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  • 06/02/2023

Travelling to a foreign country is a new and exciting experience for many. However, applying for a visa can be cumbersome if you do not know what needs to be done. If you are planning for a US trip, the first thing for a US Visa application is to fill out Form DS-160 online. Read ahead and learn more about the documents required for a US visa and the step-by-step process of visa application.

Documents Required for US Travel Visa - For All Types of Visas

The US visa documents that a visa aspirant should provide are as follows:

  • Form DS-160 filled out online through the Consular Electronic Application Centre.
  • Confirmation print of interview appointment.
  • Confirmation print of Form DS-160.
  • A passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months beyond your stay in the country. This provision is different for some countries where you need a valid passport only for the duration of your stay in the US. The passport must contain the visa issued to travel to the US.
  • You must upload a coloured photograph taken in the past 6 months while filling out the form DS-160. Also, it is advisable to carry a photograph on the interview day.
  • To schedule the non-immigrant visa application interview, you must have a receipt of payment of $160. This payment is not refunded if your visa application is rejected or you cancel the interview.
  • You must furnish the details of your social media accounts like the account names, phone numbers and email. The consulate or US embassy also requires your social media history for the previous five years.

US Travel Docs for Supporting the Answers Given in Form DS-160

The US visa requirements also include a list of documents to be furnished supporting the information in Form DS-60. Depending on the purpose of travel, you may need to provide the following documents related to:

Employment proof (if employed)

If you are employed, you need to submit your employer’s confirmation about your position, salary, the purpose of travelling to the US, etc. Leave approval letter and payslips for the last three months are also required.

Business proof (if self-employed)

You have to provide your company details like registration, annual reports, tax returns and annual income statements if you own a business. If you are retired, you have to furnish a pension book.

Student proof (if travelling to study)

As a student, you need to furnish details such as student ID, fee receipt, university letter, recent diplomas, results, etc. In addition to the normal fee, the payment receipt of the SEVIS I-901 fee is also required as proof during the interview.

Work details (if applied for a work visa)

In case of a work visa application, you may have to submit details about the diplomas/certifications, proof of degree, resume, US employer’s job offer, previous employer’s letters, etc.

Previous visas

Previous visas help the officials know about the frequency of your visits to the country. So, if you have travelled to the US before, carry your old passports in the interview.

Invitation letter (if invited)

The letter is written by a citizen or resident of the country, verifying their willingness to accommodate you for the duration of your stay.

Travel purpose

To show the purpose of your travel, you are required to furnish details such as wedding invitations, conference tickets, a detailed itinerary, etc.

Property documents

If you own a property in your home country or anywhere else, the consulate or embassy asks for proof of property. You may need to provide a personal affidavit, original document of ownership and photographs of your property.

Family documents

Family documents may include birth certificates, family photographs, marriage/divorce certificates, etc. Sponsorship documents (if sponsored)

If you are sponsored by another US resident, then the sponsor is required to submit an ID copy and employment proof. The documents help to verify the financial capability of the sponsor to support you during your stay. Apart from the above documents, you have to carry an embassy-approved physician’s letter and your bank details for the previous 6 months. You are also mandated to provide your fingerprints either before or after the interview, depending on the embassy location. In the case of medical treatment, details of medical diagnosis and proof of funds for treatment must be furnished.

USA Tourist Visa Requirements

The applicant ought to get the following documents for a US tourist visa application:

  • Holds a valid reason or purpose for travel.
  • Wish for a temporary stay in the US with the intention of coming back to your home country.
  • Has enough funds to stay in the US.
  • Possesses all required documents for a tourist visa.

Application for a US Tourist Visa

A step-by-step process for US tourist visa application:

  • Select the type of visa for which you wish to apply.
  • Apply for the visa online.
  • Make the tourist visa fee payment.
  • Schedule the US visa interview.
  • Attend the interview with the documents required for a US tourist visa from India.
  • Track the application and wait for the approval.

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Hopefully, this article gave you a fair idea about all the documents required for a US tourist visa from India, as well as a work and student visa. Just like a visa, remember, appropriate travel insurance is necessary to enjoy a hassle-free travelling experience. An international travel policy protects you from unforeseen financial losses, such as stolen documents, lost or damaged luggage, flight delay or cancellation, or a medical emergency.

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