a good distance from the town, which leads into polar bear territory. So you should take any tours offered there instead.

Resources And Helpful Guides

Here are a few apps and websites you can use to help you predict when you may get to see the northern lights:

  • SolarHam: This is a three-day geomagnetic forecast, and the aurora borealis hunters use it.

  • AuroraForecast App: This app shows you the position of the Northern Lights within the arctic circle and the probability of you seeing them from your location.

  • Yr from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute: A great resource unique to Scandinavia that helps find cloud-free locations to view the northern lights.

  • Norway Lights app: Another predictive app that gives estimates based on the northern lights’ activity and the cloud cover.


The beautiful landscapes, the Northern Lights, and the mild temperatures and stunning scenery of Norway are difficult to beat and offer an unforgettable experience for anyone visiting. This is why it’s imperative to purchase a travel insurance policy to make sure you get your money’s worth out of this trip.

Buying travel insurance from Tata AIG is simple, and anyone can claim a travel insurance policy using Tata AIG’s online platform. They assist with international and domestic claims.

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