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Safety Tips for Women Travellers

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 06/02/2023

Taking a solo trip is an unparalleled experience. Exploring the world on your own not only makes you feel independent and invigorating, but the world also rewards you with its hidden treasury of art, culture, and scenic vistas. However, when venturing out on a solo trip, it is important to be aware of certain safety tips for travelling alone.

There are several travel enthusiasts who take to the internet, sharing their experiences of solo trips while also sharing some tips for women travelling alone for a safe and enjoyable experience. And those who are scared to take a solo trip will be happy to know that there are several women who travel alone and have a safe and enjoyable experience as they follow travel safety tips. So, when you next decide to travel by yourself, take note of the following tips for solo female travellers for a wonderful and safe vacation.

Before you get, set, and go for a memorable solo trip, you must invest in travel insurance to take care of unpredictable scenarios while you are away.

Travel Safety Tips for Women

Nothing should stop women from celebrating their liberty and enjoying what the world has to offer. At the same time, there should be no room for carelessness when it comes to safety. Here are five solo female travel safety tips for all the independent travellers out there:

Be Informed About Your Destination

Fortunately, the internet has brought the world closer. A simple Google search about the destination you are travelling to will reveal what the place is known for, how to travel within the city, the best places to stay, eat, shop, visit, and so much more. However, while you research all the fun things to do and the places you would like to explore, also dedicate some time to look up the safety information about the place where you are headed. It also helps to speak to people who have already travelled to where you are going and make a note of their experience. Both the internet and the people will help you with important information such as neighbourhoods you must avoid, where is the nearest hospital just in case things get awry, the best ways to travel safely within the city, the safety of your accommodation through the reviews, etc. While this might seem over cautious, you must bear in mind that it is much better to be safe than sorry. Knowing about your destination is one of the most important safety tips while travelling.

Don’t Trust Blindly/Easily

It is likely that when you travel, you will meet friendly people who will help you explore and explain the culture and the life of people. Connecting with the locals is an integral part of the travelling experience. It is a truly revolutionary experience to understand how the other half of the world lives. However, while it is important to make friends when you travel, you must also keep your safety as a priority.

Amongst the safety tips for travelling alone, this one is important because it is easy to forget how much of your life you are revealing to a stranger when you are having fun. Several listicles speaking about tips for women travelling alone will tell you that you must avoid giving information about where you are staying. It is also important not to open your purse or wallet in front of strangers – you can never tell when and if you might get robbed out of your money.

Share Your Itinerary with Your Friends and Family

When you are away from home and in unknown surroundings, it is always a good idea to share your whereabouts with your family and friends. Several female travellers recommend this amongst the most important travel safety tips for women. This is because if some situation spins out of your control, friends and family back home might be able to assist you in getting out of the scenario by sending over some help.

Learn Some Self-Defence

When you take to the internet to look up some solo female travel safety tips, you must also dedicate some time to learning and practising certain self-defence tactics. Even without the excuse of a solo trip, learning self-defence is a priority in several recommendations outlining safety tips for women. This is because learning about self-defence tactics can help deter attackers enough to help you escape to a safer location and call for help. Learning self-defence can prevent a potentially violent situation from escalating. Additionally, when you step out, carry things such as pepper spray, a knife, a taser, etc., to be safe. This is amongst the most important travel safety tips because it can help save your life from threatening situations.

Invest in the Best Travel Insurance

While travelling solo, situations can be fun and exciting, and they can also be unpleasant. This is perhaps the reason why knowing about the safety tips while travelling is so important. With a travel insurance plan, you are covered against a range of unpleasant scenarios. Regardless of the fact that you travel alone or solo, a travel insurance plan will be your best friend in times of distress.

Whether your flight is delayed, you lose your baggage, you misplace your passport, or meet with an accident while travelling, all the problems can be solved with a simple travel insurance claim to the extent of your policy coverage. Most international travel insurance plans come with COVID-19 cover to take care of the expenses arising from the illness when you are away. However, we suggest you read your policy document carefully to understand the inclusions and exclusions.

No matter what you do, do not forget to calculate travel insurance premiums and also compare travel insurance plans on Tata AIG before you choose a product. From Tata AIG, you can buy travel insurance for individuals, or you can go for a family travel insurance plan.

The Bottom Line

Travelling solo is a one-of-a-kind experience and is recommended to every travel fanatic. However, when you travel by yourself, it is important to keep yourself safe by remembering all the safety tips for solo female travellers. To also protect your financial health, invest in a travel insurance plan. With international travel insurance, you can roam fearlessly as you have a financial safety net to take care of unpleasant experiences. With these safety tips for women, you are now ready to get exploring!

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