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Known as the “rainbow nation,” South Africa is a beautiful blend of several cultures that welcomes foreigners with open hearts. Suppose you wish to travel to this beautiful country and enjoy its wildlife, taste the world-famous wine from Cape Wineland, or experience the adventure of bungee jumping. In that case, you must fulfil all the necessary South African visa requirements for Indian citizens.

Unfortunately, at present, there is NO South Africa visa on arrival for Indian citizens services. Thus, you must apply for the appropriate visa type as per your purpose of visit before you plan your trip. Here in this article, you will find what are the South Africa visa requirements for Indian citizens.

What are the South Africa Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens?

South Africa issues various types of visas to Indian citizens as per their purpose and period of stay in the country. However, the requirements for various visa types might differ. For example South Africa work visa requirements for Indian citizens might differ from South Africa tourist visa requirements for Indian citizens. However, some common requirements need to be fulfilled for every visa category. Here are these:

Indian Passport

The first and foremost requirement for a South Africa visa application online is having a valid Indian passport. Your Indian passport is a document that authorises you to travel internationally, and it also acts as your identity document.

To travel to South Africa, you must have a valid Indian passport. It must be valid for at least 30 days after the expiry of your intended stay in the country.

Visa Application Form

A Visa application form is a mandatory document that every visa applicant must fill out in order to proceed with the application process. There are various visa application forms for South Africa according to various visa categories.


You need to provide your coloured passport-size photographs for the South Africa visa application. Your photograph should be clear and at most six months old. The passport-size photograph is a crucial requirement as it helps the authorities verify your identity.

Indian Identity Card

During the South Africa visa application process, you need to prove your identity and Indian citizenship. For this, you must have one or multiple Indian identity documents with you.

Indian identity cards that can be accepted for verification include the Aadhar card, voter ID card, PAN card, birth certificate, marriage certificate, academic certificate, etc. You must present these document(s) whenever requested during the application process.

Travel Itinerary Details

Providing travel itinerary details is mandatory, primarily to fulfil South African tourist visa requirements for Indian citizens. The itinerary details include the number of days you will stay in South Africa, dates of entry and exit, details of places to visit, and other necessary details.

Accommodation Details

Confirmed accommodation is necessary for your South Africa visa application to be accepted. You need to provide your confirmed stay details, which can include details of your confirmed Airbnb booking, rental property booking, or hotel suite booking.

Flight Details

Providing details of your confirmed flight details is one of the necessary documents required for a South African Tourist Visa from India. It is a necessary document to confirm that you will return to your home country after your trip. You have to attach your confirmed flight ticket details with your application.

Travel Insurance Plan Details

Although travel insurance is not mandatory in South Africa, having one protects you from unforeseeable events and the financial burden they might create. Moreover, you might also have to present your health records and medical certificates to get approval.

Paid Visa Application Fees

Paying South African visa fees for Indian citizens is a mandatory step in the visa application process. The fees differ depending on the visa category you have selected, and you must pay them to proceed further in the application process. With visa fee payment, your application will be accepted.

Financial Details

You need to present your financial documents to prove that you are financially sound to support your trip to South Africa. The financial documents that you need to provide include your bank statements for the past 3 months, salary slips, credit card statements, and income tax return details.

Depending on the duration of your stay, you must have enough bank balance to support yourself and the cost of your trip.

Other Documents

Here are some other documents that you may be required to present as per the visa type you select.

  • South Africa Work Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

  • Approval letter and work certificate from the current employer if visiting for a short-term work trip.

  • Confirmed job offer letter and employment contract by South African employer if going for long-term employment

  • Copy of work permit

  • South Africa Minor Visa Requirements

  • Consent letter from the legal guardian/parent(s)

  • Duly filled and signed permission form

  • South Africa Study Visa Requirements

  • Confirmed acceptance letter and enrollment letter from the educational institution of South Africa

  • Appropriate Health Insurance

  • Temporary entrant

Importance of Travel Insurance Policy

Overseas travel insurance is one of the crucial requirements of visa permits for various countries. However, having travel insurance is required not just to fulfil application requirements; it also provides a financial safety net to the policyholders in the event of an emergency during their trip.

You can buy travel insurance online with Tata AIG and get insurance benefits like trip cancellation cover, delayed baggage and delayed flight cover, coverage for COVID-19, and medical emergency expenses.

So, while you meet all South African visa requirements, remember to check out Travel Insurance South Africa and experience stress-free travelling.

Summing Up

Now that you know the South African entry visa requirements for Indian citizens, you can complete the visa application process swiftly. Follow the pointers mentioned here and fulfil all the other requirements to get the visa, and then enjoy your South Africa trip.

Additionally, feel free to browse the Tata AIG website to check out the best overseas travel insurance.


Which countries can enter South Africa without a visa?

The citizens of a few countries are exempted from South Africa visas to enter the country. These countries are Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ghana, Hungary and some more.

Can I enter South Africa without a passport?

No, having a valid passport is mandatory to travel internationally to any country in the world.

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