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Looking forward to discovering Switzerland's vibrant cities, vibrant culture, and delectable cuisine? Before you do so, it is important to ensure that you understand the Switzerland visa requirements for Indians.

As there is no Switzerland Visa on Arrival for Indian citizens, you must apply for a visa in order to enter the country. The kind of visa you require will depend on whether you are going for business, pleasure, studies, or to see family or friends.

For an easy and hassle-free trip, Indian nationals visiting Switzerland must be aware of the entry visa requirements. You may improve your chances of getting a visa and having a good time in Switzerland by doing the right Switzerland visa application online process and submitting the right documentation.

What are the Switzerland Entry Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens?

Let us go over the specifics of the various Switzerland visa requirements for Indian citizens in order to submit your application online or offline.

Switzerland Tourist Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Valid Passport: You must possess a passport valid for at least 3 months beyond the intended stay in Switzerland.

Proof of Travel Itinerary: Provide details of your travel plans, including your flight reservations, accommodation bookings, and planned activities in Switzerland.

Visa Application Form: Complete your visa application form with proper signature.

Photographs: Make sure to provide two recent passport-size photographs. Ensure that the photographs meet the following specifications:**

  • The pictures should be shot without spectacles or sunglasses, and with no smile (teeth should not be visible).

  • The face must fill 80% of the frame and be taken against an entirely white background.

  • Two copies should be sent according to normal photo requirements.

  • The dimensions should be 35 x 45 mm.

  • The photograph should have a matte finish and be recent.

  • Facial expressions must be neutral with no smiling or frowning.

  • Hair should be tied back so that the face and ears are readily visible.

  • No headgear should be worn except for religious reasons.

Proof of Financial Means: Demonstrate sufficient funds to cover the expenses during your stay, such as bank statements or a sponsorship letter.

Switzerland Business Visa Requirements from India

Along with the tourist documents required for Switzerland visa from India mentioned above, provide additional documents for business purposes, including:**

Invitation Letter: Obtain an invitation letter from your Swiss business partner or host detailing the purpose, duration, and itinerary of your trip.

Business Correspondence: Provide evidence of business correspondence with Swiss companies.

Trade Fair/Conference Registration: If attending a trade fair or conference, include registration confirmation or invitation.

Switzerland Study Visa Requirements from India

Admission Letter: Acceptance letter from your recognised educational institution in Switzerland confirming your enrollment.

Financial Proof: Provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses.

Health Insurance: Health insurance plan covering the duration of your study program.

Accommodation Proof: Submit proof of arranged accommodation in Switzerland.

Educational Certificates: Provide academic certificates and transcripts.

Switzerland Work Permit Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Employment Contract: Provide a valid employment contract from your Swiss employer.

Proof of Qualifications: Provide evidence of qualifications and experience relevant to the job position.

Proof of Accommodation: Submit evidence of arranged accommodation in Switzerland.

No Objection Certificate: If you are hired in Switzerland as an employee, you may need to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your employer, which will allow you to travel to Switzerland for the given duration.

Financial Stability: Demonstrate financial stability to support yourself during the initial period of employment.

Switzerland Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

Visa Type Category Visa Fee in INR Visa Fee in EURO
Tourist Visa Adult 7000 80
Tourist Visa Children Between 6 – 12 Years 3500 40
Business Visa Adult  7000 80
Student Visa  Adult  7000 80
Work Permit For Up To 120 Days In 12 Months Adult  7000 80
Work Permit For More Than 120 Days Adult  7000 80

Note: These costs are subject to change and may differ depending on the circumstances. Before applying, always check the official visa fee recommendation issued by the Switzerland Embassy or Consulate in India.

About Tata AIG International Travel Insurance

Planning a trip to Switzerland as an Indian traveller entails navigating a variety of visa requirements and regulations. One of the most important requirements is to obtain appropriate travel insurance, which is an essential part of the visa application procedure.

Tata AIG flight travel Insurance stands out as a reliable option for Indian travellers, particularly seniors travelling on international journeys.

Tata AIG travel insurance for senior citizens serves the different needs of travellers, delivering comprehensive coverage that matches with Switzerland's visa requirements. Whether it is medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or baggage loss, our policies offer comprehensive coverage, providing peace of mind during the journey.

One of the standout features of Tata AIG Travel Insurance is our accessibility. With the convenience of purchasing travel insurance online, travellers can swiftly arrange for coverage without hassle.

Our user-friendly approach simplifies the process, making it convenient for senior citizens and other travellers alike to obtain the necessary protection for their Swiss adventure.


Navigating the Switzerland visa requirements for Indian citizens may appear overwhelming at first, but with the appropriate information and preparation, the procedure becomes easy. Understanding the appropriate visa category for your purpose of travel, acquiring all required documents, and following the application rules are all critical tasks.

Switzerland provides an extensive range of experiences for Indian tourists, from magnificent scenery to bustling towns and a rich cultural legacy. Whether you're planning a holiday, a business trip, or looking for educational possibilities, getting the right visa is the first step towards discovering everything Switzerland has to offer.

Remember, thorough research and attention to detail can significantly streamline the visa application process.

Utilise official resources, seek guidance from reputable agencies if needed, and allow ample time for processing. By doing so, you will maximise your chances of securing a Swiss visa and head on to your journey with peace of mind.


Are there any specific health-related requirements for Indian citizens travelling to Switzerland?

While there are no mandatory health requirements for Indian citizens visiting Switzerland, it is advisable to have comprehensive travel health insurance to cover any medical emergencies during the stay. Additionally, certain vaccinations may be recommended depending on the traveller's health status and the regions they plan to visit.

Can Indian citizens apply for a multiple-entry visa to Switzerland?

Yes, Indian nationals can apply for a multiple-entry visa to Switzerland, which enables them to enter and exit the nation as many times as needed while the visa is valid. Those who must travel frequently for work, pleasure, or other reasons will find this kind of visa especially helpful.

Can Indian citizens visit other Schengen countries with a Switzerland visa?

Yes, Indian citizens holding a valid Switzerland visa can usually travel to other Schengen countries as well, as Switzerland is a part of the Schengen Area. However, it is essential to ensure that the visa explicitly allows for such travel and that the total duration of stay in the Schengen Area does not exceed the permitted limit.

Can Indian citizens apply for a visa on arrival in Switzerland?

No, Indian citizens cannot apply for a visa on arrival in Switzerland. All visa applications must be submitted in advance through the appropriate channels, such as the Swiss embassy or consulate in India. It is important to complete the visa application process before travelling to Switzerland.

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