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Singapore Visa Fees for Indian

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 21/03/2024

Embarking on a journey to the vibrant city-state of Singapore brings forth a world of possibilities for Indian travellers. However, as you gear up for your adventure, understanding the intricacies of Singapore visa cost is a pragmatic stride.

In this no-nonsense guide, we dissect the cost components, providing a clear roadmap to navigate the financial landscape of obtaining a Singapore visa. From Singapore visa application fees to potential add-ons, our aim is to simplify the process, ensuring that you are well-equipped to plan your trip economically.

Whether your visit is driven by business or leisure, let's get into the practicalities of Singapore visa fees for Indians, making sure your travel budget aligns seamlessly with your travel aspirations.

Do Indian Travellers Need a Singapore Visa?

Yes, entering the dynamic city-state of Singapore requires Indian passport holders to obtain a visa.

While this holds true for most, there are exemptions for individuals holding diplomatic, service, and official passports who enjoy a waiver from the standard visa requirement.

The process for applying for a Singapore visa is streamlined for Indian passport holders, who have the option to submit their applications online. This can be done through the official website of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA).

Alternatively, applicants may choose to utilise the services of authorised visa agents for a seamless and efficient application process.

Eligibility criteria vary depending on the purpose of the visit, be it tourism, business, or other activities. Meeting the documentation requirements and ensuring the accuracy of the information provided are crucial steps to a successful application.

It is recommended to initiate the visa application well in advance of the intended travel date to allow for processing time.

Does Singapore Offer Visa-On-Arrival for Indians?

No, Singapore does not extend 'Visa on Arrival' for Indian citizens visiting the country. It is mandatory for all Indian travellers to secure a Singapore tourist visa from India prior to embarking on their journey.

Singapore Visa Types and Fees

Singapore Tourist Visa

Visa Type Validity Visa Fees Extension Fees
Tourist Visa Maximum 63 days after issuance SGD 30 (₹1,853 approx.) for a single-entry visa and SGD 90 (₹5,557 approx.) for a multiple-entry visa $40 (₹3,000 approx.)

Singapore Business Visa

Visa Type Validity Visa Fees Extension Fees
Business Visa Maximum 2 years SGD 31 (₹1,999 approx.) Not Applicable

Singapore Transit Visa

Visa Type Validity Visa Fees Extension Fees
Transit Visa 5 days with a maximum stay of 3 days/ single journey SGD 39 (₹2,400 approx.) Not Applicable

Singapore S Pass

Visa Type Validity Visa Fees Extension Fees
S Pass 2 years initially with renewability of another 3 years SGD 131 (₹11,000 approx.) $40 (₹3,000 approx.)

Singapore Student Pass

Visa Type Sub Types Validity Visa Fees
Student Pass Training Work Permit Maximum 4 years SGD 95 (₹6,000 approx.)
Training Employment Pass Maximum 4 years SGD 95 (₹6,000 approx.)
Work Holiday Pass (under the Work Holiday Program) Maximum 4 years SGD 95 (₹6,000 approx.)
Work Holiday Pass (under the Work and Holiday Visa Program) Maximum 4 years SGD 95 (₹6,000 approx.)

Singapore Multiple Entry Visa (MEV)

Visa Type Validity Visa Fees Extension Fees
Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) 2 years SGD 90 (₹5,557 approx.) $40 (₹3,000 approx.)

[*Note: Visa fees are subject to change, and for the most accurate and current information, it is advisable to consult the nearest Singapore embassy or consulate in India. Keeping abreast of the latest updates ensures that travellers are well-informed about the fees and requirements associated with obtaining a Singapore visa.]

Tourist Visa for Indians: A Singapore tourist visa is essential if your intention is to explore the country purely for leisure and cultural experiences, without any plans for employment or work engagement. This visa category is designed for individuals seeking to appreciate the wonders and cultural richness of the destination.

Business Visa for Indians: For those planning a visit to Singapore for work or business-related purposes, a tourist visa will not suffice. In such cases, a business visa becomes the requisite travel document.

Transit Visa for Indians: A distinctive visa category, the transit visa stands apart from the aforementioned types. It comes into play for a concise period of 96 hours, proving beneficial when Singapore serves as your transit hub. This short-term visa is particularly useful if you have a brief layover in Singapore before continuing your journey to another destination.

S Pass: Tailored for mid-skilled workers holding job offers in designated industries, the S Pass adheres to criteria established by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Typically, the application for this pass is initiated by the employer.

Singapore Student Pass: The Singapore study visa is acknowledged and accepted across all 34 International Houses of Learning (IHLs) in Singapore, providing educational opportunities for international students. Commonly referred to as a student visa for Singapore from India, the Singapore Student Pass is a mandatory prerequisite for international students intending to pursue academic endeavours in the country.

