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The United Arab Emirates is a land filled with towering skyscrapers and vibrant culture. People from around the world travel to the UAE to witness the beauty of the golden sand, the exquisite nightlife, and the souk markets.

To explore the UAE, Indians require a valid visa based on the purpose and duration of their trip after paying the United Arab Emirates visa fees for Indians. Along with the common transit, tourist, and work, UAE now also offers the facility of a United Arab Emirates visa on arrival for Indian citizens, making it easier for people to visit the country.

If you are planning a trip to the UAE, you must fulfil the necessary United Arab Emirates visa requirements for Indian citizens based on the visa category you choose. It is always better to plan and apply in advance to avoid last minute hassle.

What are the United Arab Emirates Entry Visa Requirements?

To enter the United Arab Emirates from India, you can either go for a visa on arrival or obtain a valid visa based on your trip purpose.

The common types of visas in UAE include the following -

Visa on Arrival - As of 7 January 2024, Indians with a standard passport with a validity of at least 6 months are eligible for a 14-day visa on arrival option.

This visa is a single-entry visa and allows you to enter and explore the UAE for up to 14 days without any hassle.

Tourist Visa - Based on stay duration and number of entries required.

  • Short-term single entry visa - 30 days
  • Short-term multiple entry visa - 30 days
  • Long-term single entry visa - 60 days
  • Long-term multiple entry visa - 60 days s

Work Visa - This visa category is further divided into two sub-categories: employment and investor visa. An employment visa is for Indian nationals who are invited to the UAE by a local employer, whereas an investor visa is for Indian nationals who wish to carry out business activities in the UAE.

Student Visa - Individuals who wish to explore educational opportunities in the UAE must apply for a student visa to enter the country.

Transit Visa - This is a short-term visa applicable for a stay duration of either 48 hours or 96 hours. They are also called transit visas for people travelling via the UAE to another destination after a short layover.

To enter UAE on an entry permit, you can apply for a United Arab Emirates visa application online at www.emirates.com and select “Manage your Booking” on the homepage. Other than this, you can also apply for a valid visa for UAE from VFS Global.

It is also recommended that you complete a UAE visa check from time to time to ensure you are always in the loop about the visa status and can plan or amend your travel dates accordingly.

United Arab Emirates Tourist Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

  • Valid Passport - A clear copy of your current passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the date of departure from UAE. Additionally, you must also keep your old passport(s) for reference in case it is required.

  • Visa Application Form - A signed original visa application form in English or Arabic, filled in capital letters.

  • Photograph - A clear and coloured photograph of yourself.

  • Travel Tickets - Clear copy of your Emirates tickets to and from UAE.

  • Travel Insurance - All applicants requiring a visa to enter the UAE require overseas medical insurance to complete their visa applications.

United Arab Emirates Work Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Along with the above-mentioned documents required for a United Arab Emirates tourist visa from India, for a work visa, both employer and visitor visa, additional documents are necessary.

The list of United Arab Emirates work visa requirements for Indian citizens is as follows -

  • Invitation Letter - An entry permit or invitation letter from an employer or sponsor in the United Arab Emirates, proving their confirmation of hiring the Indian national.
  • Sponsor Documents - Staff ID, salary certificate, labour contract, etc.
  • Medical Certificate - Mandatory medical test certificate from one of the 17 approved GAMCA medical centres in India
  • Police Clearance Certificate - To prove no past criminal activity in India.
  • An internship certificate - A separate certificate may be required for a visitor work visa for conferences, internships, etc.

United Arab Emirates Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

Is Travel Insurance Policy Mandatory for the United Arab Emirates?

Yes, to explore the stunning landscapes and tourist attractions in the United Arab Emirates, fulfilling the United Arab Emirates visa requirements for Indians, such as overseas travel insurance, is mandatory to obtain a valid visa.

With suitable foreign travel insurance, you not only ensure proper submission of the required documents for a visa but also provide yourself with a financial safety net for your trip to UAE.

Tata AIG’s travel insurance plans are designed to provide you with extensive coverage for your trip to the United Arab Emirates. The types of plans available with us cater to different purposes and members, such as single-trip, multi-trip, individual, group, etc.

With our plans, you get cover for flight delays and cancellations, medical emergencies, third-party liabilities, loss or damage of luggage or personal belongings, and much more. Additionally, you can avail of a 7-day automatic travel insurance policy extension in case of trip delays or extensions.


With proper knowledge and preparation of the necessary United Arab Emirates visa requirements for Indian citizens, you can embark on your memorable trip to the Emirates without any hassle.

It is necessary to apply in advance to avoid last minute cancellations and stay up-to-date regarding the documents required for a United Arab Emirates tourist visa from India or any other visa category.

All these documents, especially a travel insurance policy, help ensure your trip is stress-free and you comply with all the necessary entry rules and requirements for the UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund on my UAE visa fee in case of visa application rejection?

For all visa applications for the United Arab Emirates, rejection is solely dependent on the application form and supporting documents. Therefore, if your visa is rejected for any reason, the visa fees paid during submission are non-refundable.

How to book an appointment at the GAMCA office for a medical test for a UAE work visa? If you are required to provide a medical test certificate with your visa application, you can now book an appointment with the GAMCA office by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to www.wafid.com
  • Select “Book an Appointment” present under Medical Examinations.
  • Fill out the requested information on the next page, including the location details, to find the medical centre available in your city.
  • Next, fill out personal information and add payment details.
  • Make the payment and collect the appointment slip.
  • Take the slip to the chosen medical centre as per the appointment.
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