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What is VEVO Visa

  • Author :
  • TATA AIG Team
  • Published on :
  • 07/06/2023

Globalisation has brought the world together. People from all over the world travel internationally every day, and Indians are nowhere behind. Australia is among the most popular places visited by Indians for work and leisure. According to reports, India was the largest source of migrants in Australia in 2021-22. If you are also planning a trip to Australia, a passport and a visa are the two most essential documents you would require. The visa approval process takes time, and you can check if your application is approved, with the Visa Entitlement Verification Online process, also known as VEVO.

Along with the visa and passport, travel insurance is another essential document you may consider carrying on your international trips. A travel insurance plan keeps you stress-free when you face unpleasant and unplanned situations, like lost or misplaced luggage, flight delays and cancellations, and accident or hospitalisation during the trip.

What is a VEVO Visa Check

An Australian visa can be of several kinds, and depending on your requirements, you can apply for the appropriate visa type. However, any person of foreign origin planning to visit Australia should first get a visa to the country.

The VEVO Australia visa check is the Australian government’s latest process for people planning to visit the country. Through this process, education providers, employers, visa holders, and other similar organisations can check the verification status of their visa application online. Additionally, these organisations can check the visa status in Australia of people who have applied for an Australian visa since 1990.

Role of VEVO in Checking Australia Visa Status

There is an electronic visa system in Australia. It makes it necessary to add visa labels to the passports of visa holders. You can conveniently check your visa application status online using the VEVO Australia website. Moreover, there is often a lot of additional information provided to visa applicants on the VEVO website. This information can be different for visa applicants from different countries.

According to the immigration rules set by the Australian government, VEVO allows visa applicants to check the status of their visa application online using the official website. The VEVO website is of great use to visa applicants as they can check the status of their visa application on their own and see if their visa has been granted. In addition, the government has made the VEVO process available online, which makes it hassle-free and quick for individuals.

Advantages of VEVO Check Online

If you have applied for an Australian visa or are planning to do so, have a look at the advantages of the VEVO check online:

  • When a visa holder registers for a VEVO check, he does not require a visa label in his passport.
  • Visa applicants need not visit the immigration office to check their visa application status. They can quickly check it from anywhere using the internet.
  • Since a visa applicant can check his application status online, he can plan his future activities and trip itinerary accordingly.
  • The VEVO check is beneficial for employers as well. They can check an applicant’s ability to work and cut down on hiring and recruiting time.

Which Countries Provide the VEVO Facility

Currently, only Australia provides the VEVO online check facility to visa applicants. However, several countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Myanmar, Singapore, and Vietnam, provide an e-visa facility to visa applicants. In addition, some of these countries may provide individuals with a VEVO website in the coming future.

How to Check Visa Status Online Using VEVO

There are a few simple steps to check the status of the visa application using the VEVO website. These steps are:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of Australian Immigration. Select the option ‘Please choose document type.’
  • Step 2: Select the ‘Immicard’ option From the drop-down menu. It will lead you to a new page.
  • Step 3: Type in the details asked. These details typically include your reference number, visa grant number, immicard number, etc. Once you have entered all these details, crosscheck them once and click on ‘Submit.’

The VEVO website will now show the status of your visa application on a new page.

Keep the following details handy when checking your application status on the VEVO app:

  • Visa Grant Number: The visa grant number is there on the visa grant notification letter. Usually, visa applications receive their visa grant notification letter via mail or email. This number cannot be used to make a new enquiry.
  • Transaction Reference Number (TRN): Applicants who choose the online mode to apply for their visa get a Transaction Reference Number. If you forget or misplace this number, you can check it on the ‘online lodgement summary’ option on your ImmiAccount.

Information You can Get on VEVO

The primary use of the VEVO website is to know the status of your visa application. However, you can use it to find out many more details using this website. The details may vary for different countries based on government rules and regulations. You can even use the website to discover workplace rights and conditions in Australia. Here is a comprehensive list of the details you can find out using the VEVO website:

  • Visa type
  • Travel conditions
  • Work rights
  • Visa entry and expiry date
  • Visa Validity
  • Visa description and status
  • Details of the visa holder
  • Visa grant number and date
  • Class/Subclass of the visa
  • Period of stay
  • Name of dependents

Use of VEVO for Indian Tourists

The VEVO facility benefits people planning to travel to Australia as a tourist or for work. The facility makes it easy and quick to check the visa application status without seeking anyone’s help. Additionally, they can check the progress of their visa application to plan their trip accordingly.

Organisations Registered With VEVO

There are various organisations registered with VEVO. Some prominent ones are:

  • Employers
  • Labour suppliers
  • Registered Migration Agents (RMA)
  • Education providers
  • Real estate agents
  • Financial institutions
  • Sharing economy organisations
  • Government agencies
  • Telecommunication companies


VEVO, or the Visa Entitlement Verification Online process, is the Australian government’s initiative to make the visa application process convenient for people travelling to the country. You can visit the official immigration website of Australia and check the various details about your visa application. When travelling internationally, it is advisable to have a travel insurance policy. Compare travel insurance policies from Tata AIG and select the most suitable one for your travel needs.


Information last updated June 23. While this information is sourced reliably, visa requirements can change. For the most current visa details, visit the official Consulate/Embassy website.

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