There are four different types of student visas in Singapore:

Training Work Permit: Available for students and semi-skilled foreign workers engaging in practical training in Singapore for a duration of up to six months.

Training Employment Pass: Designed for foreign professionals undergoing practical training while earning a minimum of $3,000.

Work Holiday Pass (under Work Holiday Program): Geared towards students aged 18 to 25 who wish to work and vacation concurrently in Singapore for a maximum period of 6 months.

Work Holiday Pass (under Work and Holiday Visa Program): Tailored for Australian students and graduates aged 18 to 30 seeking a year-long experience of working and vacationing in Singapore.

Multiple Entry Visa (MEV): The Multiple Entry Visa in Singapore offers Indian passport holders the flexibility to enter the country multiple times throughout the visa's validity period. This feature proves advantageous for frequent travellers or individuals with varied purposes for visiting Singapore.

How to Apply for a Singapore Visa from India?

To initiate the Singapore visa application process for Indian travellers, follow these comprehensive steps:

Access the ICA Website: Visit the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website by navigating to

Navigate to e-Services and Forms: On the top menu bar, click on "e-Services and Forms."

Choose the Visa Application Section: Under the "SG Arrival Card, Entry Visa, e-Pass Enquiry Portal and Extension of Visit Pass" section, select "Apply for Entry Visa."

Specify Visa Type: Choose the specific visa type you are applying for (e.g., Entry visa).

Initiate the Application: Click "Apply for a Visa" once again to begin the application process.

Provide Personal and Travel Details: Fill in the required information, including personal details and passport information.

Upload Passport Photo: Upload a recent passport-size photograph of yourself as part of the application.

Payment of Singapore Visa Application Fee: Proceed to pay the visa application fee using a credit or debit card.

Review and Submission: Review your application thoroughly before submitting it.

Acknowledgement Receipt: After submission, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt.

Await Visa Processing: Patiently wait for the designated visa processing time to receive updates on your visa status.

Download E-Visa: Upon approval, access the ICA website to download the electronic visa (e-visa).

Print E-Visa: Print out the e-visa and ensure you carry it with you when travelling to Singapore.

[Note: Keep in mind that the steps outlined here are based on the current information available, and there might be variations depending on updates to the ICA website. It is advisable to regularly check the ICA website for the latest details regarding the visa application process.]

Documents Required for a Singapore Visa from India

Before initiating the visa application process, it is essential to gather the required documents.

The necessary documents for the Singapore visa application are outlined below:

Valid Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from the planned date of entry into Singapore.

Form 14A: Complete and sign Form 14A, providing crucial information necessary for the visa application.

Passport-sized Photograph: Submit a recent colour photograph taken within the last three months. The photograph should measure 4.5cm X 3.5cm and have a pixel density of 400 X 514 pixels for successful uploading to the ICA website. The image must have a white background and be printed on matte or semi-matte finish paper, avoiding a glossy finish.

Bio-data Page Copy: Include a copy of the bio-data page of the applicant's passport.

In addition to the documents mentioned above, the other types of Singapore Visa requirements include:

For Business Visa:

Covering Letter: A meticulously crafted Covering Letter on the official letterhead of the Indian company, duly stamped and signed, is essential.

Invitation Letter: A formal Invitation Letter from the hosting entity in Singapore, presented on Singaporean letterhead, is required. The letter should be appropriately stamped and signed for validation.

For Student Visa

Completed Application Forms: Fill out Form 16 and Form V36 or provide additional applicant information.

Admission Confirmation: Obtain admission to a recognised educational institution in Singapore, such as a university, college, or institution offering eligible courses.

Invitation Letter: Receive an invitation letter from the educational institution in Singapore (IHL).

Academic Transcripts: Submit transcripts of your degrees, diplomas, or certificates from schools attended in India.

Test Scores: Provide test scores required by your college, such as TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT.

Financial Proof: Demonstrate sufficient funds for tuition fees and living expenses through bank statements, sponsorship letters, scholarship awards, or a student loan sanction letter (minimum S$ 5000).

Language Proficiency: Show proficiency in English through standardised language tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

Health Insurance: Have valid medical insurance covering potential medical expenses throughout your stay in Singapore.

Age Verification: Check and adhere to any age restrictions set by your chosen educational program or institution.

Medical Report (for stays over 1 year): Provide a medical report if your stay in Singapore exceeds one year.

For S Pass

Company Sponsorship: You need sponsorship from a registered company in Singapore with a valid business registration eligible to apply for S Passes.

