UK Visa Fees for Indians

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Travellers from around the globe enjoy visiting the United Kingdom for different reasons. Indians also travel to the UK for various purposes, such as to pursue higher education, visit their family, or explore England's beautiful cities and countryside. India and other countries outside the United Kingdom require a visa permit to enter the country. Before applying for a visa, applicants must determine which type of visa best suits their needs.

Whenever you apply for a UK visa, remember to purchase travel insurance with sufficient insurance coverage; this is an important document required for the visa process.

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UK visa costs for Indians depend on many factors, including the type of UK visa, the duration, the number of entries, biometric fees, and express processing fees. Read on to learn more about the UK visa fees for Indians.

UK Visa Types for Indians

Applicants for Indian passports are charged a certain fee in the pound sterling or GBP by the British Visas and Immigration authorities to cover the administration costs. In addition to paying fees in the home office's currency, applicants can pay in their local currency. Besides the UK visa application fees, one can also purchase travel insurance at a rate of ₹300 (depending on the exchange rate).

The United Kingdom offers various types of visas for Indian visitors, including visas for study, business, etc. The classification of visas according to their purpose is as follows:

UK Tourist Visa Fees

Individuals can visit the UK briefly with a tourist or visit visa. A visitor visa is usually valid for six months. It is possible to receive a permit for two, five, or even ten years if the applicant must travel to the country repeatedly.

These visa types can be issued:

  • Standard Visitor Visa – This visa is intended for tourists, business travellers, medical professionals, and others travelling on a short-term basis.
  • Marriage Visitor Visa – This type is issued to those planning to get married in the UK or enter a civil partnership.

UK embassy fees for Indian marriage are as follows:

  • ₹9,837 for a marriage visitor visa
  • ₹9,837 for a permitted paid engagement visa

Standard Visitor Visa – UK Tourist Visa from India Fees

The following are the Indian Rupees fees for standard UK visitor visas:

  • An entry visa for up to 6 months (single or multiple entries) costs ₹9837.
  • A long-term visa (valid for up to two years) costs ₹37,381.
  • The long-term visa (valid for up to five years) costs ₹67,824
  • A longer-term visa (valid for up to ten years) costs ₹85,116.
  • A private medical treatment (for more than six months to 11 months) costs ₹19,674.
  • Parent of a student child (for up to twelve months) - ₹53,430

UK Transit Visa

An individual needs this visa type only if they pass through the UK on their way somewhere else. Indian applicants for transit visas to the UK should pay the following fees in INR-

  • DATV (Direct Airside Transit) - ₹3624
  • Visa for transit visitors - ₹6627
  • The cost of joining a ship or aircraft as a crew member is ₹6627

UK Family Visa Fees for Indians

Family visas are available for individuals visiting the UK to live with a child, civil partner, parents, spouse or relative who will provide for them in the long run. This visa validity is more than six months.

  • To join your partner, parent, civil partner or child, you will need to pay ₹1,59,007
  • Route to settlement - dependent relatives - ₹3,39,311
  • ₹40,509 for refugee dependent relative - Route to settlement
  • Under 21-year-old dependent children applying for an extension of stay under Appendix ECAA of the immigration rules - No fee

UK Work Visa

Individuals visiting the UK for professional or employment-related reasons are issued a work permit visa.

There are various types of work visas, including:

  • Tier 1 Visa – This visa is for individuals who intend to establish long-term business operations in the country. Startups, entrepreneurs, etc., may be eligible for the visa.
  • Tier 2 Visa – This visa is for individuals who wish to work in the UK for an extended period. This work visa type requires a licensed sponsor.
  • Tier 5 Visa – This permit is for short-term work. Religion, unpaid work, voluntary activities, sports, etc., qualify.

Child Visitor Fees

  • A short-term entry visa for up to six months (single or multiple entries) costs ₹9,837.
  • Visa for the long-term (valid for up to two years) - ₹37,381
  • The cost of a long-term visa (valid for five years) is ₹67,824
  • Visa with a more extended validity period (valid for up to 10 years) - ₹85,116

UK Student Visa

Individuals who wish to study or take a course in the UK must obtain a study visa or permit. Generally, it uses the

Point Based System (PBS). Permits issued to students come in the following forms:

  • Short-term study – Students opting for six-month or eleven-month short-term courses receive this visa.
  • Tier 4 General Student – This visa is for students offered a place in a course or program. The permit is then issued based on the duration of the degree.
  • Tier 4 Child Student – This type is for children between four and seventeen studying at an independent school in the United Kingdom.

Fees for UK visas for Indian students are as follows:

  • The academic visitor (above six months to 12 months) - ₹19,674
  • Access for short-term study (above six months to 11 months) - ₹19,260
  • Tier 4 child visa (main applicant and dependents) - ₹36,034
  • Student visa (for the main applicant and dependents) - ₹ 36,034

Application Fees for Work Visas Outside the UK

  • Worker with less than three years of experience - main applicant and dependents - ₹63,164
  • Intracompany transfer for main applicants and dependents (3 years or less) - ₹63,164
  • Workers with a sponsorship certificate over 36 months - main applicant and dependents - ₹1,26,328
  • The visa fee for the main applicant and their dependents with a sponsorship certificate for up to 12 months is ₹25,266
  • The cost of a skilled worker for a shortage occupation (3 years or less) for the principal applicant and their dependents is ₹48,046
  • The main applicant and any dependents (over three years) will pay ₹48,046 for a healthcare visa.
  • For skilled workers for shortage occupations – Health and Care Visas – where the issuance of sponsorship certificates is for three years or less, there is a fee of ₹24,023.
  • Graduate Trainee - Intracompany Transfer - ₹49,910 for the main applicant and dependents


Several categories of UK visa fees in India are available, including family visitor visas, general visitor visas, sports visitor visas, child visitor visas, business visitor visas, and medical treatment visas. When applying for a UK visa, make sure you purchase travel insurance. You can also compare travel insurance policies from Tata AIG before choosing a travel insurance plan that meets your needs and budget.


Information last updated June 23. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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