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Passport Speed Post Tracking

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 19/04/2023

A passport is an essential document that is needed while travelling to a foreign nation. Moreover, this document also serves as an identity and address proof in various government forms. These are the prime reasons why people apply for a passport.

The passport process may be time-consuming due to the volume of applications and various other factors. However, when you are waiting to receive your passport, passport dispatch tracking becomes crucial.

In this blog, we will learn in detail about the speed post tracking in India for passports.

What Are the Functions of Passport Tracking Systems?

The Passport Seva speed post tracking is a way to streamline the passport tracking process. It helps individuals know the exact status of their passport after the submission of the passport application. Below are some standard functions of passport dispatch status tracking.

Real-time tracking - Using the passport speed post tracking number, individuals will know the real-time status of their passport application. It will help individuals understand the passport location if authorities have dispatched it.

Confirmation of Passport Application Request - With passport tracking via speed post, you get confirmation that the passport request has been approved and accepted by the authorities.

Expected Delivery Date - The PCC speed post tracking and other modes of tracking also provide the exact date of when the passport will be delivered. Based on the expected delivery of the passport, individuals can plan the next series of actions.

Faster Resolution of Issues - In case the passport process has been delayed due to any reason, the tracking system will identify it and help you get a faster resolution for the problem.

What Do You Need For Passport Dispatch Status Tracking?

All you need is your Application Receipt Number (ARN) from your application receipt for the tracking of speed post passports. It's important to note that the passport must be received by you when it is shipped to your residence, not anyone else.

Ways To Do Passport Dispatch Tracking

There are multiple ways to passport dispatch tracking, which are listed below:**

Tracking Your Application Status Through The Passport Seva Website

The passport application process consists of multiple **Steps. Individuals can submit passport applications from their homes, but they need to do document verification and attend interviews at their respective passport centres.

Once that is done, individuals will be notified via text message for a police verification process. Once the PCC is done, the dispatching process of the passport will be initiated.

Individuals can track their passports using the Passport Seva website. Below are the **Steps to do passport tracking using the website.

Step 1: Visit the Passport Seva Kendra website.

Step 2: Log in to your account.

Step 3: Click on" Track Application Status" on the home page.

Step 4: On the next page, enter your Application Receipt Number (ARN), select your application type and enter your date of birth.

Step 5: Choose the" Passport/PCC/IP/ GE" option.

Step 6: Click" Track Status"

Step 7: After which, the page will display your passport's application status and in what stage it's currently.

Note:** Always enter your ARN number as is, ie. If some letters are capitalised, they must be capitalised when entering them onto any tracking application or page.

Tracking Your Passport Through Speed Post

In some cases, after your passport has been dispatched, you will receive a 13-digit tracking number you can use to track your passport's arrival. In addition, you can track your passport's en-route location through the speed post service on the India Post website.

Passport tracking via speed post is a straightforward process. Below is the procedure to do passport track via speed post.

Step 1: Visit the Indian Post’s official website.

Step 2: Click on the track consignment option.

Step 3: On the consignment number field, enter the 13-digit number you received through text or email.

Step 4: Enter the correct captcha and click on the"Track Package" button.

Step 5: The page will display the en-route status of your package - In this case, your passport.

Always make sure to enter your consignment number as is. Meaning if some letters are capitalised, they must remain capitalised while entering them into a tracking application.

In case you can not find any information on the tracking status of your passport, it may not necessarily be that your passport hasn't been dispatched. It might just mean that the tracking information hasn't been entered into the system yet or hasn't been updated yet.

Another case where this can happen is if your passport is dispatched through foreign postal service providers or is dispatched to a rural location.

Tracking Your Passport Through SMS Tracking

With speed post services, you also have the option of SMS tracking. When you receive a tracking number through text, you are also provided contact details and a number as a means to track your package through SMS.

Here's how to track your passport through speed post via SMS:**

To check your passport status, type" POST track < 13 digit article number " and send it to the number you were provided.

Note: You will also receive these instructions via the first text message, detailing the consignment number. If the format in the text message differs from the one stated here, follow the format that was sent to you.

SMS rates charged by your network provider will still apply here. So you can use this method on any network provider you're currently subscribed to. Additionally, the status is only available for 60 days after sending the SMS.

Can You Collect Your Passport In Person?

Generally, the passport is dispatched via speed post or other services to the applicant's house. But if the individual is not available at home or cannot collect the passport, it will be returned to the Regional Passport Office (RPO).

In such cases, individuals can collect their passports in person from the regional passport office. Further, in case of emergency, if you need a passport before the expected date, then you can visit the office and ask for a passport.

However, you must fill out an application form stating the reasons why you need your passport urgently. The RPO officers can either accept or reject your application to collect your passport in person.

What To Do If You Don't Receive Your Passport?

There have been cases when individuals don't receive their passports on time due to various reasons. In such cases, instead of panicking, individuals can take some proactive steps such as:

Contact the Speed Post Service Provider - The very first thing to do is reach out to the Speed Post service provider via email or phone. Provide all the details about the passport dispatching, such as tracking number, etc. The authority will provide the exact information and the cause for the delay. Additionally, you may also be informed about the expected delivery date.

Contact the Regional Passport Office - Another way is to reach out to the Regional Passport Office to check the passport status. The authorities will look into the matter and provide information.

Use Online Grievances Portal - Lastly, if you are not getting any proper response from anywhere, then there is a grievance portal where one can register the complaint about the passport tracking delay.

In many cases, the passport gets delayed because of the delay in the police verification process. The PCC is necessary for getting the passport. There is no specified way to do PCC speed post tracking since there is no PCC tracking number. Once the police verification is cleared, individuals receive a message on their registered number.


Knowing about speed post tracking in India for a passport is essential, especially if you have applied for a passport. By knowing the status of the passport, individuals can plan their foreign trip accordingly. As mentioned earlier, a passport is a necessary document while travelling abroad.

However when travelling abroad, there are a few other documents which are crucial. One among them is having travel medical insurance. Although this document may not be mandatory for flying to all countries, it is highly important as it secures your foreign trip.

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How to check the speed post tracking number of passports?

Once the passport authority dispatches the passport, they send the confirmation message with the passport tracking number. By using the tracking number individuals can track the status.

How to track dispatched passports?

Individuals can track dispatched passports using the application number via the Passport Seva online website.

How many days will it take to get a passport after dispatch?

Once the authorities have initiated the passport dispatch, it will take 4 to 7 days to get a passport using the regular mode. But if an individual has asked for a tatkal scheme, then they will get a passport within 3 days.

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