Quota Availability: The company must have an available S Pass quota, determined by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) based on industry, company size, and compliance track record.

Minimum Salary: Ensure your fixed monthly salary meets the minimum criteria set by MOM, subject to periodic reviews based on industry and job position.

Educational Qualifications: Have at least a tertiary education or trade certificate, with specific requirements varying based on the job and industry.

Work Experience: Possess relevant work experience in the field, typically three years or more, though this may vary based on job requirements.

Fair Consideration Framework (FCF): Employers must follow the Fair Consideration Framework, prioritising local job seekers and demonstrating consideration before hiring foreign employees.

Primary Care Plan (PCP): After in-principle approval, purchase the Primary Care Plan if residing in applicable dormitories or working in specific sectors.

Vaccination Requirement: Be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including a booster dose if eligible.

Medical Insurance: Your employer must provide medical insurance with a minimum coverage of $15,000 per year, specifically covering hospitalisation and surgery expenses.

Proof of Residence: Provide the address of your residence in Singapore.

Embarkation Card: Have an SG arrival card for disembarkation/embarkation when entering Singapore.

SG Arrival Card

This card is a mandatory requirement for all individuals travelling to Singapore and must be submitted three days before the planned entry date, including the date of the entry itself.

The submission can be conveniently done through the ICA website. To complete the SG Arrival Card, you will need to provide the following information via the ICA Portal:

Information from your valid passport.

Your contact details.

A comprehensive travel itinerary.

Details of your accommodation arrangements in Singapore.

Singapore Visa Fees in Indian Rupees for Indian Travellers

Here are the different Singapore visa price details for Indian travellers:

The cost of a Singapore Business Visa for Indian nationals is approximately ₹3,244*. This fee is applicable based on the visa type and the intended stay duration.

Similarly, the Singapore Tourist Visa price is approximately ₹3,244* for Indian travellers.

Visa fees for Singapore for a transit visa are free* for Indians.

A Student Visa for Singapore from India costs around ₹1826* for the visa processing fee, ₹3652* for the issuance fee, and ₹1826* for the multiple entry fee.

For an S Pass for Singapore from India, the fees are ₹4548* as a processing fee and ₹6064* as an issuance fee.

Singapore visa cost for an MEV from India, the associated fee is ₹2497*.

Singapore Visit Visa Price: Overstaying Fees

Overstaying in Singapore is viewed as a grave offence under the law, carrying substantial penalties. Offenders may face a maximum jail term of six months, a minimum of three strokes of the cane, or a fine reaching up to $6,000.

Those apprehended for immigration violations undergo legal consequences, including imprisonment, and face deportation and subsequent prohibition from re-entry into Singapore.

These strict measures underscore the significance of abiding by visa regulations and emphasise the serious repercussions associated with overstaying in the country.

[*Note: Visa fees are subject to change, and for the most accurate and current information, it is advisable to consult the nearest Singapore embassy or consulate in India. Keeping abreast of the latest updates ensures that travellers are well-informed about the fees and requirements associated with obtaining a Singapore visa.]

Singapore Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a Singapore visa can differ based on the visa type and the current application volume. Generally, for Indian citizens, it takes approximately three to five working days.

Applying well ahead of your travel dates is recommended to account for potential delays. Keep in mind that processing times might be longer during peak travel periods, like holidays or summer vacation.

Importance of Travel Insurance

Tata AIG’s Travel insurance policies starting at ₹47.85 per day with COVID-19 coverage!

Securing travel insurance is essential for international travel, and when heading to Singapore, the importance is magnified due to potential expenses that may arise unexpectedly. Tata AIG's travel insurance Singapore emerges as an optimal solution, providing comprehensive coverage to alleviate various travel concerns.

The insurance compensates for lost or delayed luggage, covers loss and damage due to home burglary during your absence, addresses expenses for obtaining a duplicate or new passport in case of loss, and reimburses in instances of bounced hotel and airline bookings.

Furthermore, our travelling insurance policies extend coverage to medical expenses, offering compensation for accidental death or injury during the trip. It encompasses costs related to injury or sickness, encompassing emergency transportation to a hospital, treatment, and necessary medical supplies.

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Planning a trip to Singapore? Understanding the visa process is crucial for Indian travellers. Know the visa fees, application steps, and why visas might get rejected for a hassle-free experience.

Whether a business trip or a leisurely one, being informed about Singapore visa fees ensures a budget-friendly journey. Remember, careful planning and following visa rules lead to a successful and enjoyable stay in this vibrant destination.

Also, do not forget to get a robust travel insurance policy from Tata AIG to protect your stay in Singapore. Safe travels on your Singapore adventure!

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