Srilanka is Now Visa-Free for Indians

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Sri Lanka is a South Asian island country that was earlier known as Ceylon. The country shares its land border with Maldives and India. The country has a rich history, natural reserve and distinct flora and fauna which is the reason why many tourists come to visit the country. Tourism is the sector which contributes majorly to the Sri Lankan economy.

But with the world wide pandemic, the tourism sector of the country got affected. Even after the pandemic, the country's economy has not picked up. To boost the nation's economy with tourism, recently Sri Lanka offered visa free entry to many countries.

Indian tourists love to explore the Sri Lankan beauty, that's why Sri Lanka is visa-free for Indians. Here, we will understand in detail about Sri Lanka visas for Indians and various other Sri Lanka visa-free countries list.

Need for Offering Sri Lanka Visa free for Indians

There is no doubt, in fact, that India is the top source of the inbound market for Sri Lankan tourism. ThisSouth Asian island country shares their boundary with India. Further, the country is packed with beaches and rich wildlife. Many Indians every year in thousands of numbers visit the beautiful island country.

But earlier, when they have to enter the nation, they need to apply for a Sri Lanka visa for Indians. Basically, it is a travel permit where tourists have to pay a fee to enter the country for a particular duration of time. The Indian citizens at that time needed to pay ₹ 2,200 for a tourist visa. The process not only costs Indian tourists but is also lengthy.

But earlier this year, in March 2024, the Sri Lankan government announced the pilot project where Sri Lanka is visa-free for Indians. Before that program, the government also levied the ₹ 1,663 visa application fee for Indian nationals.

List of Visa-Free Countries Under Sri Lanka Program

As per the foreign ministry of Sri Lanka, there are 7 visa-free countries under the Sri Lanka pilot program. Below, we have listed the names:








The program was initiated with the hope of attracting more tourists to the country and reviving the nation's economy.

Why Should Indians Consider Visiting Sri Lanka?

Apart from the primary reason that Sri Lanka is visa-free for India, tourists from India have many other religious and emotional ties with the island nation. Below are some of the popular reasons to consider visiting Sri Lanka:

Historical Significance- Both Indian and Sri Lanka have a historical connection that goes back to the Ramayana era. As per the history, it has been said that Lord Rama's wife, Sita, was abducted and taken to Sri Lanka. People who have profound religious beliefs go to the country to witness the epic Ramayana tales. The country has various historical sites such as Sita Kotuwa, Jaffna, Sigiriya and more.

Buddhism Connection- Another reason to visit the country, it has the Bodhi Tree. Other than this, it also has various ancient sites such as Sri Maha Bodhi, Tooth in Kandy and more.

Pristine Srilankan Beaches- Indian travellers who love beaches and sunshine also travel to the country to enjoy the turquoise water and swaying palm trees. It is a budget-friendly honeymoon spot for other Asian countries.

Rich Wildlife- Lastly, the country has vibrant wildlife, such as jackals, elephants, leopards and more, in Yala National Park.

Need for Travel Insurance While Visiting Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is definitely one of the most loved tourist destinations for Indian citizens. Earlier to enter the nation, Indians used to have a visa for the country. But now the country is visa-free, which means Indians can travel to the nation without applying for a Visa. Further, there is no compulsion to have a travel insurance plan while entering Sri Lanka.

However, it is advisable to have international travel insurance to secure the holiday from unforeseen circumstances. The travel insurance plan from Tata AIG offers perks such as flight cancellation, trip curtailment, loss of luggage, medical evacuation and more in different countries.

Further, we offer a hassle-free travel insurance claim procedure in just a few steps with zero paperwork.


Sri Lanka is an all-year-round tourist destination for Indian citizens. The weather in the country is quite favourable for Indian nationals. The place definitely has hidden gems for nature lovers. Tourists from India will have many options to explore, such as tea plantations, high mountains, train rides, hiking trails and more. Further, Sri Lanka being visa-free for Indians also removes the extra legwork of doing visa procedures.


Can we travel to Sri Lanka from India now?

Travellers from India who want to enjoy Sri Lanka's natural beauty, such as pristine beaches, mountain sites, historic places, etc, can travel to the country anytime without applying for a visa. Under the latest pilot program, a Sri Lanka visa for Indians is free.

Can I go to Sri Lanka without a visa?

Earlier, travellers from India needed to apply for a Sri Lanka visa to enter the nation, but now they can go to Sri Lanka without a visa.

Which is the best time to explore Sri Lanka?

The best month to visit the island nation Sri Lanka is between December and March since it is the best time to witness the wildlife, and the prices are low with fewer crowds.


Information last updated Dec 23. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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