Tatkal Passport: Fees, Procedure & Documents Required

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Do you have an urgent trip planned and need a passport ASAP? In these cases, you can opt for a passport application under the Tatkal scheme. The passports applied for under this scheme are processed quickly and issued faster.

Earlier, people wanting to use a Tatkal scheme needed a verification certificate from a Gazetted Officer. Today, that’s no longer necessary. The Tatkal passport apply resource can be used by anybody when applying for a fresh passport or for a passport renewal.

What Is A Tatkal Passport?

A Tatkal passport means passports that are issued under a Tatkal scheme are called Tatkal passports. So a Tatkal passport meaning does not differ from the passports issued under a standard passport application scheme in any way.

Tatkal passports are called so because they’re generally issued and dispatched faster. People opt for Tatkal passports usually during emergencies when they urgently need a new passport or a re-issue of their passports. People can apply for a passport under the Tatkal scheme on the Passport Seva Kendra website on their passport application page. From there, they must follow the application and verification processes and wait for their passport to be dispatched.

Documents Needed For A Tatkal Passport

The documents required for a Tatkal passport application are the same as those required for a regular passport, with a few additional documents. These are the primary documents required when applying for a new passport under the Tatkal scheme:

Category Accepted documents
Proof Of Present Address (For Minors, This Can Be In The Name Of The Parent) Any Utility Bills That State Your Address:

● Water Bill ● Electricity Bill ● Gas Bill

Other Accepted Documents:

● Telephone Bill (Landline Or Postpaid Mobile Bill) ● Income Tax Assessment Order ● Voter ID ● Employer Certificate ● Spouse’s Passport Copy - First Two And Last Two Pages, (If The Addresses Match) ● Aadhar Card ● Bank Passbook (From Public, Private And Regional Indian Banks Only)

Proof Of Date Of Birth ● Birth Certificate ● School TC ● Policy Bonds From Life Insurance (If Any) ● Aahdar Card ● Voter ID ● PAN Card ● Driver’s Licence ● A Declaration From The Head Of The Orphanage/Child Care Home Confirming The Dob Of The Applicant.
Any Three Mandatory Documents For Tatkal Passport Processing ● Aadhar Card ● Voter ID ● ID card issued by the employer or Student ID for minors ● Community Certificate ● Arms Licence issued under the Arms Act ● Any Pension Documents (For retired employees) ● Old passport ● PAN card ● Bank Passbook ● Post Office Passbook ● Driver’s Licence ● Ration Card ● Birth Certificate

Tatkal Passport Fees For Adults And Minors

The application fee for passports issued under the Tatkal scheme and regular passports is the same. Here are a few Tatkal passport charges for adults and minors.

Category Validity Fee For A 30-Page Booklet Fee For A 60-Page Booklet
New Passport Or Passport Renewal For Adults (18 And Above) 10 Years ₹3,500 ₹4,000
New Passport Or Passport Renewal For Minors (Under 18 Years) 5 Years ₹3,000 -
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Adding A Booklet When All The Pages In The Applicant’s Current Booklet Have Been Used - ₹3,500 ₹4,000
Re-Issue When The Current Passport Has Been Damaged, Stolen Or Lost. 10 Years ₹5,000 ₹5,000
Re-Issue When Personal Details Need To Be Updated 10 Years For Adults 5 Years For Minors ₹3,500 (For Adults) ₹3,000 (For Minors) -

How To Apply For A Tatkal Passport Online

Applying for a Tatkal passport is similar to applying for a new passport or a passport renewal. The application process can be done online, after which you need to schedule a Tatkal passport appointment for your in-person interview at the passport office.

There are generally two ways of doing the application process:

  • Option 1: Download The E-Form And Re-Upload It On The Website For Submission.
  • Option 2: Fill In The E-Form Online And Submit It.

Option 1: Step-By-Step On How To Download, Fill And Re-Upload The E-Form

  1. Visit the Passport Seva Kendra website.

  2. Register for a new account and log in after your account has been verified and validated.

  3. Click the “Download E-Form” option on the homepage’s forms and affidavits tab.

  4. Choose the “Fresh or Re-issue of Passport” option.

  5. Next, choose the Tatkal option.

  6. Your browser will start downloading a zip file, which you need to extract once it’s done downloading.

  7. After extraction, you will be left with a PDF file, which is the e-form.

  8. Fill in the downloaded e-form with all your relevant details and click the “Validate and Save” button at the bottom.

  9. An XML file will be generated, which you need to upload onto the website.

  10. To do this, choose the “Upload E-Form” option. Ensure the file you’re uploading is in an XML format, as the site doesn’t accept PDF files.

  11. Choose the appropriate appointment slot for you from the given list.

  12. After choosing, you will be directed to the next page, where you must pay the application fee.

  13. You can pay through a credit card (Master Card or Visa), debit, internet banking (SBI and Associate Banks only), or an SBI Bank challan.

  14. Once you’ve completed the payment, print out your application receipt containing your Application Reference Number (ARN).

After this, you must visit the PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) office or RPO (Regional Post Office), where you booked your appointment with all your basic documents, including your printed application receipt.

Option 2: Step-By-Step On How To Fill And Submit The Form Online

If you choose to do the application process entirely online, the process is quite similar. It’s also a lot quicker compared to option 1.

Here’s how you do that:

  1. Register and Login to the Passport Seva Kendra website.
  2. Click on the “Apply For A New Passport” option.
  3. Click the highlighted link to fill in the application form online.
  4. Fill in the form with all your relevant details and click submit.
  5. After which, you will have to pay the application fees and schedule an appointment slot the same way as stated in Option 1 - Step 14.
  6. Print out your application receipt, as it is needed during your in-person interview at the passport office.


Any Indian citizen, either born in India or of Indian descent, is eligible to apply for a passport under a Tatkal scheme. Usually, Tatkal passports are issued within three days after the verification process.

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