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Singapore, also known as the Republic of Singapore, is a country in Asia known for its demographics, labour, education and more. People from all over the world come to Singapore for various reasons.

Indian nationals who want to enter Singapore need to get a visa before the intended travel date. There are various types of Singapore visas available for Indian nationals such as tourists, workers, visitors and more.

To get the visa, Singapore visa requirements for Indian citizens need to be fulfilled. One essential requirement of a visa is complete documentation. In this blog, we will talk in detail about the documents required for a Singapore visa.

Singapore Visa from India – Is it Necessary?

Indian nationals who are visiting Singapore for any reason must first obtain a visa to enter the country. Getting a Singapore visa is mandatory for all foreign travellers. However, holders of diplomatic passports or service passports are exempt from obtaining a visa.

The Singapore visa process can be done online and offline. However, before initiating the process, applicants need to know the documents required for a Singapore tourist visa from India or any other visa category. Failure to submit complete documents can lead to visa rejection.

Singapore Visa Requirements – The Different Visa Types and Documents Needed

**For the different types of visa

**Depending on the purpose of the visit, Singapore visas are classified into different categories. Every visa type has its own set of documentation that needs to be completed before initiating the Singapore visa process.

Besides, there is a general set of documents that is applied to all visa categories.

General List of Documents Required For Singapore Visa

Original passport with at least 6 months of validity.

Round trip flight tickets.

Recent 2 coloured passport-size photographs.

Financial or bank statements of the last 6 months.

Original identity and address proof documents.

Accommodation proof such as hotel booking, Airbnb bookings, etc.

Duly filled and signed visa application form.

Yellow Fever vaccination certificate (if applicable)

Document List for Singapore Based on Visa Type

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Visa Type Documents Required
Tourist VisaCompleted and signed form 14a Singapore. Valid travel insurance (If applicable) Proof of accommodation in the country. Proof of finance to suffice their stay in the country. Letter of invitation from family or friend. Civil documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. (if applicable)
Business VisaDuly filled and signed Singapore form 14A. Copy of the passport personal information page. Filled and signed copy of form V39A. Offer or invitation letter from the Singapore company. Financial proof such as bank statements.
Transit VisaAirport transit visa application form. Destination country travel ticket. Signed and filled out form V39A.
Study VisaDuly filled and signed student visa application form. Proof of admission to a Singapore university or education firm. Academic qualification documents. Financial documents. Signed and filled out form V39A. Applied student pass

Useful Links:

Form 14A PDF Download Form V39A PDF Download

Singapore Visa Documents Required for Minors

If an applicant is a minor or below 18 years of age, the following documents need to be submitted at the time of the Singapore visa application process.

  • Identity proof and age proof documents.

  • Birth certificate of the minor applicant.

  • Copy of passport of parents or other ID proof like PAN.

  • No objection certificate (NOC) signed by a parent or legal guardian if the minor is travelling alone.

Visa Required Documents Based on Employment Status

There are additional documents that need to be submitted by the applicant based on their employment status. These documents include.

  • Working professionals need to present the offer or employment letter from the Singapore company.

  • Copy of salary slips of at least 3 months.

  • Employment ID card.

  • For self-employed applicants, a copy of the Business Registration Licence / MOA / Partnership deed.

Note: The above list is incomplete; additional documents may be required depending on the visa category and individual circumstances. Please check Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding visa application requirements.

Singapore Visa Application & Interview Documents for Indians

Applicants don’t need to go through the interview process for tourist and transit visas.

However, if the applicant is applying under the work or student visa category, the immigration official may ask the applicant to attend the interview with the requested documents. Here is the list of the documents applicants need to bring at the time of the interview.

  • Original passport with at least 6 months validity.

  • Duly signed and completed visa application form.

  • Identity and address verification documents.

  • Flight tickets, accommodation proof and bank statement.

  • Letter of invitation or acceptance or employment contract.

  • Visa application payment receipt.

Documents Required to Complete the Online Application

The applicant can apply for a Singapore visa via online and offline methods. The above-listed documents are required to complete the Singapore visa application. The two methods available for getting a Singapore visa are:**

Using Singapore Overseas Mission or Authorised Visa Agent.

Using E-service through a local contact in Singapore (when applying in Singapore). They must apply for you; there is no direct application method on your part here.

Singapore Visa Process Using Overseas Mission

Step 1: To acquire the visa, contact the nearest Singapore High Commission, consular office or visa agent for visa services.

