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Spain, with its rich cultural tapestry, evolving cities, and breathtaking scenery, attracts visitors from all over the world. For Indian citizens looking forward to beginning on this adventure, it is important to understand that Spain's visa procedures are a critical step towards making their aspirations a reality.

Travellers holding a Schengen visa are permitted entry into Spain and other countries in the Schengen area for a set amount of time. Indian nationals must apply through the Spanish embassy or consulate and provide the required documentation.

If you need clarity on the Schengen visa requirements, we've compiled a list of necessary documents required for a Spanish tourist visa from India and other types of visas, along with detailed instructions to ensure a smooth and hassle-free application experience.

What Are the Schengen Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens?

Before your Spain visa application online from India, you must be aware of the listed requirements.

Spain Tourist Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Application Form: Indian citizens seeking a Schengen visa must complete the appropriate application form accurately and truthfully. The form can be downloaded from the website of Spain’s embassy or consulate.

Passport Size Photographs: Along with the visa application form, you must include recent passport-sized pictures that match the Schengen visa photo standards. These often include size parameters, such as dimensions of 4.5 cm X 3.5 cm and a white background colour. Compliance with these rules is critical to avoiding application delays.

Travel Itinerary: A detailed travel itinerary outlining the planned duration of stay, accommodation arrangements, and intended activities within the Schengen Area is essential. This itinerary should align with the visa validity period and clearly demonstrate the purpose of the visit, whether it is for tourism, business, or other permitted reasons.

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance coverage is mandatory for Schengen visa applicants from India. The insurance policy should meet specific criteria, including:**

Minimum Coverage: The policy must provide coverage for medical emergencies, including repatriation, with a minimum coverage of €30,000.

Validity: The insurance coverage should be valid for the entire duration of the intended stay in the Schengen Area.

Schengen Area Coverage: The policy should explicitly mention coverage for all Schengen countries.

Proof of Accommodation: You must produce verification of your lodging arrangements throughout your stay in the Schengen Area. The documents should include confirmation of hotel or Airbnb arrangements, as well as proof that you will be staying with a family member or friend. This is an essential document for the Schengen tourist visa from India.

Biometric Data Submission: You must submit your fingerprints and other biometric data on the day of your visa interview. You will need to provide your fingerprints if this is your first time applying for a Schengen visa or if your application was filed more than 5 years ago. If the child is younger than 12, fingerprints are not required. This is an essential requirement in order to be eligible for a Schengen visa.

Spain Business Visa Requirements from India

Letter of Invitation: A formal letter of invitation from the Spanish company or business partner outlining the purpose of the visit, duration of stay, and any financial support arrangements.

Business Documents: Relevant business documents such as a letter from the employer detailing the purpose of the trip, a certificate of incorporation of the Indian company, and any other supporting documents related to the business activities planned in Spain should be provided.

Income Tax Return: The evidence of income tax returns must comply with the guidelines and be supported by valid documentation attesting to the payment of income taxes.

Spain Study Visa Requirements from India

Proof of Education: You are often required to provide proof of enrollment in educational institutions to demonstrate your ties to India and your intention to return after the visit to the Schengen Area.

Indian Passport: You must submit a copy of your passport along with the original. The passport must be valid for 3 months after you leave the Schengen region. Furthermore, your passport should contain 2 fully blank pages and have been issued within the last 10 years.

Proof of Financial Means: Demonstrating financial solvency is essential to convince immigration authorities that you can support yourself financially during your stay in the Schengen Area. This can be done by providing various forms of evidence, such as bank statements showing sufficient funds, sponsorship letters from relatives or friends, or proof of pre-paid accommodation and transportation.

Spain Work Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Employment Contract: A written agreement from the Spanish employer that specifies the work requirements, pay scale, and length of the position.

Work Permit: A document that the employer acquired as confirmation from the Spanish Ministry of Labour.

Professional Qualifications: Records attesting to your expertise and experience in areas pertinent to the position.

No Objection Certificate: If you are employed in a Schengen country, then you may be required to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your employer, granting you permission to travel to the Schengen Area for the specified duration.

Spain Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

Visa Duration Visa Fees in INR
Tourist Visa/ Business Visa/ Transit Visa for Seamen/Airport Transit Visa 7275
Children between 6-12 years                                   3638
Note: These costs are subject to change and may differ depending on the circumstances. Before applying, always check the official visa fee recommendation issued by the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in India.

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Navigating the Spain visa requirements for Indian citizens requires extreme care to detail and dedication to the stated criteria. While the process may appear difficult, proper planning and discipline can help to speed up the application process.

Understanding the various visa categories, gathering required evidence, and following the accurate conditions outlined by the Spanish authorities are all critical stages towards successful Spanish entry visa requirements.

Furthermore, receiving advice from official authorities such as the Spanish consulate or embassy can be quite helpful and instructive.


Can Indian citizens obtain a Spain visa on arrival?

No, a Spain visa on arrival for Indian citizens cannot be obtained. It is necessary to apply for a visa before travelling.

What should I do if my Spain visa application is rejected?

If your Spain visa application is rejected, you will receive a notification outlining the reasons for the rejection. You may have the option to appeal the decision or reapply for the visa, addressing any issues that led to the rejection. It is essential to carefully review the rejection letter and seek guidance from the consulate or embassy if needed.

Is travel insurance mandatory for obtaining a Spain visa from India?

Yes, travel insurance coverage is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a Spain visa. The insurance should cover medical expenses, emergency hospitalisation, and repatriation for the entire duration of your stay in Spain, with a minimum coverage amount specified by the consulate or embassy.

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