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Ways To Save Money On Flight Bookings

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 05/07/2023

In the last few years, airline ticket prices have shot up, and it can discourage people from air travel. Instead, they may choose other modes of travel to avoid overextending their budget.

Unfortunately, in some cases, air travel is unavoidable. Airlines today provide online facilities and discounts to streamline the booking process. However, due to the recent increase in demand post-pandemic, finding good deals on plane tickets can be challenging.

The good news is, getting affordable tickets is still possible. In this blog, we have listed the cheapest flight hacks to help save on flight tickets. So if you want to know more about how you can save on airfare, keep reading.

The Cheapest Flights Hack to Save On Flight Tickets

  • Compare Ticket Availability And Pricing To Save On Airfare

  • Buy Tickets in Advance

  • Travel Mid-Week or on Off Seasons

  • Be Loyal to Particular Airlines

  • Use Credit Cards Strategically

  • Layovers and Different Routes

  • Check for Ancillary Fees in Unbundled Airfares

  • Compare Airlines

Let us take a closer look at what these mean so you have a better understanding of how airlines charge their customers.

- Compare Ticket Availability and Pricing to Save on Airfare

Like most products and services, flight tickets are subject to the same laws of supply and demand. As stated, airlines have been experiencing record-high booking rates from travellers post-pandemic. This increase in demand led to an increase in ticket prices. So how do we get around that?

One hack to get cheap flights would be to check ticket availability on flights. This is because airlines are more likely to sell cheaper tickets on empty flights and more expensive ones on flights that only have a few seats left.

This is why you often see flight ticket prices suddenly increase when considering a purchase.

- Buy Tickets in Advance

This is probably the oldest hack to get cheap flights to save money on airline tickets. Many airlines offer discounts and reduced fares for advance purchases, and bookings made several months in advance.

Generally, prices do not drop close to departure dates, but this can vary depending on the airline routes. Leisure and business travel are prime examples of this statement.

For example, prices may drop closer to the departure date for leisure or holiday routes to attract customers. However, this is not the case for business routes between key cities, where prices can rise significantly at the last minute. So plan accordingly.

Travel Mid-Week or During Off Seasons

When booking your flight ticket, the day of the week matters. Tickets are generally cheaper during weekdays and go up during the weekends, with Tuesdays to Thursdays offering lower rates. Airlines often launch new fares on Monday, which impacts ticket pricing.

There are, of course, exceptions for peak seasons and short business trips where prices are generally higher regardless of what day it is. Therefore, booking your tickets during the off-season is best when planning a vacation.

An additional cheap last-minute flight hack would be to search for individual tickets rather than buying multiple tickets if you are booking tickets for your family or friends. Airlines typically quote higher prices for multiple-ticket bookings.

Using incognito mode to do this is recommended to eliminate cookies or trackers and mask your IP address, increasing your chances of getting charged a reduced price.

- Be Loyal to Particular Airlines

If you are a frequent flyer, sticking to particular airlines when booking your flights may be more beneficial in the long run. Airlines offer points to loyal customers that can be collected by frequently flying with them. Accumulating such points and redeeming them at the time of purchase can definitely be one of the ways to save on airline tickets.

Besides, with enough points, you can get additional perks like seating upgrades, free luggage, discounts, etc. Additionally, if you are a student, several airlines offer student discounts that can be availed if you provide a valid ID.

Pairing your student ID with your frequent flyer points could get you better discounts and is a cheap last-minute flight hack.

- Use Credit Cards Strategically

This can be used in combination with any of the strategies mentioned here. Airlines are often co-branded with certain credit card companies. Using them to book your flight can make you eligible for discounts and perks like free baggage, free seats, etc. It is the same logic as opening a credit card for a certain hotel chain.

**- Layovers and Different Routes **

When flying longer routes, consider opting for stopovers rather than direct flights. This is because airlines charge higher fares for direct flights. If you are planning a long-haul flight, a layover may lengthen your travel time, but it will help you save money on airline tickets.

Where you are flying from also matters. For example, flights from Bangalore and Chennai are often more expensive due to high demand, but flights from Delhi or Mumbai are cheaper. Therefore, crossing to another city to start your travels can help you save on plane tickets.

- Check for Ancillary Fees in Unbundled Airfares

Always consider the total price when booking your tickets. Most countries and airlines will include all taxes in the prices shown, but they will not have the same additional airline services, like wifi, meals, ticket changes, baggage, seats, etc. So checking the prices on these is crucial.

Some airlines exclude baggage and lounge access from economy-class fares. This increases the total cost, especially for long-haul routes with connecting flights. Baggage is charged per flight sector, and not including it can be an expensive mistake.

If you have clarity on the pricing, you can compare different airlines and save on plane tickets.

- Compare Airlines

Airlines are incredibly competitive and consistently undercut each other to provide the best prices to attract customers. As a result, new airlines enter the market with more competitive prices every year, making it easier to find affordable flights.

So it is important to compare airlines with each other. For example, local airlines may offer better prices than international airlines when travelling domestically.

Budget carriers, on the other hand, may offer super low fares but charge you on everything else through ancillary fees, making the total cost to be the same as a full-service carrier.

Paying attention to the finer details and catching additional costs will allow you to have a more thorough vetting process when booking your flights and is a good way to save on airline tickets.

Do I Need a Travel Insurance Plan to Save On Flight Tickets?

An international travel insurance plan might be mandatory when travelling overseas to certain countries, but it is optional if you plan to travel domestically. Most people often do not get a travel insurance plan when planning their trip as they consider it an additional expense.

However, if you are a frequent flyer, it can be beneficial to get one. As stated, plane ticket prices fluctuate a lot. This can make getting refunds on cancelled tickets a nightmare as you may get refunded a lower amount due to a price drop.

With a travel insurance policy, you have a better chance at reimbursement for the full amount. This will include other costs like pre-booked hotel reservations, pre-booked activities, etc. Moreover, you are also covered in case of emergencies or mishaps during your trip.

If you have purchased a travel insurance policy through our site, we have online facilities for an easy travel insurance claim process and missed call facilities.


These were some of the cheapest flight hacks to get you closer to more affordable ticket prices. We recommend that you use a combination of these strategies to maximise your chances of saving on flight tickets and increase the amount of discounts you can get.

Furthermore, a travel insurance policy will help add an extra layer of financial backup, which can be especially beneficial when travelling overseas.

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