Step 2: Download and fill out the visa application form and book an appointment for the visa application at the respective office.

Step 3: On the appointment date, submit the visa application form and other documents to the authority.

Step 4: Pay the visa application fee and collect the acknowledgement receipt for future reference.

Useful Links:

  • List of Authorised Visa Agents in India

  • Visa Application Form 14A

Photo Requirements (For the Online Application & Interview)

The photograph requirements for the Singapore visa process are as follows:

  • The dimensions of the photo should be 35mm wide by 45mm high.

  • It should be taken against a white background without shadows.

  • The photograph should be captured within the last three months of the visa application process.

  • The printed photograph for hardcopy submission should be non-reflective with a matte or semi-matte finish.

  • The photograph should not be taken under the direct lighting. It should have even exposure.

  • The photograph should not be pixelated. It should be clear and in sharp focus.

  • At the time of the photograph, the applicant must avoid white headgear or plain white clothing. If the headgear is worn due to religious faith, then it must not hide any facial features.

  • The photograph must be taken facing forward with eyes open and upper shoulders visible.

  • The applicant's hair must not cover the head or eyebrows in the captured photograph.

  • Spectacles or frames must not cover the eye in captured photographs.

  • The spectacle lenses should not glare or reflect in the photograph.

Proof of the Purpose of Your Trip to Singapore

There are different visa types available for Singapore based on the traveller’s purpose. When filling out a visa application, applicants need to submit proof of document to verify their purpose.

Below is the proof of purpose to carry while visiting Singapore based on the visa type.

Tourism: If the applicant is travelling to Singapore on a tourist visa, they must carry a travel itinerary and accommodation proof, such as hotel and Airbnb bookings, to verify their purpose.

Business: If the applicant is visiting the country on a business visa, the official needs an official document from the company in Singapore.

Visit: Individuals visiting their friends and family members in Singapore need to submit a letter of invitation or the legal residence of a relative or family member.

Study: Students visiting Singapore for study purposes need to show a letter of acceptance from a Singapore university or college or a college pass.

Work: Applicants who are visiting the country for work need to show an offer letter or employment contract from the employer in Singapore.

Singapore Visa Fees

The visa processing fee for each visa type is S$30, which can be paid online via Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card.

  • The visa fees for Singapore are paid at the time of application. The applicant must also pay additional service fees on top of the visa application fees when applying through authorised visa agents.

  • The visa fee is non-refundable irrespective of the visa result or withdrawal of the visa application after the submission.

[Note: The visa fee was taken from the official ICA site on 28 March 2024 at 4:09 p.m. Visa fees are dynamic and subject to change. It is wise to check the official website before submitting a visa application]

Singapore Visa Processing Time

The Singapore visa application is considered on its own merits. After the application is submitted, it takes 3 to 5 working days for the official to process the visa.

However, some applications may also take longer. In that case, applicants can check the status using the submitted Singapore visa document number.

Singapore Visa Application Status

Step 1: Go to the ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority) e-service portal.

Step 2: Next, click on the “Enquire Application Status” option.

Step 3: Fill out the visa reference number and travel document number.

Step 4: After filling in the details, click on the “Next” button.

Step 5: The status of the visa application will appear on the screen.

Is Travel Insurance Policy Mandatory When Visiting Singapore?

Singapore does not have mandatory travel insurance with health coverage requirements while visiting the country. However, an international travel insurance plan is highly recommended while visiting any foreign country.

The plan not only protects the individual from unforeseen emergencies but also offers peace of mind. By purchasing travel insurance online, individuals will have financial coverage against various risks such as baggage loss, flight delays, medical emergencies and more.

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Singapore is a beautiful country to explore for Indian nationals. Every year, thousands of Indians go to Singapore for various reasons, such as work, tourism, study, and more. To enter the country, individuals need a Singapore visa.

One essential requirement of getting a visa is proper documentation. Any discrepancy or mistake in Singapore visa documents can lead to visa rejection.


How much bank balance is required for a Singapore visa?

To apply for a Singapore visa, applicants need to have a minimum bank balance of ₹50,000.

Is a Singapore visa easy to get?

Individuals can apply for Singapore visas online or offline. However, Singapore visa requirements for Indian citizens need to be met first before the application.

If the applicant is eligible, they can submit the visa request offline via the embassy or consular office. To submit the visa application online, visit the ICA portal.

Can I apply online for a Singapore tourist visa from India?

Yes, applicants can apply for tourist visas online by visiting the respective portals of authorised visa agents.

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