Passport For Newborn Baby In India

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Passports are becoming a necessity for people these days, as more and more people are beginning to travel or immigrate to other countries. In addition, with more countries relaxing their travel restrictions after the pandemic, it’s led to more people applying for or renewing their passports.

Along with passports for adults and children, you can apply for a newborn baby passport in India. While most people who frequently travel might be familiar with the passport application process, applying for a newborn baby passport in India has a few differences.

How To Apply For New Born Baby Passport

A passport is a government document you apply for that grants you permission to travel to different countries while continuing to be protected by the government. Anyone is eligible to apply for a passport in India - even newborn babies.

However, the procedure and documents needed for a newborn differ slightly from that of an adult.

Which Documents Are Needed To Apply For A Passport For New Born Baby In India

Here are the documents parents of newborns need to apply for a newborn passport in India.

  • Birth Certificate of the baby
  • Proof of current address (if a parent has a Passport, then this will suffice)
  • Filled and signed Annexure H form, which can be procured from the Passport Seva Kendra website.
  • Passport photo of the baby against a background that is white
  • Appointment/Application Receipt
  • Marriage Certificate if the spouse’s name has not been endorsed on a parent’s passport

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Apply For Passport For A New Born Baby

Before applying for a passport, parents must ensure they have all the required documents. They must also be aware of the age limitations of a newborn’s passport. If the baby is younger than four, they are eligible for this type of passport.

Only parents and legal guardians of the child are allowed to apply for a passport on their behalf.

The application process for a newborn baby passport in India can be done in two ways:

  • Online application process.
  • Offline or In-person application process.

Step By Step Online Passport Application Process For Newborn Baby In India

Here is how to apply for a newborn baby passport in India. You will need to follow these steps if you want to apply for a passport online.

  • Visit the Passport Seva Kendra official website.
  • Click on the “New User Registration” option on the site.
  • Fill in all the required relevant information required for registration.
  • Once you click register, you will get emailed a link to validate your account.
  • Login into the Passport Seva Kendra site with your login credentials

You will be presented with two options:

  • One will allow you to fill up the registration form online
  • The second will allow you to download to form and fill it up at your convenience.

When you complete the form, you need to re-upload it back onto the website in the same section you chose the second option from.

  • If you chose option 1, fill in all the required details on the form through the website and then click next/proceed to the next section.

  • You will be directed to a page where you will be asked to pay the application fee and to book an appointment at the closest Passport Seva Kendra/passport office in your area or locality.

After this, all you need to do is show up for your appointment on time at your selected Passport Seva Kendra office/passport office with all the necessary documents.

Note: If your spouse is abroad at the time of application, their consent is required as a signature. Find this provision under Annexure D of the application form.

Step By Step In Person/Offline Passport Application Process For A Newborn Baby In India

If an online application process doesn’t float your boat, you can also apply in person. Not all Passport Seva Kendra offices allow walk-in applications for adult applicants. However, they make an exception for newborn passport applications.

Here’s what you need to do for the in-person application process:

  • Visit your nearest Passport Seva Kendra/passport office
  • Ask for an application form at the front desk
  • Fill out of application form with all the required details
  • Turn in your application form at the front desk along with all your supporting documents
  • Pay the required application fees and wait until your application number is called.

From here on out, the in-office process is the same for online and offline applicants.

Additional Information On The Passport Application Process

If you’re wondering whether your newborn needs to be present at the passport office during the application process for a newborn baby passport in India, the answer is no. It’s not necessary; only one or both parents must be present.

Additionally, the passport validity for a minor extends to five years, after which it is eligible for renewal.
Fee Structure

Generally, the passport application fee for a minor in India costs ₹1000 under standard application bookings, and the tatkal fee is ₹2000. The fees are the same amount for both online and offline application processes.

Application Processing Time

Newborn passport processing time can vary depending on a few factors. Generally, after you’ve finished the application process, you will receive an affirmation receipt or a notification confirming your application. The passport is usually dispatched within 4 - 7 days after this affirmation.

Do Newborns Require Police Verification?

In the case of newborns, it’s not necessary. So long as both parents own a passport with the spouse’s name endorsed, this process isn’t needed.

Wrapping Up

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