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The Republic of Poland, located in Central Europe, has a rich and complex historical background that, with its diverse cultural heritage, is the perfect magnet for attracting tourists.

Poland is known to welcome millions of tourists every year, with its tourism industry contributing almost 0.6% to its GDP. This naturally added pressure to the management of visa processes.

Thanks to the Government of Poland, visa application processes have now been digitised. Now, you can process your visa from your couch at home and save time on the application and payment procedures.

If you are planning to visit Poland in the upcoming months, this blog will be your roadmap to financial planning, conveniently explaining all the essential Poland visa charges for you.

Is a Poland Visa Application Required for Indian Passport Holders?

Since India is not included in the list of visa-free countries for visiting the Republic of Poland, Indian travellers do need a visa to visit Poland.

As Poland is a member of the Schengen Area, the country adheres to the standard regulations applicable to the Schengen Zone. A significant advantage of this is that the Schengen Visa also provides access to all other Schengen countries along with Poland, which makes it a convenient option for travellers who would want to explore multiple destinations at the same time.

All Indian passport holders are required to obtain a valid Poland Schengen visa before entering the country. In essence, one must make their Poland visa application in India and get it approved by a Visa application centre (VAC) before embarking on their journey to Poland.

If you are planning to visit Poland soon, make sure to keep yourself updated with the latest regulations related to the Poland visa application process, as they are subject to change.

Does Poland Offer Visa-On-Arrival for Indians?

India is not included in the list of countries for which there is a provision for visa-on-arrival in Poland. All Indian passport holders must obtain a valid visa before arriving in the country.

Since the Republic of Poland, being a Schengen Area, follows the regulations of the Schengen Zones, Indian passport holders are required to apply for a Poland Schengen Visa.

Plan and start the process of your Poland visa application well in advance to ensure your travel plans work out smoothly.

For more details on Poland Visas click here.

Poland Visa Fees for Indian Passport Holders

Schengen Visas
Visa types Validity Visa Fees for Poland Additional Fees
Business  Short-term © 90 days each 180 days ₹7353 *VFS Service -₹936 *Courier Fee -₹802
Business  Short-term (C) Children 6-12 years 90 days each 180 days ₹3527 *VFS Service -₹936 *Courier Fee -₹802
Tourist  Short-term © 90 days each 180 days ₹7353 *VFS Service -₹936 *Courier Fee -₹802
Tourist Short-term © Children 6-12 years 90 days each 180 days ₹3527 *VFS Service -₹936 *Courier Fee -₹802
Other  (Official Purpose)  Short-term © 90 days each 180 days ₹7353 *VFS Service -₹936 *Courier Fee -₹802
Other  (Official Purpose) Short-term © Children 6-12 years 90 days each 180 days ₹3527 *VFS Service -₹936 *Courier Fee -₹802
National Visas
Visa types Validity Poland Visa Charges Additional Fees
Study  Long-term (D) 90-365 days ₹7353 *VFS Service -₹936 *Courier Fee -₹802
Employment  Long-term (D) 90-365 days ₹7353 *VFS Service -₹936 *Courier Fee -₹802
Other Long-term (D) 90-365 days ₹7353 *VFS Service -₹936 *Courier Fee -₹802

*Please note that the additional charges are only applicable if the applicant has opted for the VFS service. The courier charges are also applicable only if the service was taken up.

Issuance of a Travel Document for a Foreigner in Absence of Documents
Issuance of Temporary Travel Document   ₹2758
Issuance of Emergency Travel Document ₹2758

How to Apply for a Poland Visa from India?

The process for a Poland visa application can be done both online and offline. The online method is naturally more convenient, requiring an applicant to only submit all necessary documents in person.

Here are the detailed steps that you can follow to get your Poland visa application online:

Online Poland Visa Application Procedure

  • Navigate to the VFS GLOBAL website

  • Identify your Poland Visa Application type

  • Download the Poland visa application form from the website

  • Fill out the form with the required information and get it printed

  • Book an appointment with your nearest VAC for document approval and verification

  • Pay your Visa fees for Poland online with the modes of payment available

  • Visit your booked VAC for verification

  • Upon verification, collect your passport from the VAC

  • For more information on online Poland visa applications, click here.

