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Top Travelling Tips

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 21/09/2022

Every journey you take will teach you something new about the world. But if you wish to cut to the chase, you can embrace travel tips for beginners that have been carefully collated by experienced travellers over the years. Whether you are looking for solo travel tips or first-time flight journey tips – we have something in store for every traveller.

Before unveiling these travel tips, it is important for every traveller to understand the importance of a travel insurance plan to secure their journey. Regardless of whether you travel internationally or within the country, travelling insurance will protect you from unforeseeable scenarios and unpleasant experiences.

Now that we have established the importance of travel insurance, let’s explore some travel tips for beginners

Travelling Tips for Beginners

We have enlisted some of the best travel tips that will transform travel noobs into travel snobs. So, get travelling and flaunting by mastering these simple trips for novice travellers:

  • Book Tickets Like a Pro

Once you have finalised your destination, don’t delay booking the tickets because the closer you get to your travelling dates, the more expensive the tickets get. Here are some additional useful first-time flight journey tips:

  • To optimise your savings, check the coupons and codes for special debit and credit card offers

  • Use the wallet cash on travelling websites to get discounts on flights and hotel reservations

  • Book flights at odd hours since the tickets are cheaper

  • When “researching” for flight tickets, use the incognito mode to avoid website cookies that track booking and inflate ticket prices because of increased demands

  • Finally, invest in flight cancellation insurance as a contingency planning so you are compensated in case your flight gets delayed or cancelled

  • Invest in a Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plan

Spontaneity is half the pleasure of travelling. The world can unveil several possibilities; however, it is always good practice to also plan for unpleasant scenarios. Whether you are travelling solo or with a group, travelling insurance will take care of all the avoidable scenarios. Right from misplaced baggage to loss of passport travel insurance will ensure that you have a financial safety net to fall back on when you are journeying overseas. Your travelling insurance will also protect you in case you meet with an accident away from home. Before investing in travel insurance, however, it is advised to carefully read all the inclusions and exclusions so you don’t get an unpleasant surprise.

  • **Pack Light **

This may sound like a bummer for those who have indulgently shopped for their next trip but most tips for packing stress the importance of ensuring a light bag. The truth is, you simply don’t need as many clothes as you think you do. Here are some packing tips for travel that will help you master the art of light packing:

  • Make a list of your travel essentials and ruthlessly cut the list in half
  • Pick a small suitcase. The bigger the bag, the higher the possibility of you loading it with “unnecessary essentials.”
  • Pack extra underwear
  • Check the baggage fee for luggage that will weigh over the recommended guideline
  • Use packing cubes to stay organised
  • Leave a little space in your bag if you wish to shop for souvenirs

Following these packing tips for travel will help you have an enjoyable trip that is free from labouring around town with a heavy bag. Amongst the aforementioned tips for packing, there is one final tip that can help save a lot of money: invest in a travel insurance plan and ensure it covers misplaced baggage.

  • Be Mindful of Money

Before you make your journey, spare some time to outline a budget and plan this budget for each day. Travelling without a budget is a recipe for disaster and you might return from your journey to a regrettable mountain of debt. You can save a lot of money by hiring a reliable local guide to help you navigate through the destination of your choice. Moreover, it is a great way to get acquainted with the culture and make new friends. Some helpful money travel tips include:

  • By prudently using travel credit cards you can save a lot of money as they come loaded with perks such as free upgrades, free travel, late checkout, and more.

  • Carry credit and debit cards from different banks and intimate your bank about your travel plans so your card is not blocked when you make an overseas transaction

  • Carry some cash in small local denominations in case of emergencies

  • Stash your money in different places so that if you are robbed, not all is lost

  • Get Acquainted with Your Destination

When you research your destination from home, you make a list of all the tourist attractions such as museums and events that you would like to visit. However, there is usually an entry fee to these locations that tourists are liable to pay. Instead, you can start your journey by looking for free walking tours to get your bearings around town. You can book these walking tours (that are common world over) ahead of time and only pay the amount you feel comfortable with at the end of the tour.

  • Explore the Culture

You travel to gather new experiences and in addition to events and festivals, one important aspect of culture is food. Foodies can have an immersive travel experience and truly taste their trip if they explore the street food of the destination they are travelling to. Usually, people are scared to try street food thinking it will make them sick. Here is a tip to take care of your tummy: food that is being cooked over a flame, is boiled or deep-fried; is generally safe to eat. Trying the local food is an unmissable travel experience.

The Bottom Line

Travelling is a thrilling and enjoyable experience however; it is important not to get carried away and to ensure your safety while travelling. Investing in travel insurance is the best way to secure your journeys. The travelling insurance by Tata AIG comes with a host of unique features including coverage for accident and sickness medical expenses, trip cancellation, misplaced baggage, loss of passport, flight cancellation, and more.

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