  • If online application is not an option that you are comfortable with, here is how you can apply for a Poland visa application offline:

Offline Poland Visa Application Procedure

  • Book a slot at your nearest VAC

  • Get your Poland visa application form from your VAC

  • Fill out all the required details as instructed

  • Make sure you carry along all the required documents for your application

  • Make your Payments according to the services you have opted for

  • You will probably be called back after your verification is complete

  • You can then collect all your documents and ready visa from your VAC

Documents Required for Poland Visa Application

The documents required for a Poland visa application may vary depending on the type of visa applied for.


Issued within the last 10 years

Validity extending 3 months after intended departure from Schengen Zone

Must have two blank pages

Visa Application

Signed twice by applicant

Filled without blanks (applicant must be at least 18 years of age)

Two Coloured Photos

Passport size

White background


No more than 6 months old

Applicant’s Covering Letter

Mention the purpose of travel

Duration of travel

List of attached documents

Documents Confirming the Purpose of the Trip

Tourist: Booking confirmation from travel agency/proof of travel plans.

Business: Invitation from company/organisation from Poland.

Other: Documents that are proof of your purpose of travel.

Visiting family/friends: An invitation letter with their address, contact details and your period of stay.

Flight Itinerary

Needs to be reservation only

Proof of intra-Schengen flight reservation, if applicable

Train itinerary, if applicable

Car rental proof

Travel Medical Insurance (TMI)

Original TMI certificate issued by the company.

Company has to be one of the approved list of consulates

TMI must be valid in Schengen Zones


Original documents confirming availability of accommodation in each location that the applicant is visiting.

Proof of Financial Means

Original Private Bank statement

ITR acknowledgement of the past two years

Residence Proof

ID confirming residency in the embassy/consulate jurisdiction


One copy of the first and last page of the applicant's passport

Copy of Polish/Schengen visas if issued in the past.

Useful Links: Here are detailed Checklists as per visa types:

  • Poland visa application for Tourist

  • Poland visa application for Business

  • Poland visa application for Other

  • Poland visa application for Study

  • Poland visa application for Employment

  • Poland visa application for Other (long-term)

  • Poland Visa Application for Dependent

How to Check Your Poland Visa Application Status

With the VFS online portal, applicants can track their application status online with the reference numbers present on their invoice/ receipt that is issued by their VAC.

  • To check your application status, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the VFS GLOBAL website

  • Select Poland from the ‘I’m going to - Country’ dropdown menu

  • Once on the Poland website click on the ‘APPLY FOR VISA’

  • Select option 6 for the portal link

  • Add in required details

  • Click on ‘Submit’

Importance of Travel Insurance

Just like travel medical insurance is a crucial safety aspect of any journey, international travel insurance is a significant aspect that you should consider for safeguarding your next trip to Poland.

Just like TMIs help cover costs regarding medical emergencies, international travel insurance helps cover unforeseen travel emergencies. For example, trip cancellation insurance will help you cover costs in a situation where your expected flights have been cancelled. Travel insurance like Tata AIGs even provides coverage for any loss or damage to your luggage.

With us, it is very convenient to get international travel insurance online that is tailored to your needs and is also pocket-friendly.

So before you embark on your next trip, get travel insurance online, so you can enjoy your trip safely and economically.


All Indian passport holders are required to obtain a valid visa based on their reason for travel before they arrive in the Republic of Poland. All documents must be verified and approved by a VAC to be able to obtain a valid visa. The additional fees are optional as they are payable only if the services are opted for.

Although the visa process is known to take around 15 days, it is advisable to apply for it well in advance.


How long does a visa take to process?

Depending on the type of visa applied for, it can take anywhere between 15-30 days for it to be processed.

I live in Mizoram, where can I apply for my Poland visa application?

The state of Mizoram falls under the Jurisdiction of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in New Delhi. Hence all applications from Mizoram are to be applied for in New Delhi.

Where can I find updated information on visa regulations and visa fees for Poland?

The official website of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland has all the necessary updated information on visas for Poland. To learn more about Visas for Poland click here.

Are there any penalties for paying the Visa fees late?

Although there might not be penalties for late payment, not paying the fees on time will delay the application process. It is advisable to adhere to the timelines allotted by the embassy or consulate.

Will I need a visa for my 5-year-old?

No, any children aged below 6 do not require a visa to enter Poland.

Disclaimer: Your total Visa Fees for Poland may vary depending on your circumstances and additional requirements. The fee rates given on this blog are for informational purposes only. They are subject to change depending on exchange rates, economic conditions, and other external factors.

Always double-check your fee rates with official sources like the Website of the Republic of Poland, VFS Global or other official sources from your sponsor before making any purchases or application submissions.


Information last updated Jan 24. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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